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Learn About More Than Maine Real Estate Property Listings. The Process Of Buying, Selling, Trading And What The Local Area Is Like. Get That Too And Much More! All Designed To Save Time, Money, To Avoid Hassle.

Market Report For Maine Real Estate Listings, Sales.

Market reports for Maine real estate listings, sales can be dry and boring as heck.

Unless you are a buyer or seller of a Maine property listing. And suddenly are Maine Lake Boat Photoall ears.

Extremely interested in knowing what is the temperature of the real estate market around you, down state, out of state.

What's the water like?

Then all the print out Maine real estate listing, sales data, details all help explain what is happening and why the delay.

How fast property in Maine sells or not. Maybe tied to the price on the property not reflecting the current market conditions.

Other factors like your place looks like Stephen King made a movie there. Won't pass muster with secondary mortgage market loan requirements.

Lots of factors a qualified real estate professional can diagnose accurately. To help put your finger on the many causes, variables. 

 What to have for expectations based on the history and current Maine real estate market conditions. To ultimately understand the market. In sales, real estate or any goods or service provided, there is always a market report. maine seascoast boats photo

In the background, someone with an adding machine is at work.

Bean counting.

To generate, learn from, share and study a Maine real estate market report.

Sliced and diced from the state as a whole. And Maine's sixteen county by county.

Just pick a region and the pulse, heart rate, blood pressure is available to help in guiding, shaping Maine real estate listing, sales decisions.

The winter in Maine is not a time that the real estate market stops either.

Like life, folks still move around the country, cross town. Family size increases, decreases. Life situations change for the good, the bad, even the ugly. maine lake sunset photo

Property estates need settling, not so fun divorces, split ups all happen right on schedule through out Maine.

Job promotions, relocations.

In-law apartment space needed for gram, gramp.

Round the clock, through the year.

All life situations are tied to real estate somehow.

Owning it, renting it.

Buying, selling, and yes we even help trade it.

According to the Maine Association of REALTORS latest real estate sales data, the winter of 2013-2014 has not dampened Maine’s real estate market.

Maine Listings reports an increase of 2.65 percent in the sales of single-family existing homes during the month of November.

The median sales price (MSP) for the 1,086 homes sold rose 1.6 percent to $175,000.

The MSP indicates that half of the homes were sold for more and half sold for less.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, sales nationwide dipped a slight 0.9 percent, while the national MSP reached $196,200—a jump of 9.4 percent.

lake view in maine photoThe Northeast region witnessed a 6.6 percent rise in sales over the past 12 months, and the regional MSP increased 5.7 percent to $242,900.

Maine is one big state too.

So when the average price of a property, a median home listing or sale is hovering around $80,000 in Northern Maine.

The same apples to apples housing stock in the Portland area, to the south could be approaching $200,000 on the price tag.

Closer to the Boston market part of it. Whole different pricing structure happens. Supply and demand, location in the state, local pay scales, all mixed into the alphabet soup.

We warm up and cool off depending on the temperature of other markets.

But all we do it not just houses, homes. And Maine is 91 percent wooded. Lots monument usa border photo of trees, deer infested, other wildlife too forests.

Crystal clean unspoiled water in the form of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and oceanfront of all qualities.

This fact attracts like bees to honey waterfront Maine real estate buyers.

Thinking vacations, second homes, investment places to rent out for income. All wanting unspoiled space Maine holds all the face cards. Not afraid to play them.

Our real estate sales in Maine are also Mom and Pop groceries, small businesses.

Geared to retirees, telecommuters, to homesteaders looking to live off grid. To be pretty much self sufficient, back to the land wholesome in Maine. All looking for a simpler way of life that is safe, wide open healthy, crime free and friendly. That's Maine in a nut shell.

According to the figures, Maine experienced a very strong real estate year in 2013.  The median sales price continues to grow, reflecting a more stabilized Maine real estate market . Continued tightening in property listing inventory. The Maine Listings Service, a subsidiary of the Maine Association of REALTORS compiles the actively sold and listed data MLS input from its 4100 members.

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