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You Selling, Buying A Maine Home?

The what do I do first, next, along the way in the selling, buying a Maine home?

Getting ready to do something is often the drill in much in life. Same is true in making the biggest business transaction most folks ever do bar none.

Selling, buying a lighthouse in maine photoMaine home can be a lot easier with some discussion.

Laying the ground work going in.

Detailed planning to make the Maine real estate experience easier.

Less complicated, stressful and not so costly.

Because you have a plan, time table, clear objectives in the goal of selling, buying a Maine home.

Knowing what to expect makes anything in life easier to brace for, to face head on. This FAQ Real Estate Buyers Video for out of state, new to the area property listing buyers hits the highlights.

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Greater Houlton Maine Area School Information.

Let's talk about schools in the Greater Houlton Maine area, what are the options?

Well if you are not one of 5000 Maine home schoolers, the options are pretty simple. In Houlton Maine you are part of RSU 29. Formerly School Administrative District houlton maine courthouse photo(SAD) 29.

Which means the students that live in Houlton, Littleton, Monticello and Hammond Maine attend one of the RSU area schools.

Here is a map link for Houlton Maine school locations.

Address: 7 Bird St, Houlton, ME 04730 Phone:(207) 532-6551

Houlton Maine is the county seat of Aroostook County. Known as the "Shiretown" and located in the "Crown of Maine" as the largest of Maine's sixteen counties.

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Hunting, Fishing In Aroostook County Maine

Hunting and fishing in Aroostook County, Northern Maine can have lots of meanings.

You could go in lots of directions under that category heading for a Maine blog post title. Because it all depends on what you are hunting, fishing for in your roaming. Over  the hills, dales, waterfront options in the largest of Maine's sixteen counties.icefishing in maine photo

The term hunting in Maine used to mean just game birds, black bear, white tail deer and large pretty docile moose.

You had your trappers, folks that shot with a camera.

And were more after the telephoto sniping of bald eagles, rare Maine birds.

Maybe a Maine lake loon. There are three kinds in Vacationland.

When someone means fishing for something in Maine swimming, living underwater, breathing through gills, here come the questions.

Brace yourself to further define do you mean fly fishing in Maine for brook trout?

Or off the Maine coast wetting the higher poundage test line for the tug from a mackerel or blue fish? Dropping pots with colorful buoy markers double parked, floating overhead for Maine lobsters?

Picking up a rake, hoe for digging fresh steamers from a clam flat along the coastal regions of Maine?

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Angry Family Members Squabbling Over The Maine Real Estate Listing.

In life, in business, we all try to try to keep the boat from rocking, upsetting.

But emotions can run high in a good and not so peachy keen way in the Maine real estate buying and selling process. People are involved. island maine lake photo

Memories, hurt feelings happen and history from events the Maine real estate agent, broker can know nothing about suddenly surface.

When the for sale sign is posted. The marketing begins on a family property listing.

The scenarios can be many garden variety knee jerk reactions when Mom or Grammy, Nana decide it is time to sell the Maine lake cottage.

She does not enjoy coming up to the place she spent the last thirty years with her one and only partner for life.

The cost of repairs, property taxes and afraid of the place doing downhill is another reason a Maine real estate sale is best. The time has come but that does not mean all the children, inlaws, outlaws are on the same page.

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Don't Forget Parents Of The Maine Real Estate Buyer.

The parents of the first time home buyer of a Maine home.

Don't forget Mama and Papa Bear and who else from the family should, wants to be involved in the Maine real estate home sale. Because their input is vital to encourage or discourage and help the process to narrow down the home of their dreams.maine license farm plate photo

And because the older family member's influence is going to shape, sway the process if you include them or not in the Maine home purchase.

And working with the party's collective concern is easier than trying to second guess the kink.

Where the tug of war is happening in the Maine real estate home sale.

The down payment, help with the repairs to get the Maine bank home loan. All may be part of the role of the supporting parents, grandparents or whoever is brought into the sales.

It may be Great Aunt Margaret who helps advance the gift money, an earlier inheritance.

So crucial for the Maine home buyer to have enough funds to swing the property or not in a bank loan purchase. Down payments are getting more and more scarce in a day and age of less and less saving money the norm. Impulse control part of it in the spending.

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Someone Says Two Little Words In A Maine Real Estate Sale, "Title Problems".

When you have a Maine real estate property listing under contract, you don't want any derailments.

