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Buyers, Sellers Of Real Estate Homes In Maine Need Help.

Buyers, Sellers Of Real Estate Homes In Maine Need Help.


Buying a home in Maine is serious stuff.

Lots to look out for today in the real estate list, twist, sell. Nothing to be left to chance and a real estate professional makes it look easy. But it is not child’s play to buy a home. And for the lucky home buyer, staying in the property and making payments, repairs, carrying the financial burden of the sticks and bricks. Pretty important stuff with a lot to consider. monumentborder maine photo

But the two sides of the real estate equation need to be talked about so the buyer and seller understand the ground rules.

To know what is expected of each side of the partnership. As a seller, what has to happen to make sure lots of buyers are in the swarm considering your place?

Tips for sellers of a home.

The attraction to come in from the curb means spruce up the exterior of the property listing. Mow grass, trim those cedar shrubs and hedges. Cut back the long limbs hanging down and crowding the buildings or making the back yard look smaller and over grown. Make sure the front door yard does not look like a police in pound area for seized cars. Park them somewhere else or clean out that garage so the primary vehicles can slide inside!

Paint the home, building exteriors and match that color so it is more scrape and touch up instead of painting the place an entirely new color a few shades brighter or lighter than the original saves time and money. Straighten or replace those cracked or hanging, missing window shutters too helps the appearance. Clean those windows to make them sparkle!

Heading inside the house, the leaking faucets, the missing light bulbs and clutter, dirt need to be addressed.

Before the property showings and for the video walk through open house on demand loops. The inside images should be ready for show time and not showing loose ends that are addressed but after the photo shoot.

Make the inside navigation of the property free of obstacles. Hitting your hip on the table corner does not help the focus of your buyer as he or she wander through and hopefully ooh and aah from joy, not pain. The kitchen and bathroom need to be ship shape and not look like a bomb hit. Teenagers, pick up your mess please! Or someone tidy up the premises like the hotel maid. Nothing on the surfaces for piled high stuff leaning and sliding to the floor.

Do the laundry or hide it away. But not to cause an avalanche when the buyer checks out the closets. Send the barking dogs to your mother in laws. Vacuum, pick up the toys, open up the shades, make sure there is no odor.


If I can smell it, I can’t sell it applies. Smoke, pets, other not so sweet smells interfere with the pick me pick me in the property musical chairs. You the seller are competing with other homes on the market. Win the ribbon for the best of the rest. Make it pick of the pack, best of the bunch, cream of the crop. real estate market report p

And the buyer has a job to do, a home work assignment to follow to the “T”. In the tight rope to get to the real estate closing.

Tips for buyers of a home.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan before drawing the “X” on the house that makes the heart go lub dub. Broken housing hearts heal the slowest. Save the emotion and put the steps in gear that work the best and are tried and tested. You swim in a pool of other buyers, the sale of properties has sellers involved that have to be considered and happy happy too.

When you are under contract to buy the house of your dreams or the one that at least fits your buying budget best, make sure not to make any major purchases of any kind before the real estate closing. It’s prudent to go easy on the gallop gimmees spending after the pass the keys please too. You want to hang on to the home. It is simple. A case of “you pay, you stay. Or you don’t, you won’t”.

Don’t transfer funds or pay off this, move money to another account because that shuffle may not be the best moves. The ones only a seasoned bank lender can direct as the best house buying dance steps to avoid stubbing your toes.

As a buyer, realize the housing market supply and prices goes up and down like interest rates.

Be aware of the market you are working in with the help and guidance of a real estate professional that has been through a few cycles. And knows the best paths to take from searching for a listing to financing to a successful real estate closing. The kind where loose ends don’t come back to bite you after the sale.

Make the list of what you want, don’t want and share it with your real estate agent or broker. Like the orders that come into the kitchen of your favorite diner, what you get depends on what you ask for and don’t leave anything to chance. mainefallcolors road photo

Home bordering water, with extra land to farm, a woodlot to cut to heat your house?

Places with a view what you deem as pretty darn important?

How many baths and are the extra waterworks scoring higher on your game card than say a garage?

Prioritize what you think, not the agent or broker as most important to you! That’s how you get what you want.In the long road from listing, pre-approval to buy it and everything along the way to the real estate closing.

Speak up, be heard.

And always think if I was the seller of this property listing, is it a good one to buy to sell suddenly? And what I do to the place to feather the nest best, how expensive, do I have those skills, the time, the budget for the do a lot of the work myself? Will I get back my investment or lose money?

All those questions should be answered before you buy so no surprises when you do have to sell. Even if that does not seem likely now, what if a real estate sale was needed quickly because of health, a job transfer, a divorce, all of it.

Remember the three “L”s, the location times three but also the timing of this purchase or sale? Is it the best and why or why not? Look for the convenience items of saving travel time to the addresses you will be visiting living in this location. Consider the repairs needed, if the place has storage, space for future blue or pink bundles of joy from the stork express air drops.

The condition affects the price and your chances of getting financing on a home for sale in Maine.

Your offer on the property considers how much of a glut or shortage there is right now in the current real estate market. What is the seller’s motivation to sell? Talk to the neighbors, they know everything right? maine scenery photo

How big a earnest deposit shows the seller how serious you are or are not.

Or if you are strapped and reaching too high on the housing purchase and on your tippy toes.

Cash offers turn heads too so scrimp, save, lay down the cash. Show the seller the money to be taken serious as not your average home buyer that does not come along every day.

Keep the home sale contingencies to a minimum because complicated means the seller avoids taking your offer if more than one are presented.

The condition of the property at time of transfer and when is the possession date again? Beyond the price, the seller considers the rest of the sale details as good for him or terrible. Make believe you are the seller, they are in the equation or better be if you want the best results in any offer you make on a property listing.

Acceptance of the offer too tight deadlines, the real estate closing date suddenly are big deals to sellers, to banks and lawyers too.

Is this possible to pull off this quickly and is the gun to your head decide right now worth the knee jerk and rejection?

People don’t like to be pushed around and need time to get used to the idea of selling under the terms you outline as the buyer. Inspect, but get that out of the way early on so nothing is left hanging. Or the seller of the home feels you are tying them up way too long. These are all factors affecting your offer price, your purchase success in buying a home or any real estate listing.

If it was easy, FSBO’s, the average Joe and Jane  would have an easy time buying and selling real estate without the needs for the real estate professional.

Who you pick to help the buying, selling of property. Study the field, pick the one that works best for you.The one that knows the lay of the land, understands and guides from experience the process of buying, selling homes, houses or any type of real estate listing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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