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Night Sweats, DT's, Tossing And Turning | What Real Estate Sellers, Buyers Worry About.

Late at night, things happen to cause buyers and sellers of Maine real estate to wake up. Stay wide eyed.

To toss, turn and worry about the property purchase and sale process. How come?

Not an exercise they find themselves doing every day. It's one big chunk of money to fork over. Or saddle up to apply the lien with the notarized promissory noteis personal guaranteed to at the closing. maine sailing ship photo

When a long mortgage payment is applied to their monthly budget.

When they already juggle lots of other financial obligations.

You want to keep it smooth sailing, easy does it.

Running out of money, what if I lose a job, the car acts up and needs an expensive repair at the world's worst time? Or how to pay for kid's braces, fund those college education accounts? How to make ends meet and can I really afford this buying, selling of a property? Is this the right time? So I can sleep nights inmy new Maine home.

How secure is my job and if there were employment layoffs, where would my neck be in the line up on the chopping block?

Takes time to weigh the options in anything involving real estate. The life largest purchase for most. Worry about the unknowns in life linger. Gives you a sinking feeling. Especially if tight resources make the money extra precious.

Squeasy, uneasy feelings enter the head and stomach of real estate buyers. With no nest egg squirrelled away especially. And even though a Maine bank is smiling, saying you are all approved. Can you pull really pull this purchase off successfully? You may not be so sure.

To buy a Maine home, or to rent an apartment is not a fun discussion to have without yourself either.

Because home ownership is the dream of all in the land right? To be connected. Part of a community as a tax payer who studies, serves on boards, votes on the issues facing the burg.

But shelter, I think we can all agree. It is one of the most basic needs. Up there with food, water, love. And lots of emotion is tied to the real estate property listing for the seller too.

Because with homes, everything from bringing in the new born babies one by one, the Thanksgiving turkey, the Easter Ham and the Christmas tree, for all those holiday celebrations.

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Selling Your Maine Home, What Stays, Gets The Heave Ho.

The decision to let go, to list and sell your Maine home.

Whew. It is extra tough when the sticks and bricks have been your Maine home for decades. Maybe built by your parents and the house sale has a little guilt feeling associated with even listing it. lee-78-int2

Because a house becomes a home when you raise a family, have those holiday traditions here. But things accumulate, are dragged home to enhance the use of it for all the members inside.

Everything else that happens around both sides of those four walls called  home sweet home usually has some cargo associated with it.

But now that the silent real estate salesman is planted in the front yard doing it's job to attract buyers. What will you, the property owner have to remove?

Or leave for the new buyer of the Maine home. What should stay or go in the Maine  house sale?

There are some do's and don'ts and language about broom clean mentioned in many purchase and sale agreements.

But what is the standard depends on the buyer and seller of the Maine home to a degree too. And if there is a bank appraiser involved in the property sale with his or her own suggestions.

For safety, out of concern of hazardous materials or dangerous situations because of the junk that accumulates with the treasure in a Maine home over the years. Especially down in the corner of that long, deep dark, damp cellar basement that is out of sight, out of mind too.

Often a seller of a Maine home, the elderly ones especially, can figure the place is worth more with all the contents. The furniture Dad and Mom passed down after World War Two was built to last.

But the real estate buyer often has his own unless just starting out. So ask but be prepared for the big garage sale. Or the roll in trash dumpster. The buyer and seller of the Maine real estate don't share the same view on what is valuable.

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The House For Sale More Than Four Walls, Sticks, Bricks.

The house, real estate for sale.

It is not just a property listing address and parked in a collection.Never ho hum, all the same. The place represents a lifestyle. Something that enhances a person's life.maine family cat photo

Or should. For the current time being, looking toward the future into retirement.

All of the houses, Maine real estate of any kind for sale represents an investment too.

Real estate marketing is emotional big time.

You get attached to something that is warm and fuzzy special. Maybe that has been missing for too long. And you desperately seek it out. Long badly for it.

