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How Leased Land, Recreational Property Listings Work.

How Leased Land, Recreational Property Listings Work.

Leased land in Maine, for properties for sale in the middle of nowhere.

The concept of leased land can at first come off unsettling. Like what kind of racket is that?

Where you pay a yearly lease, with lots of stipulations and like “renting a space” enjoy the great four season outdoors of Maine.

But in a coin operated, put in the dollars in the slot on top. To buy time.

If someone had never been in a condo, knew nothing about the concept of what condominium living is all about.

That explanation could hit you the same weird way. “What do you mean I own from the outside walls in and have to work together with the condo association?”. Paying this, that fee and being part of a condo association.

Well, for starters to be in the outpost of the vast north Maine woods, you are not going to own the acre of land parked next to that crystal clean lake.

As the owner of thousands of acres of timber Maine land, you would not want to sell off small lots and lose control of the pristine surroundings.

You would want to police and protect what happens with your land acreage that is a cookie jar of timber for your mills.

Or an investment carried on through family land trusts and managed by foresters. Who want to maximize the lumber, pulp, whatever is harvested off the Maine wood lot acreages.

But the income to offset property taxes. That is one reason the share the land in Maine, the leasing out of the property locations happens.And if you consider the place built on leased land in accordance with shoreland zoining in Maine, is a simple cabin or cottage.

With the investment of time and a little money joining forces with other family members, sporting buddies. lake mist photo

This low cost way to enjoy.

Leasing one huge unspoiiled area of Maine timber land is a very afforable, yes cheap vacation option.

Bring your tent or camper to set up on the Maine leased land.

You pay for the spot but get to roam the entire “Disneyland” around the leased lot.

The lease for the Maine hunting camp used to be peanuts. $75 dollars, $150 annual lease fees were the norm. But as property taxes for the land increased, the cost to pay them got transferred to the lease holder.

When you build a hunting camp on leased land, your taxes are small and just on the personal property. The improvements that you have to think if you ever stop leasing, can you haul them way or kiss them good bye?maine lake photo

The option to buy the leased Maine land location you have improved is always out there.

But is the timing right, the cost too high for your budget?

Keep all that in mind as you make it a modest structure that you may want to stop leasing the land under it.

We sell lots of low cost, cheap, junk Maine land that is just for the location. Not for anything else but a little money invested location to use on vacations in Maine. Anytime sneaking away, a break in the action on the other end of a busy urban setting causes the need for pressure release.maine potato fields land photo

Some rest and relaxation without needing to second mortgage the home or sell a duplicate organ to pull off. 

The purchase of the Maine land.

So leased land where you can not run a commercial enterprise, won’t live year round but just using the spot for vacations.

Around the favorite pursuits of hunting, fishing, hiking, cross country skiing, ATV four wheeling and snow sledding. For little money for the lease low cost approach to easing into exploring Maine can fit the bill nicely.

Until you spring board into owning a few acres of Maine land near that unorganized township this, range that section of Maine. Which we have lots of in low populated acres of Maine land holdings in many of the sixteen counties in the state that have just land, wildlife, not so many people.

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