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How House Sellers Hurt A Maine Home For Sale Process.

How House Sellers Hurt A Maine Home For Sale Process.

The decision to sell a Maine home, it has been made and now what?

Rely on the real estate professional to guide the process and spell out the procedure  steps one by one. What happens and why. What to expect and when. Otherwise trying to figure all that out on your own Mr Home seller is going to be a very costly in time and dollars mistake.

Often you know enough about something to be dangerous but because it is not your job day in and out.

Like most things in life, more complicated than it appears happens.

Or go unnoticed until you realize why they are so important in a Maine home sale.

So what a real estate Maine home seller thinks will help a sale can actually work to hurt it.

Because behind the scenes there is a procedure to follow and for good reason. Custom made for the particular Maine home sale where no two are quite exactly the same. There is a lot going on in any Maine home for sale list, market sale. And ever changing along the way from listing to closing.

Read more on things, what can go wrong in listing, selling a Maine home, real estate.

And more on what buyers of Maine real estate do that can trip up the journey to the property listing closing. Five mistakes Maine home buyers make that can be avoided with lots of disccusion, plenty of communication back and forth.

It helps to make believe the home in Maine for sale is your very own as the agent, broker, REALTOR..

Understanding the projects on your own place, the housing dreams you want to see completed are quite similiar to the ones the new Maine home seller does too.

 If for years you had thought about opening up that kitchen walll into the pantry, the desire to wrap up that project can intensify when the listing of the home time rolls around.

Same with the rug and how nice installing some granite or slate tile would look where it used to be.

The home owner has been itching to pull off the home improvement caper for their own pleasure for years. Stop them if the expenditure will not translate well into helping the sale or it hurts the profit amount or a sale of the Maine home happening at all.

But we have to remind the Maine home seller that you are listing to sell your home, that often the plan to make the place more enjoyable for the current owner is not going to make the leap successfully to the next house buyer. log cabin in maine photo

Who does not feel the same way and moves on to a place that has not had the extra attention that the seller is so sure will help a house sale to happen quicker and for top dollar.

Or the extra money poured into the project is going to lead to pricing the property right out of the market of buyers who would buy, could get a mortgage loan appraiser to give the nod of approval at the present value.

But not if everything is ignored and the project is done anyway. All because the seller of the Maine home considers the project completion as a big aid in the property listing sale. When the market shows the opposite if one by one other Maine home listings and sales are studied closely.

The delay getting the Maine home on the market and missing a shortage of this type of place or the spring listing period hurts too because those pesky projects on the house delay entry onto the MLS.

So any time a Maine home seller gives a long list of what they feel is needed to sell the place we carefullly let them know about the list of improvements. To point out that this, this and this in a small rural market are not going to be the best course of action.

And just because this particular seller thinks a Maine home buyer would go ga ga over the list, often the opposite happens.

We hear in in the real estate trenchs and know what sells and why and what does not and how come.

Tell the Maine home seller up front what to do or to avoid and why. And explain if the price tag gets too high, the property listing will sit. Shelf life will happen and all the over priced Maine home is going to do is help sell other places. Because it makes them look more valuable or at least in tune with the current market and buyers looking for a house for sale in it.

We start by listening, then suggesting a strategy to approach the Maine home for sale plan of attack. And if the seller does not agree and is bent on pouring money into projects that they insist to be rewarded for in a higher than should be expected final sale price for the Maine home, we have to bow out and thank them for their time. maine home photo

We can not help them and by not taking the house listing we are helping not hurting the Maine home seller in the long run.

Wasting a year on the market and then re-listing one by one with every other flavor of real estate brokerage in the local Maine area just puts the seller’s life on hold.

And wastes lots of dollars in marketing something going round and round on the Maine home for sale carousel of the MLS current inventory. That won’t pass muster through a bank appraisal process or that triggers a buyer who could spring for the Maine home for sale for cash but that picks a different place for less money.

Or decides for that kind of money, maybe put his own building on a vacant, blank canvass piece of land to get what they want in the long run for a Maine home.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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