Headed down the conveyor belt toward a closing, not the time you want to havedog snow photo someone say those two words you don't want to hear. But they come up in a property sale.

"Title problems" when said or read can make you think oh oh.

Easy to jump to the wrong conclusion and fear the worst possible.

Especially if it is the Maine real estate seller or buyer that hears "title problems" finding uttered first.

Because they don't as a rule do lots of real estate sales.

Don't see all the garden variety type of title problems that come up. So the first thought is the there goes the sale, dreams are broken. Instant heart break occurs.

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Houlton Maine Homes For Sale, Any Bad Neighborhoods To Avoid?

Houlton Maine homes for sale, let's talk about neighborhoods.

In large city urban areas, there are different pockets of real estate listings in the good, bad, the ugly spots.

To flock to or avoid like the plague because of crime, decay, poor city planning. Healthy or in decline, flat lining? Concern flatline for maine real estate photoabout the quality of life for you, your family and their safety is number one.

The return on the property investment after you make the home listing purchase a close second.

For starters, lots of local FAQ topics need home work study, addressing to get ready for the visit to our Northern Maine area.

Often the Houlton Maine home buyer from outside the state will ask about areas, neighborhoods to avoid. Because where they currently live, there are lots of real estate locations on the Monopoly board game where you drive around them. Steer clear.

Circling them with a red magic marker as not the places to put your money. Crime the big reason, or schools are better in this area or two towns over from this community.

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Two Bedroom Maine Homes, Harder To Sell, Move.

Two bedroom Maine homes, ideal for some and not so handy dandy a fit for many others.

How come? Well if the two bedrooms are upstairs, the folks that can do with that small path tree roots photoa number often can not climb stairs so easily.

As a little thing called age happens.

And fondness for stairways that are steep or twisting, turning are not easily trotted up and down. Not something you do wearing a big happy smile.

If a couple has a family and let's see what Maine home will fit us.

Here is a boy, next one is a girl, whoa. Where do we put the boy and a girl and still have another bedroom of our own for the mortgage payer of the Maine home?

Nice Maine house, cute location, all fixed up but two bedrooms too small. If the average couple has 1.6 kids. And the roll of the dice comes up with one of each flavor, sex.

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Fresh Coffee, Bacon, Eggs, Breakfast Smells Fill The Maine Farm House Kitchen.

The heavy Maine farm house kitchen door creaks open, closes, the ceiling light flicks on.

Shines brightly, as you unlace work boots. Park them, your yellow chore gloves too near the kitchen wood cook stove. Hang up your barn coat, reach for a clean coffee cup. farming living photo

Pour, then slurp your second fresh black caffeine installment of the day with one hand.

The other God gave you reaches for the large cast iron frying pan. Flies, pilots, lands it with a touch down on the hot wood cook stove surface.

Early morning farm chores are done, for now.

You just spent the last two and a half hours with horses, sheep, cows and chickens. Feeding, watering, cleaning up, replacing straw bedding.

The hens are the only ones that provide something for your Maine farm fresh breakfast. You crack three eggs layed overnight into the Maine blueberry pancake batter poured from a refrigerator pitcher. Three more eggs have tickets for front row seats in today's Mexican omelet.

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Maine Town Spotlight | Linneus ME - Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight | Linneus ME - Aroostook County

Small Maine towns are special, and the Pine Tree state has 108 of them.

Linneus Maine, population 984 people is located in Southern Aroostook County. Before Interstate 95 was built, put into operation, US Rt 2A that goes through the town of Linneus Maine was much busier. Lots of traffic from Northern Maine would have to pass through this major transportation artery in this six by six mile square town. linneus maine town sign

Now mostly potato, grain farming and logging trucks coming out of timber cutting woods operations happen.

Local residents, recreational traffic, trucks hauling agricultural crops, livestock and wood to mills make up the bulk of Linneus Maine traffic.

Plus traveling Maine  tourists wanting to skip the monotony of an interstate system. Take the exit. To go a route actually ten miles shorter to Bangor Maine. Through many quaint small Maine towns that were more hustling, bustling when US Rt 2A was "all she wrote".  Things were all about live and local.

Hunting, fishing, snow sledding and four wheeling recreational cabins dot the highway heading south of the town of Linneus Maine.

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DOM | Days On Market, What Does The Real Estate Number Mean?

Reduced to a number, society wants just one lone figure to quickly tell it all for health, in real estate, in life.