How does the purchase of this property listing improve my life? Often involves seeing loved ones gathered around, part of the real estate purchase dream.

Waterfront properties for sale in Maine especially open the door. That lead to lots of fun, memory making next to the recreational fun kind of H20. Those never go out of style.

In the case of residential real estate, houses become the buyer's home. The place where holidays are celebrated. A sacred place that is a nest feathered to make it the most comfortable.

One by one the brand new bundles of joy brought home to bundled in pink or blue blankets.

Lifestyle choices about making sure the home in Maine has a first floor bedroom. For the fearful of steps elderly inlaws or home or the house owner themselves. As parts start to wear out and one floor living looks more and more appealing.

Often when a new property buyer has been nose to the grind stone working to advance their career. Maybe too busy and overwhelmed.

With raising a family and just too little extra time to consider something more. Time ticks by and is just not in great supply. Too little left over time to pursue neglected pastimes.

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Selling Your Home, House In Maine.

You have a home in Maine to sell, what to expect in the real estate sale?

Lots of factors considered going in and all along the way to the clear to close real estate house sale memo.

For the sit down, let's have a closing on the home for sale in Maine. The first issue to wrestle with for the seller is are you sure you really want to sell?downeast-11 photo

Not do you kinda, sorta think you could make the move.

To pass the house keys please.

But when a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase arrives on the scene and says "I'll take it, this is the one.".

Can you follow through with the sale of the Maine home or does deer in the headlights panic happen?

The property being priced too high is fooling yourself as the seller of the Maine home or any property listing about to be put on the open market.

Any real estat agent or broker has been a witness to awkward property sale conversations.

It is no fun to hear another REALTOR, someone else in the same industry be tarred and feathered, stoned. When the real issue is the listing was way too highly priced.

And he or she should have just declined. Walked away.  Because you can not help an owner of a overpriced listing on property they believe will sell for much more than it is actually worth.

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Selling Your Home, What Can Go Wrong?

You have a home in Maine to sell, what to expect in the real estate sale? Lots of factors considered going in and all along the way to the clear to close memo. For the sit down, let's have a closing on the home for sale in Maine. The first issue to wrestle with for the seller is are you sure you really want to sell?

Not do you kinda, sorta think you could make the move. To pass the keys please. But when a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase arrives on the scene and says "I'll take it, this is the one.". Can you follow through with the sale of the Maine home or does deer in the headlights panic happen?

The property being priced too high is fooling yourself as the seller of the Maine home or any property listing about to be put on the open market. Any real estat agent or broker has been a witness to awkward property sale conversations.

It is no fun to hear another REALTOR, someone else in the same industry be tarred and feathered, stoned. When the real issue is the listing was way too highly priced. And he or she should have just declined. Walked away.  Because you can not help an owner of a overpriced listing on property they believe will sell for much more than it is actually worth.

So selling your home in Maine, what else can go wrong? Once your determine the seller is going to go through with it and not get the jitters. Sellers remorse that makes the whole process useless. A waste of time, money, emotion.

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Accurate Maine Real Estate Information | Consider The Property Listing Source.

Information, accurate details to make important Maine real estate listing buy or sell decisions.

Nothing compares to real World, up to the minute fresh information about what is happening in the market surrounding the property listing. But getting the most up to date details on what is for sale, what is happening in the area is not always easy. How come?horses snowvy wwinter in maine photo

Well for starters, if a Maine real estate agent, broker figures he or she will tell you all about the new property listing when you darken the agency doorway.

That is a problem in today's time is money, give me all the details drive through take out window quick like a bunny. 

And the approach to marketing if it is still by telling one by one the scoop on the new listing on 123 Morning Glory Circle, the bungalow with the mother in law apartment on the south end.

Then face to face personal is nice but the inefficiency is written all over the way listings in Maine for sale are marketed.

Just fishing locally instead of globally reduces the flow of buyers to a trickle not a steady stream.

Real estate in Maine is fixed based. All about being local and the property listing shines brightly in rich detail or not.

