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Living Off Grid In Maine, Simple Day To Day Life.

Living off grid in Maine.

The motivation for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is to enjoy space that has always been at a premimum. Pretty much non-existent. In areas where it is down to the inches not property acreage in measure the elbow room around a person day and night. ice fishing in maine photo

Not being able to get space is like always being out of breath, low or out of food, water.

Anxious, suffocating feeling. Takes it toll on a body.

Worry about bothering someone, being in their face.

Getting sued or worse is a strong concern. Bodily harm coming your way is a fear to carry anytime you open the dead bolt, slide the security chain.

In city settings where you don't know a soul in the sea of faces in the crowd. On the no room to wiggle out of the way sidewalk. On your mind daily. No fun but you can begin to think this is the norm everyone. No it is not. Not in Maine.

Maine has the wide open, clean, natural space. The people are resourceful and bartering is done a lot. We are cross trained. For survival and to get things that just not enough in the bank account to swing if hired out.

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No Down Payment, 100 Percent Maine Home Loans, They Happen.

No money down, 100 percent Maine home loans.

Where do you sign up right? Sounds too good to be true? Well believe it or not, you can get no money down Maine home loans.

A big down payment to buy the house does not need to be squirreled away first. That 4th parade houlton maine photodelays the process.

The days of only, always saving up 25% of the Maine house price to make a local home loan are long gone.

In a small rural state like Maine.

Where it is not all about a giant paycheck. But the lots more areas of value that attract, keep us here that have to be considered.

Buying a Maine home.

Not as simple as buying a car process. And just sign here for the keys. The stack of paperwork is thicker. More hurdles set up to clear. The need for six to eight weeks for the Maine home loan process comes into play for a reason.

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Deed Recording In Maine, Lost Paperwork Happens.

You bought a Maine property listing, what about the real estate deed to it?

Where did it go? Or you have gotten your deed to some Maine real estate. But for the life of you, it just up and disappeared. Or the house with the safe hiding place for it burned to the maine antique chevy car photoground.

Total loss, flat as a pancake happened. Rut rho.

How do we fix that sinking pit in your stomach feeling situation?

No dice, no more real estate deed wrapped in blue official looking legal sized wrapper.

For starters, when you got the deed to the Maine real estate.

If a bank was involved with a mortgage placed on it for a lien, you can bet the title deed was recorded. Put on record at the registry of deeds.

Recorded in the county where the property listing in Maine is located.

A title search at that registry will show Ta Da, Voila. You are the grantee, buyer from the former grantor, owner. No secret if recorded.

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Lots Of Questions About Maine Before Any On Real Estate Listings.

The office phone rings, email server warms up with questions about Maine, the local area long before any on real estate listings.

The brand new to the area of Maine where the properties are for sale has lots of questions. Needing to be talked about, discussed right up front. maine ducks lake photo

So we produce blog posts to one by one, collectively to thoroughly address those questions.

Videos for the FAQ work well too.

But hundreds of blog post topics on a slew of Maine subjects. Those work best.

For bringing the new to the area buyer of Maine real estate listings up to speed. Sweet, neat, completely.

In small areas of Maine especially, local information is so so important. Because there is not much on line in many areas and the guy or gal googling a topic needs to hit paydirt quickly. Time is money. Both usually in short supply.

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Real Estate Video | Best Way To Promote Property Listings.

Real estate video, to do the show and tell of a new property listing.

To showcase the local area, community events with video. Because local buyers don't like to wait to get into a new home, around any type of new listing. And outside real video mooersrealty photoestate buyers need to avoid that long expensive trip.

Any delay is removed with real estate video.

When your buyer is not just from the local area, the market size of potential purchasers explodes too.

Like someone just took off the blinders, handcuffs, leg irons. Removed the governor, restrictor plate.

Because now there is no limitation, anywhere in the World. With Internet connectivity the new property listing in Maine can be watched, listened to, rewound, replayed.

Through the wire, out of thin air the signal is received loud and clear.

Wall to wall. To start the information transfer. Like mid air refueling. Easily accessed when the busy buyer has a space in the schedule. Or is in a waiting room, stuck somewhere and just whips out his smart phone, droid.

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Two Boxes Of Cigars, A T-Shirt And Many Miles, Several ME Properties.

The real estate listings we put out there to hang out online. To promote the properties in Maine for sale.