Pronto, hurry, the answer in one set of numerals. DOM stands for days on the market that a Maine real estate listing lives, lingers. Has to sit around, wait for a buyer. Inventory piles up.

And like most things in life, to gecko stack up photoput all the red and black stack of chips betting  based on just that one number is foolish.

But the DOM number does say a lot to quickly like an ER doctor's assessment indicate we have a growing problem.

A major concern, with a high DOM number involving years stacking up. Just not sure for the all the individual, particular reasons without the clipboard.

Too early to tell, further monitoring, questioning, tests are needed to know for sure.

If just in the early stages and seasons, agents have not changed yet in the process of buying and selling. Local market conditions affect the listings, sales DOM rise and fall. The days on market start to stack, pile up. Often even the agent, broker, REALTOR has doubts if the property listing in Maine will sell or not. Which signals time for a change.

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Going Above And Beyond, Maine Real Estate Service Delivered Quickly.

People are busy and Maine real estate information delivery has to be just as chop chop quickly available.

Complete, sweet, neat. Every time. And a healthy selection of property listing pick up and go options are key. To tap into the signal, satisfy the hunger means it better be maine canoers waiting photoavailable in a variety of transfer, engagement methods.

Print, lap or desk top, smart phone, even text with helpful links.

Like most industries, more complicated has happened in high tech real estate marketing today.

Sophistication for the tell me about your area, the property listings in Maine I can afford there means quick turn around is a must. Paddling for all you are worth as the agent, broker, REALTOR.

Delays are costly, no slack in the request filling when the order comes in. (Ding ding ding kitchen diner counter bell ringing sound). No one likes, should have to wait.

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Maine Real Estate Sales, Work Arounds, Problems That Pop Up.

Real estate sales in Maine, the roadway from listings to closings has delays, detours, problems to work through.

That going in you expect could happen but hope they don't just the same. It is never fun, good news to deliver, to let the seller of a Maine property listing know we have a title problem. Or a surveying issue has come up from the title search. maine kids working together photo

The line problem you bring up where the seller says "Oh yeah. Forgot to mention during the listing that situation existed with a bordering property owner dispute years ago. And about those two right of ways not mentioned in my deed too."

You groan, dust yourself off. Work through it together. Sometimes when neither the seller or the neighbor know the true location of a line.

Because the hedge row, rock wall or gravel pit esker, horse back is long gone, removed. Then we try the how about this is the line and each side sign, notarizes a release deed for anything they own on the other side. To define the line best.

Then a surveyor shoots, marks the coordinates of that agreed, crystal clear line location. The paperwork is all recorded, put in the archives of the local Maine registry of deeds.

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First Time Home Buyers, Can You Afford To Buy A House?

Like most things in life, before the purchase the question needs to be asked "can the first time home buyer for a Maine home afford to buy?"

If around the buyer he or she, they see one by one Maine homes being listed left and right. Then witness the change loaded truck phototo sale pending, quickly to sold. It is easy to step up.

When they think they heard the word "next!".

And move along in the line to have the first time Maine home buyer's set of keys to their own place.

Cause it's crowded, they need their own place. It is time to stop sharing space.

So should I rent or buy a Maine home and the timing of when to consider either.

Our real estate office fields lots of inquiries about "rent to own Maine homes".

Buying a place with seller financing help that happens with Maine land. With houses involved, not so much. Because the current Maine home mortage holders get upset. Plus the time to pull off the pay as your go, rent with option purchase is way way too long for most sellers. Who want, need to replace the Maine home with another wherever they are headed on the globe.

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Maine Beavers, They Can Be Your Best Or Worst Friend.

In our Maine real estate sales, we run into beavers.

Just going about their business and busy as a well, you know. Beaver. Not everyone feels the same about beavers who you would think show up on the list of varmits to maine beaver photoavoid. To have to remove from your Maine land.

But consider you are a farmer in Lee Maine.

You have a dry summer and your plants need water badly. And if you had a Maine farm pond to use in the irrigation, that would mean bigger crop.

Saving the day for the farming operations.

To end up having plants to even harvest in the fall in some cases of drought.To give those thirsty shoots and sprouts some much needed moisture. When even the best rain dance summer gyrations end up with nothing wet from the clouds above.

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Getting Ready To Sell Your Maine Home.

Like most things in life, being prepared, getting ready applies and the same is true for your Maine home sale.

You have to take steps first before unveiling the property listing to the public. Prior to mt katahdin maine photoputting your house on the market.

