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Maine Land, Plant Tree Farm!

You are toying with buying some Maine land, but too much of it is open for your liking, what to do?

Maine tree plantations are one excellent use for the excess land that will only growMaine Tree Plantation up to brush if you do not hay it, bush hog it or find some way to keep the vegetation down.

To avoid the golden rod, brush, weeds taking over the Maine land.  

And pasturing horses, cows, small animals not in the cards either to graze the Maine land ?  

Call the local USDA Maine soil and water conservation people nearest you.

I grew up on a Maine farm and my Dad was chairman of the Southern Aroostook Soil and Water Conservation here in the Houlton Maine office. On our Maine farm lots of cost sharing programs like tree plantations were utilized. In fact one farm pond that was put in that served as an excellent water source in case of a neighborhood fire in the country was paid for with matching funds from the USDA.

If you are thinking commercial Christmas tree farming, forget thinking Uncle Sam is going to open up his wallet wide.

And spring for the lion's share of taxpayer generated funding. Not going to happen. But touch bases, utilize the expertise the USDA soil and water conservation people have to offer you.

The folks at NRCS that are knowledgeable in all the programs, funding that is available are glad to meet with you, to walk the Maine land.

The chances to get any or more help with funding that is available for tree plantations, other land development increases if your project stablizes the soil. Stops erosion or non source point pollution of run off. Water racing through the steep slope of the land that picks up soil particles and that might end up depositing them in a river, lake, pond, stream.  

The idea is to be a good steward for the Maine land. To respect it. Know it is a privledge to own Maine land. And the thought should be you are planning to leave this Maine land, give it to your kids, the next careful owner in as good or hopefully better condition. That is kind of respect for a natural resource, Mother Earth is what Maine land deserves to preserve, protect it from harm.

Wanting to own a piece of Maine land?

Watch, listen and "walk on line" with Maine land videos.

Think like a Maine fish. If they could talk they would say please, no erosion, dirt that chokes our abiltity to breathe underwater. Maine, big, beautiful, natural and unspoiled. Let's keep it that way. Follow our Me In Maine Blog posts.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018