Catering to just local buyers or a real estate purchaser who actually drives into the Maine town for a looksie around is limiting ther exposure. You are the market for the new Maine real estate property listing to be wide open World wide.

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Three Dogs, Two Cats And How Many People Living In The Maine Rental Home?

Maine rental homes.

The wear and tear on a property listing for sale in Maine can be impacted big time when the occupants are many in number. And the number of animals mirrors what the man with the beard did.

maine boat photoThe one with the big boat that took 100 years to round up and build the vessel they took a ride in.

Animals can be scary to buyers.

Real estate agents and brokers too. Fear of getting bitten is not a good mix. With the natural property showing jitters of to buy ot not to purchase this place currently being toured. Garbage removal in Maine rental homes is a big issue too.

Sellers, owners of Maine homes need to help with the financial burden of a place for sale and often carry two mortgages.

The one back here on the home in Maine for sale. Reaching deep, digger hard for the extra money to juggle. To pay the costs of the new place where they relocated, retired, moved to out of town to hang their hat.

So Maine rental homes, as long as they are short term and don't have the wrong occupant can create income to offset even if not totally cover the expenses of the property.

If the tenant pays the rent on the Maine home faithfully. And if animals, the way the tenant keeps the property are ship shape. And if not lots of "guests", couch surfers are coming and going like planes at LAX airport.

Wear and tear. Sometimes the Maine home renter is a better fit for the residential listing on the market to sell. Because I love kids, was a single full time Dad, had four raised from grasshopper stage to completion to set free from the nest. But more people, no matter how respectful is wear and tear.

And in some case, bring in some angry kids with personal issues that cause they to take it out on the property. The holes in the walls of the Maine rental home do not help in the marketing. The walk throughs of the place for sale suddenly so sour. Cold not hot to trot and buy happens.

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Putting Myself In The Shoes Of An Out Of State Maine Real Estate Property Buyer.

Wearing the shoes, walking in the moccasins of the out of state Maine real estate property buyer means distance is a hurdle to clear.

The buyer for a listing for sale in Maine that lives in Warwick Rhode Island, Hartford Conneticut, Boca Raton Florida, Scottsdale Arizona or Long Island New York for example is not able to trot back and forth to look at a few properties here and there.

Add to the delay in getting inside a place is a greater problem the further away the buyer is too.Delays of any type are costly.river home maine property photo

We have sold properties to buyers out of the country all over the globe and today's technology if embraced gets the credit.

For getting the buyer inside, outside, all around the property listing.

And to have access to one by one the local community events using video works so so well. Answering around the clock the FAQ questions about the area, property listings in general.

Before a brand new to the area buyer can even consider a purchase, where to make the real estate property sale is the big unknown.

Tied to picking the one of four locations the job transfer allows for instance means doing the "home work".

To check out local schools, how is the Internet service if you the buyer telecommute to work in Maine.

Local banking in Maine  options for a purchase have to be explored, thrashed out thoroughly. Being in the lobby in person is not so easy when the distance away the banker and the buyer are is considered.

There is nothing like face to face, seeing the expressions, hearing the tone, knowing the voice and that there is a real live person helping with the solutions needed. In the hunt for real estate in Maine, local community information too.

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Real Estate Appraisers In Maine Have A Tough Job.

Like life, real estate appraisers in Maine have a lot to keep up with because of constant changes in adjusting the way they arrive at a property value.

Not only does the market value of real estate property change, but the method to determine the fair market value today is constantly being reworked.

The real estate appraiser must get certified with continuing credit clock hours in the classroom just like brokers and agents.

The banking industry has its own checks and balances procedures too on top of state and federal regulations to make the appraisal process of homes, anything tied to real property underneath it. That rises and falls or stays pretty much steady as she goes in value. beaver in maine photo

My Dad was a licensed appraiser of real estate in Maine for many years.

So besides my personal work experiences with other real estate appraisers in the market when out on property tours to determine value for  lending institutions, I had lots of behind the scenes discussions with my Dad.

