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Maine Signs You Don’t See, That Are Ugly.

Maine Signs You Don’t See, That Are Ugly.

Signs in Maine, not so many.

Especially billboard signs… there are none because Maine is a billboard free state, zone. In 1979 a ban on outdoor billboard advertising kicked in to gear.

Maine is one of four states that outlaws the billboard highway form of drive-in screen size outdoor advertising.

Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii are also on the list of billboard free clutter, roadside distractions.

No trespassing signs, land in Maine that is posted is not so common either where I live in Aroostook County. No need as we are far enough up the pike, Interstate 95 so the number of travelers new to the area thin out. We have 11 people per square mile and respect other people’s property.

It’s like Disney Land without the people in line at all the rides.

Yes, we are spoiled in Maine.

Some have argued hell is right here on earth. And further elaborate that “other Maine No Trespassing Signspeople” are hell. Or can be.

If you are looking for less people, not wanting to bother anyone or be in their way, causing frustration, Maine is your destination. 

Set the GPS coordinates, dial in “Vacationland” on your Garmin.

Less people, more outdoor natural unspoiled beauty is the definition of Maine. Pure and simple. No bumping in to someone and causing a fuss, commotion, hassle, hub bub. But if you lived on a postage stamp lot that is measured in inches rather than acres like we do in Maine, suddenly signage comes in to play. To spell out what is yours, what is not.

Posted by the book, in vivid living color for all to see that this land is your land. Period. No one elses. So anyone else neighboring it better mind their “P’s” and “Q’s”. Stay on their side of the property line. The Maine FAQ section of land owners rights spells out the procedure, mechanics of posting your land for no trespassing.

Signs – Can be placed no further than 100 feet apart.

Paint Marks – Two silver colored, horizontal paint marks posted no greater than 100 feet apart now means “Access by Permission Only”. Each horizontal paint mark must be a minimum of 2 inches high and at least as long as the width of the object it is placed on, but need not be more than 8 inches long. Horizontal lines must be painted on the side of the tree, rock, post, or other object that is visible to a person approaching the restricted property and must be painted within an area 3 feet to 6 feet above ground level.

Posting may also be done in “a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of the intruder”.  I again do not come in contact with very many no trespassing signs in our travels, job in the willy wags of rural Maine. But did see one posting with an ironic twist of humor. Simply stated. No mincing over lots of words.

“No Trespassing. Survivors Will Be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law Possible.” 

The “survivors” part has to make you wonder what you are missing before setting foot, four wheeling or snowsledding across their property in Maine.

I have had Maine land buyers purchase property and after the real estate closing ask me where the nearest hardware store is. I tell them don’t do it. Don’t need to post your land in Maine with no trespassing glow in the dark signs. If they do post, it is because back where they come from out of state, folks sue for a living. It is a game, sport. You have to protect, defend yourself from these pirates. Maine is not like that.

And those no trespassing, keep out signs that do go up, come down within the year. The Maine  farmer down the road who helped pull them out of ditch, when they were stuck on their land lets them know in a friendly way that they are ugly. Not needed here. And points out there are none on his farm where he allows the snowsled ITS and four wheeler trail user to share his land. Return the favor.

Land use in Maine is a privledge, not a right. So respect it. Tread lightly, stay on the marked trail plus to not be a litter bug. Carry in, carry out. Pick up after yourself. Maine, your black and white thinking turns to in full living color dreaming when you own some of ME.

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