Making sure the Maine home for sale is up to snuff.

Ready for the show and tell. First, before the exposure starts and folks spread the word about the place.

Good or bad.

Just living in a property is one thing but raising the bar to a level higher for the attraction of a home buyer's walk through satisfaction is so very necessary.

Not saying folks run loose ships as far as cleanliness, housekeeping. But the little odd jobs from the job jar that are lingering, growing in number need to be all caught up.

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Real Estate Buyers, All Say Same Thing.

Real estate buyers are like you and me, busy people.

And from my industry experience of 34 years I hear the same remark over and over. maine sailboat photoUsually because of earlier frustration, they just want information and feel teased. Put off. Delayed.

Or realize some websites, agencies too are just low fat, no food, where's the beef. It happens too often.

Maine real estate buyers don't want to snack, wait, have to remember ot call during business hours.

The new real estate professional's office is online, never closes. Has to be easy sailing. The buyer wannabee not feeling stuck, dead in the water. And like a buffet, now we're talking is what the real estate buyer mutters, smiles. Eyes water in a good way, mouth too. Finally.

As he or she wearing their jammies late at night figure it out. They have come to the right online beehive.

Boatloads of images, real estate videos buzzing, maps, surveys, aerials and helpful time saving links. All over the place. Complete details. The nitty gritty, the features. Like a new car build and the passenger side rear window sheet of what this baby is all about. What it has for options, is under the hood.

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Does Winter Weather Slow Real Estate Sales?

The Maine weather forecast gives folks something to talk about.

When you live, work and play in a Northern climate, weather happens to work around. I maine winter horses photohave found videos for real estate are so versatile because they do the show and tell.

No matter what time or day or night, the weather or time zone the Maine real estate buyer is in.

But when the weather forecast for Maine is confused for other areas not so use to snow, that can hurt our area.

Because the assumption that what is happening many states away for weather is the duplicate situation where I live. This Maine winter lots of areas have been pounded, socked in with more snow out of state. That we wished we had in Maine because it is part of our local economy. Part of the climate, weather in Maine we look forward to and enjoy.

For Maine snow sledding, down hill and cross country skiing.Ice fishing, spirited pond hockey games. Hard to have those winter carnivals, sled sliding parties and mid winter community celebrations of winter without the white stuff.

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Maine Winter, Ice Fishing, Snow Shoeing And Sledding.

Maine winters are not wasted, natives are still outdoors like the other three Vacationland seasons.

Not in t-shirts and wearing warm layers on their bodies. Mittens or gloves, hats, boots and neck warmers. But not ice fishing in maine lake photo trapped indoors waiting for spring.

No sir. The fresh winter air, cobalt blue cloudless sky and sunshine brightness clears your head.

Gives you clarity and greater awareness.

It is quiet on a Maine lake in winter.

The two legged snow birds have flown the coop.

Don't do snow shovels anymore or never did.

As you replenish the feeder for the winged ones that stuck around, you hear something.

The buzz of the Maine state game warden's snow sled.

Making the rounds.

Checking the ice traps, fishing licenses. Eyeballing the catch.

Just doing his job outdoor description.

Letting this lake's Maine sportsmen know how the other waterbodies are producing. What's being pulled out. Fishing results happening on other Maine lakes and ponds.

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Real Estate Blog Posts Cover A Lot Of Topics.

Real estate blog posts, the subjects to cover mean lots of stops on the information highway.

To visit the needed topics associated with the listing, selling Maine real estate listings.victorian maine home turret photo Because like a giant super store, it is more than one department being promoted.

The shelves stocked are for as many shopper's needs as possible.

So besides real estate property listings in Maine, our blog posts are sometimes revisits of earlier ones.

Where an update on a post is needed. And it is just time for more information.

Much like the news reporter who announces "this just in" or "here is a follow up on an ealier report". Building trust, adding details that were not available at press time. Or keeping the audience abreast of new developments. That change the landscape.

Real estate is an industry like most that has become more technical, highly developed. In the last 34 years I have seen lots of changes, new ways to list, market, sell property listings in Maine.

We all reinvent the way we do the day to day at the local Maine agencies. And getting the word out means regular blogging about how to keep the process going. On lots of Internet online platforms. To explain the behind the scenes. To help set reasonable expectations for everyone in the property listing transacton. Finding ways to keep real estate sales in Maine alive. Or to know it's the end of the road because of this, this and yes, that too.

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