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House Meth Lab Cooking, Leaking Heating Oil Fuel Tanks, Mold In Maine Homes For Sale.

House Meth Lab Cooking, Leaking Heating Oil Fuel Tanks, Mold In Maine Homes For Sale.


Maine houses for sale get sold or not for a huge variety of reasons.

Why do homes in Maine get to the honest to goodness real estate closing or not depends on more than just a healthy, priced right inventory of property listings. Not just controlled by the economic principle of simple supply and demand.houlton maine homes under a moon photo

There are darker, more sinister elements of the the housing real estate market that impact property sales.

That can make some properties ones with ten foot pole marks all over them. To linger, to be avoided like the plague. Because of the cost to clean up a property for sale, a home with a meth lab listing.

Or a real estate property for sale with a leaking home heating oil fuel tank. One  that has lots of black mold and other varieties of the dangerous culture growing inside the walls of the Maine home.

Affecting the value, the usability and make it unhealthy for family and friends that visit inside the Maine home’s four walls.

That spend time walking the floors, under the roof line.

They say anything can be fixed with enough money. Except for broken hearts. Or homes with a reputation that leaves the home buying audience thinking there is a still an issue.

Haunted homes for sale in Maine are not blue light specials either. Unless you are book writer Stephen King looking for a new house setting for a screen play from his latest horror novel

It is like the roof that leaked and caused a house ceiling stain. Even when the buyer can see a brand new roof has been installed, that it is not wet, only a one or two time tea colored discoloration, no sir. maine winds make homes harder to heat photo

Whispers start with head lowered like their voices. Discussing the latest Maine home property tour findings.

The direction the wind blows changes drastically.

Back and forth to each other the buzz is about “roof leaks, bet it still does, let’s get out of here” and the shuffle. Here it comes.

The not so in love with the place spell is broken. Like someone dropped and broke a mirror or a black cat crossed your path. Property back peddling begins.

Worried about real estate damage they can not see that is an instinctive sucker punch in the gut.

In the case of the roof, fix it, put kiltz on the stain and paint that ceiling. Not to hide a problem but to do the cosmetics from the issue now fixed. Out of site, out of mind. The flashing around the chimney leak, new roof covering in place and done right. So tidy up that inside loose end Mr and Mrs / Ms / Miss Home Owner.

But with a meth lab, the cooking in a house process, it is not that easy to rectify.

Even when the white space suit professionals scrub down the home and do everything right by the book for clean up procedures. The process of buying a home is emotional. And the house buyer about to pull the trigger. To do the biggest purchase most are lucky enough to make in their life time ever.

The thought of seeing the yellow police tape around the house on the nightly news seers into their brains.

“We’ll never be able to sell this place down the road” also pops into the space between the ears, behind the eyes. Something illegal happened here is one powerful mental shout sharp as glass that says “Run. Don’t buy this one.”

How do you know a home for sale was a meth house if the authorities missed it on radar?moose stops listens photo

Stop, look, listen up.

On a house inspection, or property tour, the air raid loud siren tip offs are trash cans filled to over flowing with large amounts of products like lighter fluid, paint thinner, drain cleaners, and boxes upon containers of cold tablet medicine like Sudafed.

In Maine, buying Sudafed is no easy matter, requires lots of documentation and comes with strict regulation.

Other meth lab in a house red flags noticed during a walk through of a property for sale include burning eyes or throat. Not the kind when someone is cutting onions or frying up a big mess of them which I kinda enjoy. And think of the fair food that goes with all those thrilling rides.

But the acrid, you know something industrial chemical wise is going on here behind the scenes. Before and after the house showing. And using a dangerous cocktail of the poisonous stuff. With skull and cross bones warnings all over it.

Like a pirate’s black and white flag used to brand the ship where everyone pillages. Eats, drinks, is falling down drunk merry.

Chemical stains on bathtubs, toilets, big heaping piles of lithium batteries, with ripped open metal jacket casings scattered around the rooms of a Maine home.

Plenty of propane gas tanks with turned blue fittings. Any not the norm smells like ammonia or acetone that stop you dead in your tracks. Maine is clean water, fresh natural pure air remember. maine water clean like the air photo

Smells, ooooh that sharp, stinking odor. That stay on your clothes, follow you out of the home for sale you were just shown.

Or as the agent or broker, the occupational hazard that comes with listing and selling real estate in Maine.Maine is all about the clean environment and the main reason besides friendly locals that folks flock here for vacations, to make the leap and live here part or full time remember?

Beware, be educated, don’t be naive works best and stay open minded to everything that happens today in society.

Those are hazards that even when cleaned up, you have to wonder what is in those walls. Worse than a smoker who lives in a place with that yellow goo, black tar coating everything inside and giving off fumes even if someone is not lighting up a fresh cancer stick.

Property disclosures of meth lab activities, the police blotter news reports of past meth raid news shared with a house buyer.

What is the process to clean up a meth lab in a house for sale? And this Bangor Daily News article on meth lab busts, disclosure laws in Maine.

The Maine Association Of REALTORS, our licensing law for real estate operates under the premise of full property listing disclosure. If there was a meth lab, whether a bust or not, disclosure before the sale is always, always the best policy for everyone. Meth production leaves behind toxic chemicals in homes.

Nationally there is an increase in the production of meth and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency receives federal grants to combat the problem. Roy McKinney heads up the MDEA.

Was there any drug activity in the past at a property address?

