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Maine Town Spotlight | Monticello ME, Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight |  Monticello ME, Aroostook County

Monticello Maine, a town located north of Houlton and bordered on the east by the province of New Brunswick, Canada. 

This blog post is part of a series on spot lighting Maine towns. The population of Monticello Maine last head count from the US Census in 2010 was 790.

Same as ten year prior. Pretty stable town.

Like most Aroostook County townships, the shape is a square six by six miles.

To the north of Monticello Maine is Bridgewater. The unorganized township of Township C Range 2, on the west. At the door, the gateway to the Northern Maine wilderness.

A handful of sporting, woods recreational camps on the Meduxnekeag River that wanders through Monticello provides all kinds, lots of four season fun options.

Harvey Siding is a popular spot for a four season recreational camp location.

Where your only neighbors are quiet, four legged, furry. One of many private spots that serve as a low cost place to jump off, explore. From on back a snow sled, riding perched on an ATV or sliding, gliding on cross country skis, hiking. Hoofing it. To head west to Baxter State Park. Further north up Rt 11 into the St Croix Lake region, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. And other natural attractions unspoiled by man. An ideal place with space to unplug, recharge. Hear yourself think.

 Monticello Maine has a friendly village setting complete with a corner country grocery, post office, repair shop, churches, a small elementary school.

The educational facility, the school in Monticello is called  the Wellington School. There is a radio station, WBCQ in Monticello, Maine. It is located on the East Road, also known as the Britton Road near the Canadian border Wellington School Monticello Maine Photocrossing.

To go into the province of New Brunswick Canada from Monticello, there is a port of entry located at the end of the Fletcher Road.

Monticello Maine has a town office, Ginger Pryor is the small, friendly municipality’s manager. There is a volunteer fire department in Monticello Maine, a recreational ball field behind it too.

Potato and grain farmers, wood harvesting operators are a big part of the landscape in Monticello, Maine.

Rolling, fertile fields to farm, mixed timber expansive  wood lots to manage and selectively cut, harvest. These are two big employers in the local labor base job source pool. Monticello Maine has Conroy Lake and part of Ross Lake in this township. So are Rideout, Jewell, Gentle and Alerton Lakes.

All Monticello Maine lakes small size and hidden, protected, secluded like most waterbodies in Northern Maine’s Monticello Maine Town Office PhotoAroostook County. Best kept secrets. SSSssshhhhh. Dead Stream is also well known for fly fishing fun and passes through Monticello Maine.

Fish for your supper. There is nothing fresher right? Don’t waste the magic of sunset and think like a fish to catch them.

The snow sled club that grooms, maintains the trails is the Meduxnekeag Ramblers. And located in the town bordered to the south of Monticello called Littleton Maine.

There is a camp ground, Wilderness Pines on Conroy Lake in a beautiful pine plantation.

It is currently owned by the Maliseet Band of Native Americans. Geared for low key family fun, camping.

Here are more places to stay in the Houlton Maine area.

Monticello Maine is part of Aroostook County, the state’s largest of sixteen counties.

The Shiretown of Aroostook County, or county seat is Houlton Maine two towns to the south. And at the entrance, beginning of Interstate 95, connection to the Trans Canada highway. Monticello Maine’s main artery is US Rt 1 that 95% of the traffic heading north through “The County” takes to get to central, and the northern St John River Valley regions. Monticello Maine Firedepartment Photo

Monticello Maine a variety of churches, a grange hall that was much more active in earlier years when more farmers populated the township.

Russell Rock on the Meduxnekeag River is a favorite area to visit on hot summer days.

The giant hill to the north ideal for a fast sliding ride. No motor, just gravity. And often you see it populated, hear the laughter on a clear winter day. Over the years the Monticello Fish And Game Club has been very active to preserve the fun and respect, tradition of outdoor fishing and hunting.

Tramping the woods, casting the fish hook and to be good stewards of the land and water. That’s Maine where it is “tread lightly” and “carry in, carry out” to not disturb.

If you hunt, get a deer, moose, bear, other game that you want processed, Monticello has an state approved facility owned by Meredith Folsom. Or for that beef, half a cow sliced and diced, portion wrapped to match your family size.

The Monticello weather cam shows 20 inches of snow this day after Christmas blog posting date.

More on local Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County area weather

The State Of Maine Police Troop F, with help from Monticello Maine Town Sign Photothe Aroostook County Sheriff’s Patrol serve the public safety needs in Monticello Maine. Lots of US Border Patrol back up too if needed with boundary protection a number one priority.

Houlton Regional Hopsital, 15 miles to the south is the health care facility treated sickness, injuries and accidents in Monticello Maine. Presque Isle Maine with a shopping mall, university, airport is to the north twenty nine miles.

Snow skiing, snow boarding, tubing downhill at Big Rock at Mars Hill Mountain is handy too. Just to the north a short distance, roughly 18 miles depending on where you start from in Monticello as you set out for low cost, memorable family fun.

Feel free to let us know details that should have made the blog post but were painfully missing in this Aroostook County town run down.

Check back as more information is added to the spotlight town blog post on Monticello Maine.

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