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Events, Schedule Of Houlton Maine Activities.

Events, Schedule Of Houlton Maine Activities.

What to do for fun, the events schedule for Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County is always a long as your arm list.

Loaded with activities for all ages. In a wide range of options for what to do in Houlton Maine. Had done an earlier Houlton Maine what to do for fun blog post. But this is more specific to this late fall, early winter in the Shiretown area of the Crown of Maine.

The John Millar Civic Center, Ice Arena has round the clock hockey games for SAMHA and the Blackhawks.

We don’t hiberate winters in Maine. No polar bears live here.

Call the arena at 207.532.1313 for more information on the hours of skate rink operation. To know of public skating hours that offer lots of exercise.

Something different than channel surfing on the tube.

Or texting “what are you doing? Nothing. What are you doing? Zip”. Back and forth. Turn off the device, push yourself off the couch and grab your hat, gloves, winter coat. We’re heading out to all that is going on out and about, around Houlton Maine.

The 59th Houlton Rotary Radio, TV and Internet Auction takes place at Watson Hall at the Episcopal Church on Main Street.

 Three nights of fund raising from bids on lots of neat articles donated by local businesses to help area area causes. rotary auction houlton maine photo

Home made items donated by local individuals are unique, special.

Usually very highly tasty, extremely crafty.

Come to the Houlton Maine Rotary Auction held live.

Broadcast at Watson Hall November 24th through the 26th.

Do your Christmas shopping early. Then sit back with an egg nog, Rudolph or Charlie Brown holiday reruns. Andy Williams singing Christmas songs. As you reach for one more, another piece of ribbon candy or divinity fudge. Or sugar cookie, a coconut chocolate ball. Enjoyed in front of a warm crackling fire that warms your bones.

Help the many local projects the Houlton Rotary Club supports year after year get off the ground, online, completed. See the past list in the link above.

Cary Library on 107 Main Street in Houlton Maine has lots happening inside the granite exterior walls as the holidays approach.

Story/Craft and Tiny Tot Time at the Houlton Maine library is one event in November, December. Every Wednesday from 3 to 4 PM the books get open, read. The craft cary library houlton maine phototraining takes place to help make the holiday gift giving special, home made.

Open to children of all ages. Call the Cary Library for more information at 207.532.1302.

The Houlton Maine area as winter approaches does not forget its furry friends either.

Animals especially in the winter need, get the attention they deserve in fund raisers, bake sales, suppers. With both the Ark Animal Sanctuary and Houlton Humane Society pitching in to fill the important need. Call the Houlton Chamber of Commerce for more dates, times of events. Tap 207.532.4216.

Christmas Open Houses at local Houlton Maine businesses make the holidays live, local, fun too.

Market Square businesses in downtown Houlton and the many others up North Street, at the shopping centers and along US Rt 1 invite you to the county seat of Aroostook to celebrate the holidays. houlton maine moon downtown photo

The Holiday Light Parade starts at Andy’s IGA Parking lot at 6pm November 29th.

Santa and his bride are pretty busy, up against risky white out weather forecasts.

Training reindeer to touch down, lift off flying techniques. To save wear and tear on roof shingles.

Chipping chimneys, snapping off vent pipes or guy wires.

And Santa always up against deadlines. Pushing the elves for more toy production up at the North Pole.The land of candy canes,sugar plums, the stuff good boys and girls get if they have played their cards right this past year.

Busy busy Santa, Mrs Claus too but  somehow the pair always make time, you should too for the Holiday Light Parade in Houlton Maine.

See the round guy in red velvet, trimmed in fur that is always laughing, smiling and waving along with his bride, best friend in Houlton Maine. To get into the spirit of the season. Lighting the tree in Market Square to make sure you do have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year after all.

Kids can guarantee, take no chances that Santa hears face to face how good they have been. What they might like to see under the tree in their own words.maine home christmas photo

By getting in line, hanging on to suggestion lists, sitting on his lap and whispering in his ear.

December 13th he flies the sleigh back to Houlton Maine for the afternoon at the Houlton Rec Center.

Call 207.532.1310 for more details for photo opts.

Winter Craft Fair, it happens too at the Houlton Parks and Rec’s home, the Gentle Memorial Building on the corner of Summer and Main Street.

No secret, it has grown and is well known around the state, New Brunswick Canada too. There is a waiting line of vendors to be on the list to peddle their home made crafts, food, services. It’s that good, worthwhile, over the top.

More than 50 exhibitors means from 10-4 on November 28th, 29th you will want to be attending the Winter Craft Fair in Houlton Maine.

To kick start the Christmas holiday shopping into high gear.

To complete the check off of what to get for those special loved ones in your life that need to be reminded just how much you care. houlton maine photo

The Houlton Temple Theatre has gone digital for a picture perfect, total surround sound experience sitting down front or in the balcony.

For the silver screen experience.

Free Family Matinees at the Temple Theater in Market Square.

Happen December 6th, 7th, the 13th, 14th, the 20th, 21st at noon and again at 3 PM.

These free movies can help carve out a little space for Mom and Dad to sneak out. Tour the Houlton businesses.

That are working hard to get you into their stores to see their wares.

Sample their products or services. It’s a win win for the family and everyone goes home happy this holiday season in Houlton Maine.

Whew. Time to sit down from all this foil shiny wrapping paper and pretty big bow shopping. The Nutcracker production of the Robinson Ballet Company velvet curtain opens wide at 2pm. Be center stage at the Houlton Performing Arts Center to enjoy it.

The date and time to remember? December 30th at 2pm at the Houlton Performing Arts Center on Byrd Street in Houlton Maine.

For advanced tickets, information about the Nutcracker Christmas Production, reach out on the web at the Houlton website. Where other acts of all kinds performing in Houlton Maine are high lighted, there for entertainment suggestions.

Where to stay in Houlton Maine? moose maine photo

And don’t forget a little further down the pike on the calendar, “The Moose Is Loose”.

You won’t want to miss February 6,7,8th for the Community Park, Millar Civic Center’s Moosestompers Weekend.

To celebrate winter in Houlton Maine, the Southern Aroostook area. 

You may even want to slip across the border to ski.

At Crabbe Mountain, or up US Rt 1 to Big Rock to strap on the boards to down hill carve, swish swish snow ski.

Or to bring your sled to snowmobile the highly scenic ITS trails in Northern Maine. It’s all here and the people are friendly, the prices low to makesure your stay in Houlton Maine is affordable, memorable.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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