The reach is pretty incredible. Not just fishing locally for small fry, minnows or sun fish. Instead of a small local circle of exposure, the Internet changed all that. Blew wide maine land photoopen the limiting fences, barriers, boundaries.

That used to contain the exposure of a small local Maine real estate office.

We blog daily, on several platforms.

Because just like you stumbled onto this blog post on real estate information for Maine, others do too.

A lot according to the back end logs of the post files.

It is not longer one buyer at a time. Keep in line, single file please. No pushing. No no, hundreds and thousands at a time get "fed".

Plugging in through thin air, over the wire to watch, listen and learn about Maine real estate listings.

With no waiting in line. Tapping in like KC 135 sky refuelers for the hit and run. Touch, go, disconnect.

To connect when the need is to buy, sell, trade some real estate in Maine.

But because we have a statewide portal of property listings in Maine that every member of the REALTOR's association can tap into, we get lots of agents making the long haul. From Southern Maine to the Northern district. The place called Aroostook County.

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(Creaking Sound) Opening Up The You Tube Real Estate Video Analytics Log Files.

Under the hood, behind the shiny platform interface covering, what the numbers say in your You Tube real estate channel.

Do you study the stats? No, how do you adjust the dials, tweak the approach to fine tune the results? Just operate by gut feeling? Playing a hunch. Seat of your pants approach huh? For what you think works best by sheer instinct? Ah, ... okay.hamilton-ext1

The whole point to marketing, creating and managing your media streams is to achieve top performance.maine farm set photo

To reach the intended target.

To make it easy in the "Can I help you?". In this service industry of real estate list, market, sell (repeat).

When you read absolutes for real estate video about the length has to be this, the subject matter has to be that. Blah blah.

What works in your real estate market, from your property listing experience? What do the numbers say that don't lie? Are lurking, waiting for study. Right there in black and white. When you tap tap the analytics tab on your You Tube real estate channel.

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Need Less Money, Living, Buying Maine Property.

Maine property, buying real estate listings up here in the right hand upper corner.

You need less money to own places outright. No mortgage living debt free happens quicker. Everything is cheaper. Yes, the wages are too. There is some distance involved. But that all helps protect, maine loons photoinsulate the Maine region.

Wouldn't you rather get more for less? That's Maine.

Here you don't need so much extra income. Too many zeros. 

To pull off the lower cost for property, car insurance.

Less people, more outdoor upspoiled wildlife happens here in Maine. Natural beauty that's all natural, unfiltered.

It is simpler living in Maine. You are in Vacationland. Don't have to travel, only get one week a year's worth remember?

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What's My Property Worth, Value Of Real Estate?

The price tag that a property would sell for, what is the real estate in Maine worth today?

The answer to that question is not one you Google. Look up in a book. Pull out of the air. It takes study. Considerating what do we have for a property? The features good, bad and ugly. mainehorses photo

Then what about the properties that swim around the real estate, in the neighborhood?

Under the microscope, in the petri dish. Study of the property, the local area and listing sales figures.

What has actually sold for real estate recently like the property in Maine?

How many other properties like it are on the market competing for a buyer. If the property was put on the market, looking for a ready, willing and able buyer.

What's property worth, the value of the real estate?

And once that figure is determined, it does not stay valid forever.

Real estate markets, like the weather, relationships, habits change. For better or worse. Or sometimes steady as she goes, staying pretty much on the same course.

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Marketing Is Part Of The Maine Real Estate Sale, But ...

Marketing property listings in Maine takes lots of new creative ways to reach the larger audience of real estate buyers possible.

You deliver what they want round the clock. Your buyer is a busy cat. Wants all the information right now. Not to have to chase, wait, be put off and end up frustrated. In the dark about the listings for sale in Maine. maine land for sale photo

But just as important as lots of clear, wide and handsome imagery, helpful video productions and detailed narratives about the property for sale, the pricing is key.

Not to be left out of the getting ready for a sold sign rider to be screwed on out front. Along the road.

Because no matter how thorough, complete the show and tell is, it will sit on the shelf and mold. If the pricing for the Maine real estate is just out of whack, not in synch with what else is available around it.

Over priced property listings in Maine stay parked, stalled.

The other side of the rumble strip in the breakdown lane. With no Triple A to the rescue.

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The Expert Telling You About Maine, The Real Estate Has Never Been Here.

The move, relocation to Maine and the only thorn in your side is a few people in your inner circle of family or friends.