The DEA would know. But what if the property was bank owned and during the lag time when no one was home and drifters helped themselves to cook up the meth, set up a lab?cities like portland no only meth lab locations photo

Whether you knew or not, concern about what is in the walls, insulation, ceiling tiles and beyond what a new fresh coat of paint masks and covers up?

What is lurking, seeping into the drywall of a house and that will cause respiratory problems for the new home owners?

The meth houses, homes that were used to manufacture the drug with their empty two liter plastic soda bottles.

It is a growing national problem. Not just in Maine’s few cities, but out in the hinterland of the 450 small towns. Quick easy money because not a lot of jobs.

Highly illegal and dangerous if a meth lap bottle cap is not “burped” just right and an explosion of gases, a house fire happens and everyone inside gets hurt or killed.The addiction, the market for meth is part of the solution to tackle. Not just the clean up of the houses with meth being cooked up inside.

More from .

Whether it is a Maine state law or not. Full disclosure. If the home furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, disclosing it if known and working out a solution always goes smoother for all concerned than cover up of a very dangerous situation for lots of carbon monoxide, or lack of heat in the Maine winter because no one dares run the furnace.

Speaking of home heating oil and furnaces.

The tanks holding the oil wear out, start to leak with a drip drip drip. Then open up and more oil is lost that seeps into the ground if a dirt floor. Or around the concrete floor and under it so clean up is costly, not so easily done.

Early prevention the key like most things but you the home owner have to know the house fuel oil tank is leaking. Usually the nose knows. And being nose blind to smells like heating oil just does not happen.Unless you have walking pneumonia, a case of chronic head cold.cellar maine home leaking fuel oil tank photo

Talk to your local heating oil dealer, find a licensed plumber.

Get someone licensed to work on furnaces and inspect fuel tanks to give the house for sale the safety  check once over.

Or find out when was the last furnace cleaning and how did that plus the tank inspection during change of the fuel filter go? What parts replaced on the heating system?

Usually there is a sticker on the furnace, a slip pinned to the header, a booklet about the furnace,the maintenance records in a folder or envelope overhead on a house beam.

Talk to who did the last servicing and take time to rub your hand under the belly of the tank. To sniff and see. To study the tank that holds 220, 275, sometimes is sized 330 gallons and in hooked in tandem.

From back in the days when you got a better price on fuel oil by agreeing to take delivery at the house of all you bought. Cash and carry instead of fill me up slowly over the Maine winter with pre-bought pricing for the Texas tea, the Saudi Arabian or wherever black crude gold.

You don’t want TWO leaking fuel tanks with all that potential for an expensive spill.

And one more not so easy subject but needing the press on houses we list and sell. Mold in a home. The old Maine farm house was heated with ten to twenty cord of plentiful firewood from the back forty acres. So tight homes that were energy efficient was not the goal.

The old rock, field stone foundations of a yesteryear country farmstead were loose as a goose.

Not much insulation. Oil was eighteen cents a gallons when built if they did not have the wood cook stove, another heater in the cellar down by the root cellar. 

The windows more wind filters that slowed down the northwest winds but did not keep out the drafts. Fresh air happened all year long for exchange of what the home dwellers were breathing.

But plastic wrapped Maine homes that had insulated windows, doors, attics and walls filled to the brim to make them more energy efficient.

Do you hear running water? Feel the steam, see the clouds when the bathroom door opens. With teenagers taking hour long showers, added to cooking with the boiling water, other pots, the windows sweat, moisture content in the inside of a Maine home sky snow cold home view

How to improve your Maine homes energy efficiency but avoiding the problems it can cause with the heating and power savings.

More on what the state of Maine mold experts say explaining what it is, why it happens. How to fix mold, tackle the last of the three housing deadly sins covered in this Maine real estate blog post today?

Help the Maine home breathe so everyone inside it can do so easier, healthier.

The attic should not be more than five degrees warmer than the outside air temperature. Or inside condensation, rain, frost, moisture suddenly comes a knocking.

More on using bleach, should you make your home basement, the house cellar into living area and how to handle mold removal in a property.

A few of the issues of today’s Maine home ownership, buying a house tips covered. To just scratch the surface on the three topics no one wants to discuss. But that are out there, growing problems too big to miss, to large to avoid.

The family you raise inside the home, it is pretty important stuff and those little ones are counting on you the Maine home owner to pave the way. Save the day. And make sure safety first happens with the environment inside the Maine home.

These three big housing issues on today’s blogging marquis. Meth labs in an apartment rental units, smelly, leaking oil fuel tanks, molding of all kinds and colors growing where you can and might not see them. We add these issues to watch out for and open the discussion on how to take care of these and more with Maine home buyers and sellers.

But lots more to talk about concerning financing Maine homes if buying one.

What is worthwhile to do to them or not for repairs and improvements if you are a house seller. Legal issues like easements, encroachments, shoreland zoning, woodlot tree growth and so much more. All the other garden variety topics that come up on both sides of the buy and sell real estate puzzles we tackle day and night. zamboni houlton maine real estate ad photo

To stay polished, professional, ahead of the curve. We set expectations and educate everyone involved on the process of real estate property listing buy and sell. From start to finish.

That’s the heading on what we do, what’s under the job description mission statement we signed up for many moons ago. And it’s what we do. How we do it, all of it reinvented on a daily basis to stay real estate practices current.

Thinking of purchasing a home, selling a house or any other type of property listing?

MOOERS REALTY’s Broker/Owner Andrew Mooers has over 36 years of real estate experience under his belt. Here to serve, looking forward to meeting you, hearing the real estate property listing mission ahead of you.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  [email protected]  | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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