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A Real Estate Day | In Small Markets The Tasks Are Many!

A Real Estate Day | In Small Markets The Tasks Are Many!


Maine real estate days when you are a small broker are always interesting.

The people we meet for buyers and sellers have various highly interesting backgrounds! I learn a lot from the listing and showing to sellers and buyers that our Northern Maine office have helped since 1976. But take away the unique personalities of the clients and customers we deal with and all the bankers, appraisers, home inspectors, tradesmen for repairs, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, ex spouses, estate family members, renters, law enforcement, etc. houltonmaine1

And then the way the real estate day is spent starts early, goes late.

With a variety of exercises that start at the time of listing a property.

Go all the way to the sit down closing.

And after the sale our real estate  agency is involved from friendly advice.

Depended on for who to turn to for goods or services or when a problem pops up. That requires the approach “let’s mediate not litigate” when the water heater springs a leak or  the flashing around the chimney causes brown stains on the ceiling tiles.

So the real estate day of a small town broker in Maine, hitting the highlights is what this blog post plans to illustrate.

Like most jobs, carry over from the day before happens. New emergencies pop up that cause the well planned day to go astray. The best lesson ever learned in 38 years of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate bar none. 

Don’t make Monday morning real estate listing, showing, closing appointments.

Because they are already hectic enough like walk ins at an hospital emergency room. Folks thinking all weekend about real estate suddenly show up on the agency doorstep . Gathering early Monday morning at the front door. Stepping into the lobby to our brokerage office. Sellers, buyers wonder, worry and are anxious to get moving. On the whether they should list and purchase at this time or hold off quandry. And Monday morning is the time when everything comes to a head at the same time.

In small real estate makets the agent or broker does it all.

There is no hiring out the photography or videography. The real estate signs, marketing for the newspapers, magazines and online insertions done by the professional. Less chance for errors or anything missing that way. The lower prices make it a buyer advantage in small Maine rural markets. But also chase away the layers of players in every transactions. In an urban market property prices are higher and there are lots more people involved in the process. More people usually means slower more expensive transactions.houltonamphitheatre

Today working on finishing up a listing on an Oakfield farm property that has all the images sized for the upload to the Maine MLS.

That syndicates to lots of property peddling portals beside our own self managed ones.

The descriptive narrative is hammered out to detail the property and hit the highlights. The aerial maps, floor plans, plat survey sketches are prepared to go public. And the video loops edited in post production to produce the walk and talk tour of this new farmstead listing.

At the same time, finishing up on yearly federal and state income taxes happening as the accountant and I talk back and forth to finish that exercise before April 15th’s filing deadline. Currently our agency has seven pending sales, yesterday two closings were completed. There are five spring listings in the works to tighten up and get online and to alert email or make the call to prospective buyers and sellers.

Have one real estate sale that was set to close this week where the seller got cold feet.

It is not moving forward. Buyer not happy with the seller’s remorse and pushing the sale to happen and not be canceled. Stay tuned. Not the kind of real estate procedure that has a happy ending.

Two properties need paint chips scraped and touch up applied. A GFI electrical outlet and new step railing added. For the home appraisers to return and sign off so we can generate a clear to close memo. To move those two bank loan sales to a closing at the local lawyer’s office. For the slide the keys please and to finalize the property sale.mcgillsband

Projects worked on in the background always are being brainstormed and worked on toward completion in a real estate sale.

Have a community page to add more local information and make the websites loaded with more than just real estate listings.

Anything to help buyers and sellers is worthwhile and the goal is to make them more expert on the process of purchasing and selling. To explain the procedure covering whatever type of real estate sale is before us. Looking for red flags that pop up warning about danger ahead. That can lead to costly delays of time, money and emotional frustration that could be avoided.

Setting expectations of what is happening next in the real estate list and sell process makes your buyer and seller aware of what could occur and why.

Education, communication is powerful combination helpful in understanding why the real estate sale is going strong or so poorly. Renters calling looking for housings or apartments. Making sure when one tenant moves out the place is not a shambles before giving back the security deposit. Getting people bankable is part of our job to help them climb out of the rental rut.

Putting up new listing signs and fixing ones damage from winter snow plows that start to show up on lawns around our Northern Maine location.

New pictures without snow and videos that have green lawns and not white banks help make the properties look fresh and timely. Not like they have been hanging around and around the MLS conveyor belt of offerings.4thparadehoultonmaine

Local walk in traffic. The emails and phone calls don’t stop coming in.

You want them to be non stop and a productive day is one where many are helped.

Calls to the banks, lawyers and letting buyers and sellers know how the real estate sale is going.

Local lending and title work gets better servicing by the local professionals. Far away for either of these financial and legal service providers causes time delay and added expenses. Here is a list of local lenders Houlton Maine bankers.

Working on snags that come up with lenders or the title or individual personal issues that impact a sale. Why is this taking so long and where are we makes communication to all the parties involved imperative. Because like the old Maine adage “It’s hard telling without knowing” and confusion just makes people worry needlessly.

As long as the parties know everything humanly possible is being done to keep the sale alive, they accept delays.

But there always comes a point of pulling the plug. To move on and find a new property buyer that is ready, willing and able to buy. Not everyone is able to buy and just wanting the listing does not mean a sale is going to happen. Plus divorce, death, pink slips with job loss. Those all impact perfectly good real estate sales that go from thumbs up to the other way. (Stamp sound) Rejected and turned down for financing happens.

andrew mooers maine realtor
Welcome To Maine. What Kind Of Property Are You After? What Price Range, Features Are You Searching For Today?

Lots of folks can pay cash in our lower priced rural market though. And owner financing on homes and land is a huge part of what we do. The society we live in is based on payments, installments that fit their monthly budget.

The seller who was on the fence about letting go of their property. Conversations with them are ongoing to add to the real estate day. Buyers that have not found the property of their dreams or who are still repairing credit or just not ready to retire. Those parties need to be talked with to check in and see which way the real estate winds are blowing in their live.

I love my job of marketing the properties, the local community way of life.

And it is reinventing what we do everyday. The real estate profession is always changing because of technology. And there is a satisfying feeling being hands on from the beginning to the end of the real estate purchase and sale procedure. Time management is key and asking questions helps determine what the best advice options to share with the property buyer and seller.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | Email%20Me“> [email protected] |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA


Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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