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How To Waste Lots Of Time Listing, Selling Real Estate.

How To Waste Lots Of Time Listing, Selling Real Estate.

How to waste a lot more time in listing, selling Maine real estate properties.

The opposite of what you strive to do but it can happen anyway. Unless lots of thought, careful planning is part of your every day moving, grooving in peddling real estate listings.

For starters, real estate is a business.

Built on the same set of principles as the other commercial enterprises all around you.

Just what you sell is a service, not a product. And customer service, the “can I help you” with a smile applies.

And you better really mean it if you say it. All the time. Make a profit, keep your doors open. The boat afloat. Don’t you won’t. Simple. Cut and dry reality in the realty world. Sink or swim.

The number one way to waste more time in the real estate day starts and ends by just not asking questions.

The right ones. Taking, spending a little time upfront. To avoid frittering away boatloads of hour glass sand later. Making everyone upside down as the one who guides this listing from rough, raging open seas safely into calm harbor closings. Suppose to know how to hokey pokey to keep everyone in the boat.

Asking very good questions, and mentally collecting, or actually writing down the answers. That for every real estate buyer and seller are not the same identical sets of each.


Because their needs, expectations and financial situation dictates the direction the real estate buy and sell process should go.

Or falls flat. So early on, what can I do to help you? Is really after weighing all the facts and  can I, how? boy and leaking boot photo

In the case of the sell of a property listing, what are we about to market for real estate?

So like a doctor, the treatment that works best based on experience with this kind of situation gets prescribed, put into motion.

The next most time wasting situation a real estate agent, broker, REALTOR can rack up lots of lost money and man hours  involves the wrong price tag.

What the figure is on the one hanging off the property listing. After collecting deeds, plat maps, eyeballing and collecting all the facts and figures about the property, any structures on it. Sizing up the good, bad, the ugly. 

Upon wrapping up the tour of the real estate to be marketed. Then factoring in the heart to heart talk about what the property has for issues, what the seller’s situation is, all the hopes, dreams discussed.

If what the real estate property is actually worth. No matter what type of listing, and it does not match the selling price the owner demands to have or forget it.

Then hold the presses, stop the show. Tell the marketing band to take five. Go on  break. Or pack up and head back to the real estate office.flatline scope photo

You can not as the real estate professional help this property seller.

Put away the paddles. Wrap up the wires, wheel the cart away.

If his or her real estate listing is overpriced, it is not going to sell. Not going to make it to the closing alive.

Banks send up the flare over property listings needing appraisals. The appraiser that lands the job comes up with the value. The one you did too at the kitchen table during the listing process.

That means the seller that’s gotta have this amount or forget it. Just killed the sale.

But hello. He told you this would happen. Did not believe him? Thought he was bluffing, would become weak in the knees and cave in, come down? He did not.

But the property owner warned you, told you upfront what he expects or else. Or else just happened. And you took the overpriced listing anyway so it should not be a surprise.

And all that advertising expense, the waste of time with all these buyers, late nights and weekends. Neglecting both you should have put on your other neglected property listings. 

All down the drain. And you did not help the seller by agreeing to a figure you knew would not happen. maine lake photo

The seller will try to convince the agent, broker, REALTOR a buyer will come up with a wheelbarrow of money.

Just spend more time, dig deeper, you can do it to find one at the end of the day. Not needing a bank loan.

People with money have brains attached, fully functioning that saved it.

It is why they have some collected cash stashed, not thrown into the wind. They don’t let go of the cash easily unless equal or greater real value is received from the other end of the exchange.

The next biggest time waster in selling real estate is buyers who are not ready to purchase.

Want to, may need to, but just no way, no how it is going to happen today. Or even tomorrow, some maybe not next year or ever. Wanting something is not enough. I agree with the where there is a will there is a way motivation.

But on the biggest ticket item most ever pull off buying, the stakes are way way higher with real estate properties.

Than Jimmy just all fired up excited. Wanting a new bike, getting a bigger paper route. Or kiss both sides photoSuzy babysitting more on weekends to squirrel away the funds to pull off the small toy purchase.

But after again listening to the expectations, the wallet or purse tied to the decision making, if the connection is poor, the real estate sale is not going to happen.

Here’s your sign.

It can be a lost cause. Listening, writing down the obstacles, discussing them with the buyer.

Start there and save everyone time from that point on. With this come together or not?  After all the courting and sparking, marketing? What are the chances Mr or Mrs, Miss, Ms Real Estate Professional in the property matchmaking of the perfect listing for the right ready, willing and able buyer?

If the buyer has no credit, bad numbers, no job, is in the middle of a divorce or wanted by the law, etc. those are major red flags. All a kiss of death, say goodbye nicely.

Not judging or ridiculing the buyer. But can you actually help them? You want to, but can you? The pre-approval process for a bank loan if a mortgage needed is critical to get done upfront. Before running all over creation, wearing out three sets of tires. Guzzling all that gas and time spent out of the office missing calls, emails. Driving to every property listing currently available in the area. For a vist, the in and out show and tell.

You save the buyer, seller, yourself time as the real estate professional by knowing what the mission is from the get go. Is it impossible or not?

And then sharing the information, not keeping the expectations that are realistic for the situation a secret. You are not helping anyone tight lipped about what your gut says. Don’t worry about hurting feelings just telling the truth everyone in the room, listing, sale needs to hear.

That Mr. Seller I can not help you because the property price you want is way out of current market value. Mr. Buyer, the denial for a bank loan pre-approval, the lack of cash, having to sell your other property first, no bridge loan option, etc all keep you from buying today.

Browse the website listings, watch our property videos.

But timing is just off for purchasing real estate now. Not buying today unless a winning videos mooersrealty logolottery ticket shows up. Some long lost relative with lots of money dies and remembers you in the will. With a drive through quick probate attorney, court system process to free up the inheritance ching ching.

All about timing, timing, timing in the say it three times location expression.

Or some miracle happening to make you ready, willing and able to buy real estate today with a match of a property owner in the same position.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]   | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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