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Buried Fuel Tanks When You Are Buying A Maine Convenience Store Business Property.

Buried Fuel Tanks When You Are Buying A Maine Convenience Store Business Property.

Buried fuel tanks, underground and lurking, making the new buyer of a Maine convenience store property listing wonder.

About are they in compliance, safe, up to speed current regulation wise. Or leaking, leeching petroleum products into the soil and area ground water. Causing a time bomb ticking spill that will be costly to clean up. And hazardous to nearby streams, waterways and drinking water in area private wells.

Have a Mom and Pop convenience store for sale.

The buried underground gas tank is buried, a 12,000 gallon jacket one with two compartments for fuel.

A 3,000, 9,000 gallon variety put in around 1994.

Not being used, needs to come out of the ground. Which means a licensed buried underground tank remover/installer professional is needed to over see the operation. To protect the Maine environment and keep it clean and all natural.

The two companies that did most of the 1990 underground, buried gas tanks that supposedly had 30 year warranties are out of business.

This according to a conversation with Ted Scharf at the Maine State Department Of Environmental Protection Agency in Augusta. Nice guy that outlined the steps needed and dug out the file to take a looksie at the process ahead. Shared the history of the site in addition to helping develop a plan to improve the situation for the new Maine store buyer.

To do it by the book, but also without spending money like a drunken sailor in the dig the hole, check the soil, figure out the next best solution for having gas petroleum products to pump into cars, trucks, snow sleds and ATV that all pass this busy US Rt 1 location.

There was a time after the existing store gas tanks were not used for two years.

 That the ground water clean up fund had money to remove them. But we missed that offer. The current owner of the store for sale died so now helping the estate to work around the what do we do now options.maine farm plate photo

Above ground tanks if we go that route don’t have as expensive annual monitoring with probes, meters, electrodes.

But the lines still need the eyeball to be in compliance.

in addition to the monitoring of the buried, underground gas tanks that is strict and only getting more layered as time goes on.

And when you are talking about a spill, oh oh. Sump pumps, filters, aeriation and venting. Taking the “diseased soil” to be exposed and open to the air all part of a tricky, walk a fine line operation that needs checks and balances. Heavy duty monitoring because of the dangers of the gas product being peddled if not handled properly.

The small Mom and Pop stores that were a gold mine, with the owner on the premises to meet and greet.

Ring up your purchase and develop a relationship because of daily visits to the store. That scenario is changing because of the sheer cost of doing business with all the licensing requirements. And the profit margin only so high on each gallon of gas with stiff competition.

Had talked with a local tank installer who said the cost for underground removal, replacement could be $100,000 and if you sell a million gallons a year, a big gas company might help.houlton maine christmas photo

In financing the operation, installing a canopy with their brand stuck on it for all those zipping by motorists to see, remember.

To think better turn here and fuel up the iron horse.

Or get some gas for the lawnmower, some power tools or recreational toys.

But above ground tanks with containment cement walls, dikes, double wrapped lines and all the sensors, monitoring equipment bells and whistles could bring the number down to more than half that figure.

To be in total compliance with local, state, federal  regulations concerning statutes on buried, underground fuel tanks in Maine.

There are about 5000 underground buried storage tanks at roughly 3000 facilities in Maine for the DEP to shepherd and keep in the corral. To protect the local natural resources surrounding them by diligant monitoring to avoid leaks and spills that are costly in many ways.

All part of the behind the scenes work agents, brokers, REALTORS do to help the sale move closer to a property listing closing on Maine real estate sales.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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