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Maine Real Estate Buyers Guide

The decision is final, you're moving, relocating, retiring toGet Moving To Maine, Down Hill Easy Here In Vacationland Maine.

Good decision, excellent pick.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime state, 46th lowest FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession) for a reason.

But you have questions, burning ones that need addressing because Maine is an entirely new turf to explore, discover.

To see how they do it here when you are pretty well versed on the process where you now live outside of Maine. Be prepared for lots to be not what you are custom too. 

You'll loves all Maine offers and just as importantly will be tickled pink about all that we don't have here. Because the wall to wall of folks that cause all the layers of paperwork to herd, to regulate and permit is gone. 

Getting a Maine driver's license changed over, registering to vote are just two we get asked, that pop up in conversation.  We produced a simple, quick Maine FAQ video to help clear the clouds, clear up the unknowns, a few myths too.

 Climate, low crime, low property prices are big reasons to consider Maine. The state up here in the right hand corner. Almost in Canada. But so are the down to earth people that are family, community minded.

Hardworking, willing to help, friendly. But the critics within your family, circle of friends can be harsh when you announce you are moving, relocating to Maine. They've never been fishing in maine photo

If you switch the dialogue about the move, relocation, retirement to Maine to just one flashing photo at a time to explain why you are doing it, the results can be better, quicker, easier for those around you.

If you buy Maine real estate on the waterfront, shortland zoning regulations are part of the protection of our state's natural resources.

Other topics, issues need covering when purchasing Maine real estate for relocation, retirement, investment too.

So before settling in our the property listings in your price range, the nuts and bolts on how Maine is run is important to become well versed in, familiar with and we are here to help. Anyway possible so don't hold back.

You would do the same for me if I was pumping you with questions about where you now live right? Put me to work. Learn about Maine.

Follow our MeInMaine Blog posts. Browse Our Maine Property Listings.  Watch our Maine Local Community Videos.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Maine Has Over 2500 Lakes, Ponds.
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