Or just acquaintances. Who have never been to Maine but can tell you all about it. Just lend an ear and listen. Pull up a chair. Stories about folks being in a Twilight Zone, in a maine lake phototrance locked up four or five hundred years ago.

With twenty minutes of daylight all winter long.

Folks using dog sleds, living in igloos, everything ice and white. Eating raw fish with their hands.

(Record needle scrape, jagged ripping sound, music stops)

Maine has no polar bears.

Maybe the Arctic Circle, some place lots higher up on the globe lines of latitudes.

But not in Maine that has four seasons. Like the fingers on a normal hand. With a thumbs up if you have ever spent time in Maine. All natural, we spend our year outside too. Not stuck inside, not hibernating.

Because the outdoor beauty is all natural, unspoiled. There are way less people, little crime. The air is fresh, water is crystal clean. Scope out some images of Maine. Is everything white, stark, frosty and not teaming with life,  drop dead beauty? No it is not.

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Maine Real Estate Property Seller Says "I'm Not Giving Listing Away."

The owner, seller of a Maine property says he is not going to give away his listing.

But sometimes the saber rattling and standing firm on a price that is higher than the market will bear is short sighted. Often the reason is the Maine listing seller never intended to be putting the property on the market. snow flowers in maine photo

Everything poured into the place, the Maine property was first class for materials, craftsmanship.

But not with the resale market in mind. More with what he wanted thinking with his heart, not his head.

So even though he plops the box of material and labor cost receipts on the kitchen table.

Does the math, adds it all up. During the listing, the market value is not to be ignored.

Despite over the top real estate marketing, over achieving in the reach of the advertising. If the property has a price tag so much higher than others for sale like it in the local area, it will sit. Stay parked.

Ice cold to red hot real estate property buyers.

The listing owner will become frustrated.

And revolving door, change of signs. Musical Maine real estate agents, brokers over the years will be the cause. Of no real estate sale in the eyes of the owner.

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Buying A Maine Home When You Already Have One To Sell First.

One less house to worry about is what happens when you don't own one and are trying to buy a Maine home.

To add to the collection. One at a time Maine home purchases means the focus is just on does the buyer have the cash or can they get a bank loan?

Do they have the job income, credit score and healthy debt ratios to pull off a Maine maine ocean family photohome purchase priced (hand up in air) this high?

And is the house in Maine they want to buy up to snuff.

So a Maine house appraiser can give it a thumbs up for value and condition.

So a sale at a Maine real estate closing takes place.

That scenario is enough fun and games when tricky bank mortgage financing programs create a maze of hurdles to clear. But bring in a oh, by the way, already own a home somewhere in the World.

And if it has a home loan mortgage, is tapping into the ability to purchase the new one, another on housing radar, sometimes the home show stalls. Hold up theere big fella. (Horse snort, whinny, pawing at ground sound)

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Maine Real Estate | How's The Market, What's My Home Worth?

How's the Maine real estate market, what's my home or other property worth?

The market for your Maine home, any type of listing is tied to what is going on around the neighborhoods. Local activities, the closed property sales, the current listings competing houlton maine courthouse clock photofor buyers.

For the Maine real estate just hanging around. Waiting, killing precious tick tock time like yours.

Interate rates, buyer confidence in the current market that fuels the real estate motivation atmosphere.

Cools off to ice cold or warms up to hot hot hot.

For the ready, willing and able to buy today. For sellers, the age old question comes up. During the Maine listing information collection around the kitchen table.

When is my Maine property listing gonna sell?

How long is this sale going to take to get to a real estate closing? The current Maine real estate MLS market can shift, adjust and flex quickly.

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The Real Estate Market In Maine, Not Like Everywhere Else.

The mass media prints, voices, splashes of charts and images for the real estate market daily report.

As if it was one big forecast that applies to everywhere. That works like one national pie in maine photoweather forecast. For all the nooks and crannies  where there is property listed, for sale.

Real estate bloggers are guilty too of making one giant sweeping report statement for what is happening for the country.

Based on the what is selling, not moving from their own experience. At their GPS settings zoom in from space.

Each US real estate market pie is flavored differently. Those flavors, tastes change and reflect the current market the listings, properties populate.

But limited to a small chunk of the nation. What moves and grooves in their own backyard. The truth is that every market in real estate, in any industry is so so different and dependent on a slew of variables, factors. All unique and controlled by the way in my case small Maine towns operate and survive.

