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Hunting, Fishing In Aroostook County Maine

Hunting, Fishing In Aroostook County Maine

Hunting and fishing in Aroostook County, Northern Maine can have lots of meanings.

You could go in lots of directions under that category heading for a Maine blog post title. Because it all depends on what you are hunting, fishing for in your roaming. Over  the hills, dales, waterfront options in the largest of Maine’s sixteen counties.

The term hunting in Maine used to mean just game birds, black bear, white tail deer and large pretty docile moose.

You had your trappers, folks that shot with a camera.

And were more after the telephoto sniping of bald eagles, rare Maine birds.

Maybe a Maine lake loon. There are three kinds in Vacationland.

When someone means fishing for something in Maine swimming, living underwater, breathing through gills, here come the questions.

Brace yourself to further define do you mean fly fishing in Maine for brook trout?

Or off the Maine coast wetting the higher poundage test line for the tug from a mackerel or blue fish? Dropping pots with colorful buoy markers double parked, floating overhead for Maine lobsters?

Picking up a rake, hoe for digging fresh steamers from a clam flat along the coastal regions of Maine?

Back to Aroostook County as the focus to zero in on with this Maine fishing and hunting blog post the tell me the reader more.

Aroostook County is blessed with too many to count lakes, ponds, rivers, brooks.

All natural, all clean because we are a ways up the pike. Not going to see thousands on the highway daily cruising north with their fishing rods, lures, kreels.

maine deer photoOr carrying a high powered scope just bought or the family heirloom fire power.

The new rifle, ammo, gear picked up at a turnpike sporting goods store, LL Bean on the way up. 

To use to tramp through the North Maine woods hunting on vacation.

All out of state Maine  licensed, nice and legal like.

To be legit, keep from being fined. The fees used to protect, regulate, perpetuate all the outdoor sports.

For the hunting in Maine sport of choice, whatever season.

Toting animal urine scents, wearing camo, using calls to play wildlife hide and seek. In the woods. Or out on the open water, iced over lakes of Maine.

Maine’s top three biggest lake, East Grand is in Aroostook County.

East Grand Lake in parts of Washington County and Canada’s provincial county too. Cold water anglers that like salmon, trout should experience the waters flowing in the St John River, other tributaries too. Offering the only wild muskie fishery in the Eastern United States.

Land in Maine for fishing, hunting is low cost. After a few season stays at local outfitters, sporting camps, motels, camp ground you may decide I want, need my own property listing.

To camp at, enjoy four seasons. On those week vacations, long holiday weekends run away to Maine outings for memory making.Or to rent out the excess weeks. Because this just in, no secret that others are hungry, itching too. To do the hunting, fishing in Maine at their low cost property. Other sports that all happen at the simple HQ for the natural remedy RX.

Maine snow and ice come early, stays late in Aroostook County, the northern Crown of the Pine Tree State called Vacationland.

So ice fishing is big in Aroostook County. The tending the five traps the Jiffy ice auger maine yacht for fishing photoyou got from Santa at Christmas made is also a social sport.

So is Maine snow sledding.

Both are done over, across Drews Lake, that is one example of an Aroostook County waterfront fun spot option.

The small woods camp in Maine that is simple, rustic. Is also a place to unplug and recharge so easily.

To use any of the four seasons with family and friends. And to meet the local down to Earth folks who live and share the open agricultural and Maine wooded land for hunting, fishing.

More information on lakes in Northern Maine. Less people means clean, quiet, more uninterrupted views and solitude. Development of Southern Maine lakes has hurt the water quality for the fish, wildlife. Too many people and too little respect for the natural surroundings. Northern Maine lakes don’t have milfoil.

Wild turkeys, abundant water foul, elusive Maine black bear and moose are ducks in maine photowaiting to meet and greet you in Aroostook County too.

The slow, lumbering Maine moose can weigh in at 1000 pounds, with racks over 60 inches.

The Maine moose hunting each fall is a split season.

With licenses available from the State of Maine Fish and Game people on a permit only basis.

The Maine moose lottery takes place each spring. And it is a big deal if your name is drawn from the hat, publish in the Maine newspapers and online for your friends, neighbors, family members to see who is hunting moose in Maine this fall.

More from the Maine Fish and Game licensing department to keep it legal. Know all about hunting, fishing permits, regulations, rules of the land.

Don’t be a stranger. You’re invited, have a standing invitation to come see us, visit. Hunting, fishing in Aroostook County Maine, whatever the outdoor fun is just part of what you are missing when you stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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