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Six Things Real Estate Sellers Expect From Their Agent Or Broker.

Six Things Real Estate Sellers Expect From Their Agent Or Broker.

Six things a property seller expects and should receive from their real estate agent or broker.

Because listing a property, there  is nothing casual about it. It’s the largest investment most people ever make. Selling it is serious stuff. And everything hinges on the real estate listing selling or not. Life is fast, being on hold is not fun and delays are costly.

So number one, be honest with me in all our  real estate discussions.

Sitting around the kitchen table during the listing.

The fill in the blanks, always be a straight shooter.

So I can trust you and not get kicked hard later.

Tell me the real value of the property “as is” today. Suggest any worthwhile improvements.

Don’t give me a pie in the sky number of what you think I want to hear as the property owner for a real estate sales price figure. To just “buy”, to land the listing and put my life on hold tied up with no hope of selling.

Because eventually we will all figure it out on what went wrong.

Where we missed the boat. The property over priced will not sell. It just helps make other properties realistically priced look like even better deals. Drives the attention to the ones wearing the fair price tags swimming in the listing pool.

Second, tell me the real estate seller what to expect.

Educate me on the process of how it works. The steps you are guiding the property sale through and why. Knowledge is power. Being in the dark just causes worry and jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Third, spell out the real estate marketing strategy.

Every property is different and the approach to marketing it should be unique too. The maine sea boats in harbor photoseller knows you have to promote the real estate listing to get it sold.

How do you do that property marketing for this particular property?

To stand out among all the other listings for sale ready to set sail from the harbor or listing pool.

Again, lay the real estate cards face up on the kitchen table.

About where the property listing goes after it hops on the local open market and the sign goes up in the front yard or tacked to a building or tree.

Fourth, explain how offers on property listing offers work.

That no matter how low, you as the real estate agent or broker have to make them. The seller may not like them. Or the offer is high enough, more than one buyer but the list of contingencies is not going to fly to meet the seller’s objectives.

Low offers but actitivty to show the marketing signal is being picked up loud and clear. But don’t take them personally. Or figure the agent or broker is coming up short and not doing his or her job correctly. It is just an offer. Smile and just say no thanks. Not need to blow a head gasket or be insulted.

You the seller and the real estate professional are on the same team. Attack problems, not the people and keep moving closer to a real estate closing date for the sit down and sign here, here and one more place, there. buffalo in maine photo

After some thought, give the agent or broker a counter offer.

If any dollar figure of what you would consider letting the property go for and the contingencies you can accept in the real estate sale.

Worked out together where you the seller make the decisions. The real estate professional guides the process and explains what happens if we do this, do that. So the property listing does not stay parked, laying down and not moving in the fast paced market of buy and sell.

Fifth, everyone has house has tasks in the marketing of the property listing.

The seller agrees in word and deed to keep the real estate looking it’s best in the case of a house. With land, bush hogging a front field, removing any property debris just makes everything look like it is ready to sell. That the seller made an effort to tighten up a loose ship.

Or maintains a sense of all around the place is “up to snuff’ That the buyer and usually a bank wants to see in this cake walk of pick me, pick me. Look at the property as if you were the buyer eyeballing it under the real estate marketing telescope. Would you buy it the way it is or is there room for improvement?

Could you remove some of the wrinkles or low points that will hurt the sale price, impact the marketing time?

Like unreasonable, all one way without flexibility in all the other elements of a real estate sale beyond just settling on a price to let it go.

If a long list of if, if, if is tacked onto the sale if works the same way when a buyer has there own unreasonable list of limitations. That eventually choke the sale of ever getting off the real estate operating table. dog snow maine photo

Make the place availalble to show easily in the come and get it.

Videos for real estate make the open house tour happen instantly whenever the buyer is ready.

Does the agent or broker use real video with natural sound to promote the property and the local area flavor?

And beyond that, are there days in the delay getting into the real estate for sale?

Take the buyer of the real estate serious and do your part as the owner for easy access. Or to make sure the tenants in the property listing are not a kink in the hose. Shutting off an easy flow in and out of the real estate severely hurts the real estate sale.

Not a slew of lookey loos that have no business touring in person please.

This is not an amusement park ride. The video can help with that strain. They like what they see and hear in the video and it is usually off to the bank to see if they qualify for a loan.

Where thumbs up or down happen.

In a smiling approval or frown and a denial of the can I get a loan million dollar question answer. Which should be known before setting foot in the property listing. Where if possible, the real estate agent or broker always suggests strongly, herds very hard to send the buyer in the first place, right up front.

To make sure the real estate marketing of the listing for the property story has a happy ending for the matchmaking of both the buyer and seller.

There are six, a half dozen things a real estate seller should expect from whoever is picked to sell their property listing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  [email protected]  | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730




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