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When Are Houlton Maine Property, Real Estate Taxes Due ?

When Are Houlton Maine Property, Real Estate Taxes Due ?

Small Maine towns used to have all the same real estate property tax year.

It was a given that  April 1 to March 31 was the norm for all the Maine towns we dealt with in pro-ration of real estate property taxes. Some kind of easy. But now, every town for various reasons have adopted different property tax fiscal years.

So when asked what will my Maine real estate taxes be, a chart is whipped out.

To run the finger down the handy dandy cheat sheet. To scan, figure out which town has what for a real estate tax year and then plug in the property tax figure.

To arrive at what the buyer and seller will have for their share of the most current year’s real estate taxes.

Houlton Maine’s real estate tax year starts January 1st and ends December 31st.

To avoid being listed in the town report for delinquent taxes, pay them in full October 15th of each year. There is no discount for earlier real estate property tax payment in Houlton Maine. Other small towns do offer say a five percent discount for property taxes paid by a certain cut off date. The reasoning is it saves the town having to step out and borrow tax anticipation loan moneys to keep the bills paid.

It’s argued that folks that will pay the taxes early to take advantage of the discount, have the money. Those that can not exercise the option don’t. It creates more book keeping for the town office.Takes away from the revenue income for the year by giving the rebate. And in many cases the one man small Maine town office does not need anything extra for daily tasks to perform. Added to their job description. With the state, federal government coming up with new laws and burdensome paperwork to have to file, record, police to go with the new legislation. 

Property taxes in Maine that are not paid yearly means the wolf shows up at the property owner’s door. Reminded him that after eighteen months, a lien on the real estate is attached. Recorded at the local Maine county registry of maine farms horsesdeeds where the property is located.

And if three years back property taxes are left unpaid, the town foreclosures. The Maine real estate becomes tax acquired. With usually a closed bid sale process held and a quit claim town tax release deed issued to the successful bidder.

In Houlton Maine there is one property tax bill for the real estate and no extra county tax levied.

Many towns do have more than one property tax bill outside of Maine. And as a Maine real estate broker, our office gets asked often is the low property tax we quote on a property just due once or twice a year.

My brother Stephen who lives in Bangor Maine pays his property taxes twice a year. To soften the blow, the city of Bangor Maine sends out property tax bills two times a year. Like some insurance companies that give the option of monthly, quarterly, half year installments.

houlton maine littleleagueSometimes in a Maine home loan, tax clubs are started for escowing fund. Putting one twelve of the Maine real estate home taxes and property insurance bill in a special interest bearing bank account.

This kitty means once a year, when the property tax and insurance bills arrive, they are both paid in full from a kitty to soften the blow of writing that big a check for each.

The escrows consider other financial balls are juggled in a Maine household. And to make sure the property taxes and insurance bills are paid first, off the top before other line items in the check book.

Also, smart towns and the few cities we have in Maine send the real estate taxes out on a Friday.

How come? Think about it. No one likes tax bills. But are they still hopping mad concerned come the following Monday?

From experience the municipal governments in each Maine real estate property value assessor’s office knows less calls, fewer visits, a lighter load of emails happens when there is a three day delay wedged, built in to the time of the Maine real estate tax bill envelope being licked, stamped, sent out to arrive on a Saturday.

And when it is ripped open during Saturday morning cartoons, With a day of rest for good measure as a buffer on Sunday before Monday rolls around. 

If they decide to do away with Saturday mail deliveries, this could meddle with process. The less fuss, fewer wrinkles in Maine real estate property tax bills being collected with less emotional wear and tear that happens with a Saturday drop off my the local mailman.  Houlton Maine property taxes, the real estate tax year is January 1st to December 31st.Taxes need to be paid by October 15th to avoid an interest penalty and eventually lien costs as you get further behind the eight ball.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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