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The Owner Of The Maine Real Estate Listing, Calling The Shots.

The Owner Of The Maine Real Estate Listing, Calling The Shots.

The owner of a property, a Maine real estate listing.

Who is the go to for instructions, updates, offers, decision making. Can get a little murky. Creating gray areas when the seller is elderly.

Or the sale is an estate transaction where the owner is not here.

Left the Earth.

But an appointed personal representative takes the reins.

Someone is selected, Is duly charged to handle estate affairs.

The legal loose ends that crop up when someone living in a place for years dies. The collection of assets both personal, real, monetary are all added up for disposition.

Setling an estate has to happen for the closure, the loss of a person in their life. Usually a family member.

And their passing makes those left behind related to them see their own mortality. In the pulling out, sorting and settling affairs straight.

To wrap up any more personal day to days in the home sweet home once and for all.

Close the book. Dismantle what remains of a person’s life. What they have accumulated, what’s piled up and needs to be sold in a sale. Or placed in a dumpster for the heave ho disposal.

Sometimes as a Maine real estate broker, it takes a little time figuring out who is the one delegated to be the head of the family.

lupine photos Sometimes it is cut and dry easy, no one fighting or not many members in the family to begin with involved in the process.

For the eenie meenie miney moe of who gets the big job of settling an estate.

And other times when one member is picked, selected, the natives start grumbling.

Other family members are in the email loop if we can get addresses and permission to include them in to what is happening on a Maine real estate sale. But the clearing out and getting ready to market an estate sale can drag by nature. Who wants what, get this or that. And if not handled delicately, watch out. Hurt feelings, no one consulted me and other sore spots start to black and blue. Sting.

Old family history often comes out in the discussions.

We as the Maine real estate professional tries to keep everything business, just the facts and no here say. We have a job to do and attacking people’s personalities is not going to help.

Understandably, the gathering of family members at a property can mean less sorting houlton maine photoand moving, repairs that are needed.

And more everyone sitting in the living room.

Looking at a family album of black and white photos.

Reliving the person who died, who owned the living room they are in but that died.

The laughter, crying, exchange of what the person meant to them can eat into the time to get the property listing staged, ready to sell.

Have had listings where the price is arrived at, have the exterior pictures take a long time to clear the way for the inside part of the marketing show and tell.

There are times when a personal representative for the estate of a Maine real estate home owner loses popularity with the other family members. Because the sale is alex spud boy photodragging or they just are out of the loop. Want the latest of the grapevine news.

As it develops so they are not in the dark.

Jumping to the right or wrong conclusions on their own.

Which on top of the loss of a loved one adds to the confusion, drama or misunderstandings that do crop up in emotional estate sales.

It’s not just a home, it was the best grandmother ever’s house.

The other family members can get together and decide the personal representative is not doing the cracker jack job they think he or she should.

Angry family members can start the chant.

So others start to call, voice concern and as the Maine real estate broker, you relay to the personal representative what we are hearing.

I have had the appointed representative for a Maine real estate estate sale wave the white flag.

Give up and say have at it. Someone else in the family that thinks they can do a better job have at it. Poor economic conditions can be the problem and other factors beyond the personal representative’s control. Or lack of funds to do much needed work or to repair damage that is hurting the sale of the property listing in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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