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Houlton Maine, Town Class & Character.

Houlton Maine, Town Class & Character.


When you put the vehicle signal blinker on at Interstate Exit 302, you enter Houlton Maine, county seat of Aroostook. 

Aroostook County, Maine’s largest of the sixteen divisions of plantations, towns and cities.houltonmaine6

The town of Houlton Maine is Victorian, charming.

Loaded with character.

And parked up against the Canadian International border with the eastern province of New Brunswick.

The architechural is not plain jane, simple or ho hum in Houlton Maine.

Just like the people who are extremely friendly, helpful, hard working, family oriented.

  You can tell there was a plan, well thought out design in the layout of Houlton Maine too. Market Square is large, spacious. Provided space for horses, shoppers and their eventual vehicles.

And instead of a narrow street with buildings crowding it, making the center of town dark. Market Square affords easy opportunity to circle the shops inthe sunlight, moonlight. Until you see one business in particular you want to trade at this trip.

Or until you can remember why you were sent to downtown Houlton houltonmaine7 Maine.

To get what?

Just do revolutions until you remember. No fuss.

Seeing our first President George Washington watching over things in downtown Houlton Maine.

He’s located at the entrance to Market Square, standing guard.

Things were busier in small Maine towns before Interstate 95, down country malls, Internet mail order. And back when trains not airplanes were the primary passenger moving option.houltonmaine

 The craftsmanship of downtown Houlton Maine buildings show the respect, attention to detail, the wealth, the commerce.

All that was thriving in the early years to produce this small Maine town jewel.

When Maine grown potatoes were number one in the nation.

Just like the lumber, timber, wood harvesting in the vast unpopulated land tracts of unorganized Northern Maine townships. When Ricker College was a source of higher education. Well known, well attended.

The four season beauty of our lakes, rivers, streams and ponds remains unspoiled in Aroostook County.

The locals still friendly, helpful. Tourism for out of town travellers looking for something other than lighthouses, lobsters andhoultonmaine5 tourist commercialism. Much more left out of the four color brochure awaits you folks in the “Crown Of Maine.”

History shows Houlton Maine in Aroostook County was the richest town of its size east of the Mississippi.

That helps explain the intrastructure. How is was funded to create this gem.

The zoning comprehensive plan of 1966 and subsequent updates shows the vision and dream of the community early Houlton Maine town fathers. The ones in the middle and of late too.

If you are traveling on vacation to Maine, see all of it. Not just the coast, not just christmas in houlton me photoPortland, Lewiston, Bangor ME the primary cities and calling it good enough.

You miss out unless you hit several small Maine towns.

Attend a local sporting event to hoop and holler.

Or to engage in lively conversation at  a bean supper, church social. Or dining outdoors at the many Mom and Pop, not just the normal franchise fare for dining, entertainment. Walk around the down town, visithoultonmaine2 the library, historical museum. See the sites.

Strike up a conversation with a few locals. The spark of the area flavor.

The people make the Maine communities vibrant. 

Sure the building stock is out of this world exquisite. Built to last, stand the test of time.So much fine detail from the long gone craftsmen, tradesmen.

But it’s more than the four season beauty, the lack of danger in the 4th lowest crime state dubbed Vacationland.

So much more than the wide open space, all this wildlife, outdoor recreation and simple style approavch to real satisfying small town living.

christmas in houlton me photoTravel further than just the coast of Maine, or southern end tip.

Just over the big green bridge. Way way too close to population centers.

If you don’t you miss what is hiding, special, the take away is found deeper in to the interior heart of Maine.

Maine, the state in the upper right hand corner of the country. Discover Northern Maine.

Sharing the border we enjoy the hop back and forth. For cultural exchange with our country cousins when lucky to be in this part of Maine.

For the free trade and enjoying the different exchange rates of the dollar, the loonie, toonie eh?

Needing work, employment, a job in Houlton Maine?

Come for a day, end up staying a lifetime in Maine. Feel the connection and intimacy of small town Maine day to day living. Meet the people, enjoy the traditions and all this wide open unspoiled space, fresh air, clean water, wildlife and scenery.

There is nothing like the small town living experience in an attractive town like Houlton Maine. Lots of other examples too… pick the best fit for you. But don’t put off getting to Maine to sample her natural, all pure beauty.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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