Who constantly was learning as the appraisal process evolved. Beyond the days of the local Maine home banker single-handenly, physically touring the property.

To arrive at what works thumbs up or down. To determine if the sticks and bricks was worth the number on the purchase and sale contract of sale paper for a loan. Sizing up the collateral for the Maine home loan using one "loan" arranger. Hi ho Silver. Easy big fellow... (snort, paw, neigh neigh, whinny whinny).

There was a time where every real estate broker could appraise property because the regulations for an appraiser had not fuly evolved. Now everything gets tightened up, racketed down daily to comply with state and federal regulations.

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How Leased Land, Recreational Property Listings Work.

Leased land in Maine, for properties for sale in the middle of nowhere.

The concept of leased land can at first come off unsettling. Like what kind of racket is that? jeep way fun maine photo

Where you pay a yearly lease, with lots of stipulations and like "renting a space" enjoy the great four season outdoors of Maine.

But in a coin operated, put in the dollars in the slot on top. To buy time.

If someone had never been in a condo, knew nothing about the concept of what condominium living is all about.

That explanation could hit you the same weird way. "What do you mean I own from the outside walls in and have to work together with the condo association?". Paying this, that fee and being part of a condo association.

Well, for starters to be in the outpost of the vast north Maine woods, you are not going to own the acre of land parked next to that crystal clean lake.

As the owner of thousands of acres of timber Maine land, you would not want to sell off small lots and lose control of the pristine surroundings.

You would want to police and protect what happens with your land acreage that is a cookie jar of timber for your mills.

Or an investment carried on through family land trusts and managed by foresters. Who want to maximize the lumber, pulp, whatever is harvested off the Maine wood lot acreages.

But the income to offset property taxes. That is one reason the share the land in Maine, the leasing out of the property locations happens.

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Behind The Scenes In Real Estate List And Sell Of Properties.

Like most professions, making it look easy and smooth as silk is an art.

When you love what you do, that passion makes the job a labor of love right? But what happens that gets circulated that is not quite accurate in real estate listing, selling of property listings. Lots.snow flowers in maine photos

Because it is not just empty houses we sell or raw vacant land in Maine.

No no, people with deadlines, emotions.

Major get out of my way strong desires to have it their way as Burger King promises.

The whole sound bite is not circulated.

Missing information lost in translation or understanding the situation makes for public confusion. Jumping to the wrong conclusions and classic "he said she said".

Hollywood movie productions, or slimey national publications around the grocery check out are famous for them if you are in the know of the topic to catch the inaccuracy.  To know and speak up about what is all wrong with the story being spun.

Examples of what on the surface gets broadcast that could not be further from the truth in real estate transactions?

Topics where a home is lost due to lack of payment, foreclosure tops the list. Like prisoners at a correctional center, we all know everyone is innocent right?

Well, pride enters the picture and admitting the seller lost the home due to letting the payments lapse, the property taxes not being current.

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How Much House Can I Afford? | Buying A Maine Home.

The old rule of thumb for how much house can I afford?

What is the limit to what I can buy for a house based on income, debt that I carry? What can you can me about Maine home loans? maine blueberry photo

How much house can I buy, qualify for any way Mr Maine real estate broker?

Riddle me the answer to that will you?

Like most things in life, it depends on a few factors in the real estate shake and bake.

Everything gets more complicated right? As the wander away from the days of save up 25% of the purchase price for a down payment and finance the Maine home locally.

We still have lots of local loans made but more and more buyers are a little short on extra cash stashed. To have the horsepower to buy a Maine home. So pulling the house buying trigger means for many to turn to the secondary mortgage market.

Those low and no down payment loans to buy a Maine home are delicate, precise.

Pretty cut and dry about what is needed. For the property buyer's profile today financially, employment wise. And the strict standards of the home for sale in Maine itself.

What is the formula for buying a Maine home? For years the simple cut to the chase method was a house payment should not be more than one week's paycheck.

