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Land In Maine For Sale, How To Manage Your Woodlot.

Land In Maine For Sale, How To Manage Your Woodlot.

Being a good steward of your Maine land, the woodlot that is like tree farming.

Where you the owner want to maximize the return, the growth and to remove any restrictions that hurt the wood production. Of the stands that populate your Maine woodlot.

Treating the timber on the Maine land with respect and passing along the ownership to another family member is part of the good stewardship.

So is working hard to protect the Maine land from soil erosion.

Where soil is washed away and into precious natural resources that hurt fish, damage the quality of a water resource Maine is famous for and proud to protect. 

So your woodlot, when it is time to timber it, harvest the over story and to weed out the too congested or mature trees, careful and easy does it is the order of the day. The simple tractor you use around a Maine farmstead and it’s assortment of chains can be a start.

So when twitching the downed tree and dragging it to the yard to process the limbs, ready it for loading on a truck or trailer, other smaller trees are not destroyed or damaged in the process of cutting the Maine woodlot. 

The private Maine land woodlot owner has the time and pride to take the steps to carefully remove the timber that a forestry report outlines as time to harvest. More on the Maine tree growth program.

The Maine woodlot is not just a place to visit in late summer to gather firewood from hardwoods ridges. To be a season ahead of the heating a Maine home. So seasoned wood from the Maine land is dried, cut to match the length of a woodstove in the kitchen, down in the cellar. 

 Recreational value from the grooming, weeding and thinning of the Maine woodlot, the land that harbors so much teaming wildlife and microorganisms that is more than just an investment of money to cut for a return on the almighty dollar.

Yes timber cuts can add dollars to the family budget through careful control timber harvests.cowlonghairmainefarmland

But the Maine land that is left after the cutting operation.

How the property is cut, how the Maine land is treated needs to be linked to tried and tested methods.

To maximize the growth, but to avoid damaging the watershed that gets the drainage from the working the Maine land with mechanical devices. 

Obviously a horse cut Maine woodlot is slow, tedious but a beautiful thing to behold. Because the large Percheron or Clydesdale or whatever breed work horse moves slowly, methodically as they back up, hook onto a twitch of long length downed timber.

And from training reverse direction when the dragged bundle of Maine wood fetches up against a stump or a rock or piece of ledge outcropping on the Maine land.

And traverse at a new angle to get around the obstacle without the force of a diesel that has too much power and the operation is driven by just completing the timber harvest of the Maine land just as quickly as possible.

To go on to the next Maine woodlot to cut, haul to market and to pay the overhead of the equipment payments, the salaries, insurance bills, the property taxes to run the small Maine communities. In Maine that is 91 percent wooded, it is increasingly hard to find wooded Maine land that has not been overcut or recently timbered that just needs a rest.lupinesinmainephoto

A span of fifteen years or more combined with the right market price for the wood harvest from the timber on the Maine land. 

The amateur Maine farm owner who taps into the harvesting element of woodlot management is a wise land owner.

A lucky property steward that manages the resources and keeps the balance of a healthy woodlot, farm soil with the right amendments to be highly productive and protected for the future seasons. That are critical to sustain the agriculture, the wood lot health of a Maine farmstead. 

Timber harvesting like farming means long hours, good healthy physical work and the ability to look back at the end of the day and see what you have accomplished.

Timber harvesting means high speed cutting machines and not hand saws or pot auger day approaches to harvesting the wooded land, working the farm fields and pasture land too. 

A light weight 30 to 35cc machine will do a fine job and sleep without a back ache will happen because of the many hours holding, guiding a cutting blade of a chain saw or rotary device to fell and trim trees. 

I have a Super M Farmall tractor that came off the assembly line in 1953, that is older than me and part of my childhood. I have since recently bought a 656 International tractor that has a few more horsepower. That can work to shape the farmland, pulling various devices to make the land productive. To keep it maintained and sustainable.mainelakelandphoto

I remember horses cutting the wooded sections of a 300 acre family Maine farm that I purchased from my three older brothers.

That had their hovels, that at the end of the day, during dusk would with a cluck of the handlers mouth, the gentle urging with a harness leather strip on the backside of the large powerful beast would cause it to head to the nightly temporary shelter.

On it’s own in a pair which impressed  me at a youngster under ten observing the slow prodding without man guiding the beasts. The attraction, promise of a can of oats, grains, mollasses, and corn along with as much clean cold clear water as the workhorses needed was more than enough. 

Carefullly cut woodlots assure that future harvests of the Maine land will happen down the road.

The trails made to twitch out the trees removed from the Maine woodlot can be excellent walking paths or used for low or no impact recreational machines like a snow sled or ATV four wheeler that both have easy does it, tread lightly operators. That simple want to explore and discover the beauty of Maine wooded, scenic land that covered the state dubbed Vacationland.

The fresh air, clean water, long views that help a person detach, let go and refresh, recharge is what Maine is all about and why so popular. Camping out, cooking on an open fire, hunting and fishing and hiking are real experiences, not store bought artificial amusement options.

Treating the Maine wooded lands as special as the farm tillable and pasture acreages is just a given as a sacred approach to managing, enjoying, staying on the Maine family farm land and woodlot. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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