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Bank Financial Lenders In Houlton Maine Area

Bank Financial Lenders In Houlton Maine Area


houltonmainecourthousemoonBanks in Maine were made for a reason and here is the list of what lenders are serving the Houlton ME area.

In alphabetical order (drum roll please) the lead reindeer of financial institutions in the Southern Aroostook County area is Bangor Savings Bank on the corner of Court and Military Streets.

Right across from the post office for the “Shiretown” with a physical address of 38 Court Street, Houlton Maine. Talk to Christine Nickerson, Lori Weston at 207.532.4001 at Bangor Savings Bank in Houlton Maine for your lending needs. Serving you out of 56 Maine bank branches, Bangor Savings Bank.

Bank of Maine was at 76 North Street in Houlton Maine but that branch consolidated, was bought out by Machias Savings Bank. Now it creates a more spacious beautiful home for Varney Insurance. If you need insurance coverage, tap out the numbers 207.532.2345. Ask for Andrew Peabody, Wendy Webb.  Headquartered in a grand old Houlton Maine home with plenty of space, parking around it. And almost our neighbor here at 69 North Strreet Houlton Maine.

The Houlton Maine branch of Bank Of Maine was located a quarter mile from Interstate 95’s exit 302.

houltoncreditunionThe County Federal Savings And Loan merged with the Houlton Federal Credit Union and that lending facility is now housed in a new US Rt 1 branch banking operation with lots more parking than the downtown location offered. Highly visible in the US RT 1 corridor.

The completion of the new facility just north of the Interstate 95 exit 302 is up and running. Contact the County Federal Credit Union In Houlton Maine banking branch at 247 North Street (US Rt 1). Call them at 207.532.7325.Fax 207.532.7658. Ask for Kyle Taylor, James Mattila.

Lots of our real estate listings get sold to cash buyers, or folks only needing a small bridge loan to buy time while their out of state property liquidates. Cash and no mortgage, free and clear living makes life more fun, less stress.

mainelittleleague6No reason to head to far away places for financial lending in Southern Aroostook County.

Banking in Houlton Maine, lots of options and we recommend trying this local resource for lending first.

Because you are going to be doing business with local mortgage lenders, for that next car loan or whatever lending need.

I have seem plenty of gypsies laon originators bearing Maine blueberry pies and other sweets designed to steer business their way, out of town. Not gonna do it. The only time out of town lenders were tapped was back in the day when exotic lending offered financing for a price with less restrictions and lots of short sales, bankrupcy and foreclosure properties shortly thereafter. Loans went belly up. houltonmaine000

Local banks in Maine are the way to go because they live in the communities they serve.

Have sticks and bricks and make jobs.

That keep other professions going from education to medical or any peddler of a goods or services professiona. Shop local applies for more than gift items and groceries in small town rural Maine.

Katahdin Trust in Houlton Maine is one of 17 branch locations all in Vacationland. The Houlton Maine Katahdin Trust location is at 67 North Street. Call Annette Beaton, Branch Manager to get in touch of Katahdin Trust Bank lending professionals. The number is 207.532.4277.

Key Bank is located in 32 Market Square in Houlton Maine.

Branch Manager for the Houlton Maine branch of Key Bank is Robert Faulkner. Reach him or his assistant Sherry Lenetine at 207.532.6557. Key Bank also has an ATM located on North Street, US Rt 1 In Houlton Maine. To make the money to go easy to access.

Machias Savings Bank is located at the Houlton Maine Shopping Plaza and it’s manager is Jackie Jones. Reach her or any of the staff at the Houlton Maine Machias Savings Branch Bank at 207.532.7996. Machias Savings Bank in the Aroostook County seat or Shiretown is located at 138 North Street, US Rt 1 in Houlton Maine. Machias Savings Bank also established the one bank in Danforth Maine, and is in the Downeast Washington County location.

TD Bank is located at North Street across from River Front Park on the banks of the the Meduxnekeag River in Houlton Maine.

Julie Delano, Jennifer Anderson can help put you in touch with the particular loan products and the right banking professional at 207.532.9557. TD Bank at 6 North Street, Houlton Maine in Aroostook County is one local banking, lending option to consider. An ATM is located near Subway / Daigle Oil Facility on the North Road In Houlton Maine.

Owner financing on Houlton Maine real estate happens a lot with land sales. And sometimes waterfront property listings,mooerslogosignature1 or small business loans through the seller. But most homes, houses in Houlton Maine that are not bought for cash or borrowing on a home equity line from down country are financed through one of the above banks, or lending institutions. The list of legal, law service providers in the Houlton Maine area. And you are going to need all types of Maine insurance too right?

Owner Financing Houlton Maine Area Real Estate Listings Video.

{youtube} KMmLjma_2Ig{/youtube}

There you have a round up, collection of bank financial lenders in Houlton Maine to help your needs.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker  

207.532.6573  | [email protected]“> [email protected]  |  

MOOERS REALTY  69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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