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The Danger Using Maine Land Cost Per Acre Calculations Only.

What does Maine land cost per acre is a common question.

We field it all day and night long online, over the phone, in discussions in the Maine real estate office lobby. All land like people in Maine, anywhere are all different. maine baby horse photos

BIll Hersey, a long time Maine soil test septic system evaluator sums it up best on his business card.

"Like people, soils are different". Maine land is so so not the same.

In profile, terrain slope and drainage, and location considerations all help in selecting the best piece of Maine land for you the buyer.

The mountian view, pretty Maine farm setting. What are you looking at? Does the Maine land have criss cross power lines going every which way? Or the easement for potential ones hidden in the legal description in the local Maine registry of deeds for the land?

Is it a swamp and what percentage of the Maine land is underwater?

Which is not bad if you are a beaver. But if thinking of building, those soggy conditions can dampen your spirits. Or make the dream a nightmare.

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How Long Is My Maine Home Going To Take To Sell?

The easy answer for the big real estate question about when is my Maine home going to sell?

How long is it going to take to sell this house? So the property owner can move on with their life. Take the next step. boy and the boot photo

Whipping out the boxes to fill.

And changing all those upper left hand corner addresses with a new sticker peeled, applied.

On next year's Christmas card  recipients list.

Like most things in life it depends on the sale of a home in Maine.

Factors, conditions, people, timing all influence the process of list, market, sell. To get to a real estate home closing. Or the wrap up transfer transaction to convey any piece of property in Maine. Not just a home for sale.

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The Renter Who Deals Direct With A Real Estate Property Owner.

The Maine home renter who seeks out, has a little chit chat with the property owner of an empty house.

Rut rho. The property is for sale, the renter is thinking, hoping take the home off the market so he can lease it. For as long as possible. In Maine, home rentals are so low cost to expect for monthly installments that breaking even does not usually happen. boat harbor maine family photo

The Maine home seller who listed the place for sale wants to move it out.

Not sign a year's year and be made to wait.

The renter in our area for homes knows most are for sale, come with a month to month lease period. Don't even bother for longer term.

Those happen when a merchant marine or a not quite retired person says sure to lease it out. That does not need the roof over their head and four walls to move a family in quickly. 

If hoping to get through a Maine winter is on the table, a longer than month to month lease can work for both parties. To keep it heated, plowed out at the renter's expense.

But when the call comes in about renting for a year... have to ask why are we doing that/ Rental income month to month to help the financials is one thing. Long term rental goes against the primary mission to sell the Maine home.

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Bank Repos, Foreclosures Maine Homes.

Bank repos, foreclosure propery Maine homes, need one?

Low cost, cheap listings in Maine never go out of style. Frugal, simple living is the way we shake and bake. Have to because Maine is a small rural state not flush with cash. houlton maine soccer photo

No money to burn and mortgages are not so popular either.

Something about waking up with a free and clear feeling that puts a spring in your step you know?

So bank repos, foreclosure Maine homes, let's talk about a few of those on the current real estate market.

Heads up, looking for one of those? Maybe with a few ten foot pole marks on it.

But that's okay if a few scratches, dents come with the property.

For example, a cute cape, corner lot of US Rt1 and Statoin Street in Monticello Maine. 278 US Rt 1 Monticello Maine home is available for $14,616!

What else can we tell you about the low cost property listing? Well two garages is one perk. The big open deck on the back and vinyl siding help make a buyer excited. So do hardwood floors.

So the job jar, what items written to fix on those slips? The heating system is hot water oil. The furnace froze up, like the bathroom fixtures. So overhaul the heating, plumbing and fix the rotten three steps out front and you could be off and running. Out of the rent rut and into the proud group of home ownership in Maine.

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The Air In A Real Estate Property Sale Can Get Heated, Charged.

The atmosphere, air surrounding a real estate property sale in Maine can get a little heated up, electrically charged.