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Don't Shoot The Messenger | Leading Up To The Real Estate Listing.

Hurdles to clear in real estate is like anything else in life. Sometimes a Maine broker, REALTOR gets a call from a seller like this.

Often it can be a widow, with a waterfront property on a Maine lake. No fun coming up to the camp in Maine she tears up. Because lost my best friend lamented.

And only reminders all around the widow, the owner of the Maine waterfront maine lake photoproperty. So like seasons that change, it's time to sell.

Where I come in, why I got the call.

What's the value of the Maine real estate wondered out loud.

It's a big step to consider letting go of a spot on the water in Maine that has been nothing but good times, memory making with family, friends. Being next door to a Maine lake or out on it is a heck of an experience.

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The Big City Living Is Driving You To Maine.

White knuckles, feeling anxious like people do in very bad weather, you are leaving the city living.

Putting the crime, stress, crowds, high cost of urban survival in your rear view mirror. maine scenery land photo Making it get smaller, disappear.

Then eyes toward the future in Maine.

Because the bright lights, fast living has taken its toll. You've aged beyond the years on your birth certificate would suggest.

And like a bad addiction, you are quitting cold turkey. Have to while you can.

Lock, stock and barrel selling out so you can slow it down to get to Maine. Moving fast to cover lots of ground quickly. To land in Vacationland to unwind, unplug, relax.

Living a healthier life style in Maine, the way life should be. Before you wake up dead. Are six feet under pushing up daisies.

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Buying Maine Waterfront Properties, Five Things To Watch Out For.

Maine waterfront properties, five things to watch out for in the eenie meenie miney moe of the listings.

LIke any real estate purchase, it starts with your expectations, your budget. How the property on the water will enhance your life. Dove tail, fit in to your day to day.lake sunset in maine photo

First, if you live many states away, the Maine property on the water may be used a few times a year at best.

Because your home base is not here in Maine, on the waterfront. Yet. Loose ends to tie up first.

But your plan is to buy now, while prices for Maine property listings are low.

So you can take the income tax benefits of owning a second home on the water in Maine.

Is the desire to make this a Maine waterfront property a rental vacation spot or not?

Because if it is, you might be able to afford a more expensive Maine property on the waterfront.

It becomes hard working. Not empty and just sitting around unused. Yawning, waiting for your now and then highly sporadic visits.

Deducting the interest expense if mortgaged, the Maine property taxes. Keeping track of what you put into the place if you decide let's rent it out. Make it pay or at least subsidize itself. Plan to talk to the bean counter, CPA that studies your yearly numbers. Helps you fill in the blanks on the income tax return you file. To know current tax laws, any changes annually.

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Pick Ups In Maine, The Four Wheel Drive With A Plow Truck Kind.

Happens a lot, pick up trucks in Maine being bought by a new out of state buyer.

Who thinks he will need a four wheel drive to travel the roads in winter.To survive one. To keep the dooryard, driveway clear of the white fluffy snow.

You can spend some paul bunyan statue bangor me photoserious money for a new pick up truck in Maine. And there are so many out there with pick ups wearing the yellow, red, silver snow plows that just hiring it out is a common option. For early morning busting through snow banks.

So is a small snowblower to carve out a tunnel, roadway in / out.

The walk behind kind or the back / front loaded on a garden tractor or larger. With a power take off to run it from the tractor of whatever size. So you clear your yard easily on your own. But also do many down the street in a bang bang bang row. As an extra source of income for a much needed service.

This winter those plowing snow per storm made a healthy chunk of change. Someone owning a payloader, front end machine could clean up In fact many I have talked with said property home owners were literally running down the street, waving money. To flag down and coerce, coax, plead with the operator. Help. Please plow, clean me out.

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Maine Houses, What's A Modular, Double Wide, Manufactured Home?

Manufactured homes in Maine, what is a modular, a double wide, or other variation of something made on a factory floor?

Shipped in from out of town to land on the Maine land in the country. The intown lot unless a comprehensive plan ordinance says hold it. You can't put those here.

Years ago it was simple. You made a Maine home out of wood, brick and stick built  the norm.maine older mobile home photo

Carpenters on the site cooking, building from scratch.

Like back in the days of the barn raising on a Maine farm.

This week we help get your barn up.

Next week are all moved, set up at your place to do the same. On and on and done live local. Tied to the expense of materials, local labor rates, the expense to live where the new construction does eventually.

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