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Deed Recording In Maine, Lost Paperwork Happens.

Deed Recording In Maine, Lost Paperwork Happens.

You bought a Maine property listing, what about the real estate deed to it?

Where did it go? Or you have gotten your deed to some Maine real estate. But for the life of you, it just up and disappeared. Or the house with the safe hiding place for it burned to the ground.

Total loss, flat as a pancake happened. Rut rho.

How do we fix that sinking pit in your stomach feeling situation?

No dice, no more real estate deed wrapped in blue official looking legal sized wrapper.

For starters, when you got the deed to the Maine real estate.

If a bank was involved with a mortgage placed on it for a lien, you can bet the title deed was recorded. Put on record at the registry of deeds.

Recorded in the county where the property listing in Maine is located.

A title search at that registry will show Ta Da, Voila. You are the grantee, buyer from the former grantor, owner. No secret if recorded.

And the nice people at the Maine registry of deeds make digital copies of that deed to the property.

Your deed to the property, what is the process handling it after a Maine real estate sale closing?

The legal instrument that says for valuable consideration, the real estate is yours. How does it all work again?

As long as you pay property taxes, if free and clear you are in like Flynn. No worries AEL kid photoabout getting a lien after eighteen months of not paying property taxes.

Or losing the property after three years of property tax liens ticking by.

Or you are okay, in the safe zone if you keep the payments current on the mortgage recorded right along with the deed to the land.

And insure any of the improvements on the patch of dirt the lender, Maine bank, mortgage holder says you need to protect, have insurance bound.

Whew. So if you lost your deed to the Maine property never to be found again, it is not the end of the World.

Unless you paid cash, got the deed while exchanging the brown paper bag of money.

And never had a lawyer or you yourself trot up the courthouse steps. To record the paperwork to the Maine real estate at the registry of deeds.

For so much a first and subsequent page recording fees. And the extra buyer and seller’s side of the transfer tax on the Maine property deed recording fee. Handed over to the registrar of the beehive for deeds, maps, plats, surveys. All that history and other recorded legal work.

The dog ate your deed like the home work excuse, if you lose your property title and it was recorded, will work. No sweat. Relax.

maine apple cider photoIt was put where it counts, on record. Book and page something indexed, stamped on the top.

If you did not get the deed recorded for the property traded for two pigs and a chicken.

Done kinda barn yard Maine simple, is the grantor, seller still alive?

Did he convey a property deed to anyone else? Maine is a race notice state.

Which means whoever puts the deed on record first is your winner. The owner in the eyes of Maine registry, in law circles. If nothing is recorded, the guy or gal, couple, whoever you thought you bought it from is still in the owner driver’s seat.

The Maine town office gets a notice of the sale when recorded and will send the property tax bill to the record owner as of April 15th.

So if the real estate sale, transfer happens prior to April 15th the town office will know port clyde me photowho the new record owner is.

If after the 15th, and it takes say six weeks during the busiest time of recording at the registry for deed copying, microfilming.

Then you are on the hook.

To make sure as the new Maine property owner to go see the town manager or tax collector.

To let them know you are here to settle up, pay those taxes. You are the record owner. But did not get the tax bill. It was sent to the former owner who deep sixed it. Tossed it into the circular file. Swish. 2 points.

And it is your responsibility to go looking for a tax bill if you never get one around the time they are sent out to all your friends and neighbors. Usually if a town is smart to have it arrive on a Saturday mail drop. fishing photo

So you cool off and other things come into play to worry about by the time Monday morning comes along.

And the town office opens to discuss the property tax amount you are either expecting.

Or not so happy about and want to have reviewed.

So if you lost your deed to the Maine property, not to worry if you had it recorded.

And talk about belts and suspenders, just in case smart. If the Maine country registry of deeds ever gets destroyed, they have copies of all those property deeds, legal instruments in another location just in case.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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