Not always in a good way. The emotions can run high. The stakes are huge when a listing has to sell quickly and there is a clock ticking loudly to remind everyone involved of the urgency. horse team in maine photo

To get the SOLD real estate sign rider screwed on the top of the silent salesman out front the sticks and bricks.

The Maine home sweet home needing to replaced with a new house to hold down the title.

The new address for the upper left hand corner of the Christmas cards next December.

It takes everyone pulling in the real estate property sale leather traces. But that does not always happen. Not a given that things goes smoothly, without a hitch or snag. 

The divorce of the two property owners going through a split up, breaking up the Maine household. Those listings take extra care, lots of tough skinned, tender hearted treatment to get to the closing conference room.

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Buried Fuel Tanks When You Are Buying A Maine Convenience Store Business Property.

Buried fuel tanks, underground and lurking, making the new buyer of a Maine convenience store property listing wonder.

About are they in compliance, safe, up to speed current regulation wise. Or leaking, leeching petroleum products into the soil and area ground water. Causing a time bomb ticking spill that will be costly to clean up. And hazardous to nearby streams, waterways and drinking water in area private wells.maine potato fields maine photo

Have a Mom and Pop convenience store for sale.

The buried underground gas tank is buried, a 12,000 gallon jacket one with two compartments for fuel.

A 3,000, 9,000 gallon variety put in around 1994.

Not being used, needs to come out of the ground. Which means a licensed buried underground tank remover/installer professional is needed to over see the operation. To protect the Maine environment and keep it clean and all natural.

The two companies that did most of the 1990 underground, buried gas tanks that supposedly had 30 year warranties are out of business.

This according to a conversation with Ted Scharf at the Maine State Department Of Environmental Protection Agency in Augusta. Nice guy that outlined the steps needed and dug out the file to take a looksie at the process ahead. Shared the history of the site in addition to helping develop a plan to improve the situation for the new Maine store buyer.

To do it by the book, but also without spending money like a drunken sailor in the dig the hole, check the soil, figure out the next best solution for having gas petroleum products to pump into cars, trucks, snow sleds and ATV that all pass this busy US Rt 1 location.

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Questions Maine Real Estate Buyers Ask ...

Day in and out, certain questions are asked by Maine real estate buyers.

Beyond just where is the best financing for a home loan on a Maine property kind. The relocating, moving to Maine real estate buyers have lots of area questions. A lot of them around the weather in Maine. maine ducks photos

To dispel the myths their hair dresser or barber whipped up in their head to worry and fret over.

So we have to assure the callers, emailers, the lobby real estate visitors that no, Maine does not have igloos, polar bears. That it is not dangerous being this close to Canada. And one by one, we address what they have been told by someone that has never been to Maine either.

But what else comes up in the conversations about properties for sale in Maine?

Around the chit chat and emails, another theme from out of state Maine real estate buyers is bad areas. Are there some towns to avoid or that are better or worse to invest in? Because where they are leaving with lots of people as far as the eye can see in every direction, there are burgs that shine or pale in comparison.

In Maine the small rural towns are scattered, all unique in their own special way. There are no bad areas or places to avoid. The concern becomes purely geographical. Determined by the dashboard odometer reading final count every trip you make to and fro, to this and that.

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Like Using A Medical Operation On Real Estate From 1953.

Listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate is serious business.

And like most industries, reinventing, keeping up to do the list and twist to get to more property closings is constant. fireplace in maine photo

There was a time for a Maine waterfront or farm, land listing that placing an ad in an out of state newspaper or Mother Earth News type publicaton would be warranted.

And other than direct mail to catalog readers back when we were Strout Realty, it was all about local presentations.

So an expensive real estate ad in the Hartford Courant, Boston Globe, New York Times or Wall Street Jounral was part of the moving the chess pieces.

For the check Mate caused buy the heavy duty not much else available advertising big bang for your buck options.It was easier to pick the real estate marketing weapon years ago. Not many to pick from in the reach for advertising turbo to increase exposure outside the local real estate sandbox.

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