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Maine Home Cellar Has Mold? Oh Oh.

Maine Home Cellar Has Mold? Oh Oh.

The Maine home with the wet, leaking basement has you concerned about is there mold growing?

Is there a health issue for the loved ones, yourself if you decide to buy this Maine home?

The older rock foundations Maine farm home cellars are famous for, usually built with dirt floors.

Where any Maine land ground water disappears quickly.

The spring thaw in Maine run off because the land is still frost frozen in places. Means maybe a water problem for only a few days. Something a cellar drain or casual use of an electric pump takes care of if anything more than a trickle that will not dissipate on its own.

But hopefully no commercial sub pumps needed. Not running around the clock, 24 -7 and dimming the lights everytime they kick on. Go in to action. No “every time it rains for a day wondering” what is going on in your Maine home cellar. Wet basements, with year round water coming in through a bulk head hatch, around a lower than the outside terrain cellar window or foundation crack can be remedied.

The bubbling, oozing out of the floor kind of flowage that is not tied to spring ground water run off is not so much fun.

More serious and could be the source of continuous mold. The sign of a water spring hit when the cellar hole was carved out. But how DO you test for mold to be sure if not visible, black or otherwise if it is at your home? Fixing basement water issues will help but…..

 Tighter homes insulation wrapped to save on the high cost of fuel to heat them can add to the problem. Those old Maine farm homes we mentioned earlier are pretty “loose as a goose” around the rock and mortar. So less of an incubator for mold with a breeze, moving air flowing through the old home.

Youtube-ButtonBut if you want to use the Maine home cellar, to finish it off, the moisture of any kind, mold or not is another issue.

A big no no.   

Even if you and the kids are good swimmers. Finished work on the walls and floors would be ruined with the moisture damage.

You may need drainage tiles, gutters, landscaping, half moon circles outside with soil level build up protecting casement windows.  Or to climb on a back hoe to dig dig dig to take on the water problem.

Here is Uncle Sam’s mold and what to do about it information propaganda. Buying a new Maine home or simply suspecting that mold may be a problem in your current house? You can have your home tested by a reputable laboratory. 

The cost of a mold test can range from $500 – $1,500 for a simple airborne spore check. And the mold tests usually come back positive. Why? Mold is all around us, numerous varieties floating in our air. Not posing physical threat to most of us except the most sensitive with allergies, breathing difficulties.

All make the Hardy Boy Adventure of identification of the few certain dangerous molds in your Maine home hard, challenging.  Before you tackle the mold though, the water infilitration to your home is the first line of attack. Because in 48 hours, with enough water and right conditions, mold, like Arnold warns, promises “will be back”.

Read what the state of Maine has to say about getting rid of pesky mold spores. Mold needs moisture, food and affects those with allergies, respiratory problems most. Watch the This Old Home Mold 101 Video.

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