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Houlton Maine Homes, How To Sell A House Listing.

Houlton Maine Homes, How To Sell A House Listing.

You are an owner of a Houlton Maine home and really want to sell the house listing.

 So just plant a sign out front right? Nail it to a tree or spear the silent salesman in the front lawn. Plain and simple and a matter of a short wait for the buyer to show up right?

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NOooo. Don’t play possum with the house market if you need to sell the listing.

Getting ready to sell a home in Houlton Maine means you need a realistic price. A marketing strategy to get to the closing without expensive time delay.

A full throttle outside, not just local real estate exposure helps. Otherwise it is like winking at a girl in the dark. Expect poor results from your flirting that goes on unnoticed.

Selling a house listing. It is not just throwing money at advertising either. When and what to do and why. Pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating. Experience selling the house listings in Houlton Maine is needed. Each real estate sale not carbon copy the same and is unpredictable. 

How do you know what the property, the Houlton Maine home listing is really worth?

Well, the market will tell you in time if over priced by hanging around. Like things in your refrigerator you forgot about a few months back. Yes, that is what your buyer smells when he or she opens it up and goes back on their heels keeling over. Whoa. Geese Louise.

Shelf life happens with real estate listings too.

Property over priced, bloated, overweight in the price tag department is not so tasty. The sky high what are you smoking not hope of selling home listings rack up the days on market (DOM). Like a prisoner sentenced to solitary confinement, these listings get locked up and forgotten about as they linger but don’t sell. Those house listings are not so appetizing, lose appeal quickly for someone looking for a house that a bank will finance. Needing to buy a place to live means the house price on it has to be realistic.

Maine bank appraisers don’t have a sense of humor about houses with way too much wiggle room left in for the purchase and sale agreement either.

Padded, added on hoping for a sucker with a wheelbarrow of money to come along is not how it works. Folks flush with cash have brains attached that help them squirrel it away. Saved it up. Folks needing a Maine bank to help them get a leg up to buy a Houlton home study the what’s for sale today. They just are not going to pay whatever the house seller wants.

There are always plenty of other homes in Houlton Maine out there to kick tires on and consider buying.

Maybe building on land as a last resort is what the buyer will have to do. That is an option if the number for your place is up there so high gasping happens. Because no air to breathe and out of this world priced with only space junk and satellites orbiting by the home buyer. Who wonders what the heck is going on with this house listing pricing? Get me out of here, back to Earth house pricing please.

houlton maine properties
Welcome To Houlton Maine! Aroostook County’s Oldest Town, The Shiretown For County Government.

No matter how pretty, drop dead gorgeous or manicured the place that makes the home buyer’s heart race the place is.

Too much money for a listing price means they drool, then they flit. Crickets. Then heard trailing off muttering forget that one Martha. Too rich for our blood, no bank is going to take the bait for a house mortgage. 

So a realistic price, a figure hanging off the property that is in line with other real estate house sticker tags.

On other homes in the Houlton Maine area it is a must from the get go. A house listing price that considers recent property sales. That is what the buyer and seller need to partner up and dance in time together. Other competing listings like the subject being openly marketed in the Houlton Maine area are the available musical chair to grab. That’s what starts the whole marketing dog and pony operation. A fair, realistic house price is the ignition, blast off key.

Not attitude, entitlement thinking that  I would sell if I could get seven times the real market value will create a successful home sale.

The owner of the home in Houlton Maine does not really want to sell. Waste of buyer, broker, bank, every one’s time. Sellers chew up their own time with lookey loos that have no hope of obtaining a home mortgage loan too. And the only real option to buy the house  is by hitting the lottery for a very big pot. It is not what the seller wants for the place. It is what the current market value study shows, allows and buyers (bank too) agree to buy. 

It has been suggested that twenty five percent of Maine MLS listings are over priced.

 Add to it real estate home buyers that may want champagne on a beer budget listing price. Those stall too like rush hour in the city when an multi car accident happens. Property fairly priced, actively marketed You're In Houlton Maine By George.locally and World wide and not kept a secret nationally will sell.

But think of all those thrown in park, stuck in traffic to maneuver around property listings that are destined to die on the market high speed MLS highway. Expired without any hope of actually selling as the next, another after that agent is called in to not sell the overpriced home listing. 

So pricing on the home, house for sale  in Houlton Maine.

Has to be realistic or fold up the marketing tent. Game over. End of show before it got underway.

The only, only good thing hopelessly over priced property listings,? Those Houlton Maine homes with nose bleed high shock and awe, too many zero places in them make fairly priced houses look like even better deals. Kinda like fake news spin but they do serve some purpose.

Over priced houses in Houlton Maine cause an avalanche of misinformation chaos in the local market with sellers too.

Because they see 123 Morning Glory Circle hit the paper, live and in full color on the Internet for too high a price. So they do their own deciphering, come up with if that place is valued at blank amount, then mine is worth even more logic. Because of the new addition, extra bay in the garage, fireplace in the living room. Oh oh. Holy flawed house valuations Batman. Then word gets around that the local real estate market is hurting, slowed. Blamed on the economy news beamed in on television, over the net, printed in the local newspapers for why the nice looking home is not moving.

No, not the real estate market to blame.

Over priced properties don’t sell in any real estate market. Yes you can list price a property for any figure. Does not mean shooting for the stars, hoping for the moon can hope to lead to a house sale on a Houlton Maine home though. 

So, proper pricing on a Houlton Maine home, house, any real estate listing is life and death critical.

Like air, water, food, love important. Then what else is needed to assure a front row seat at the Houlton Maine real estate conference room closing? With a fair, realistic price in place. We move on to other line items on the list. Like clean the place up, remove clutter, make it smell pretty or better yet not at all. No have no odor at all is better than those seventeen candles burning with fall spice and pumpkin pie cooking scent. Old ceiling leak stains from before the new roof. Better get rid of them.

Because home buyers won’t believe the roof still does not leak sleepingelliotbecause the three year old stains say otherwise. It did leak. Appears It still does they reason. Like a dent in a car fender, it does not go away without replacement or bondo, repaiting attention.

Paint, re-paper, fix up the low points around the home.

Not just in one room like the kitchen or the bathroom. Instead make the Houlton Maine home, the house overall in balance. Singing loudly in unison on the same sweet not sour notes. With a little love spread around all the rooms evenly in the balancing act. And like kids in a family, playing no favorites with a room or area wise too much here, too little there attention. De-clutter, remove odors, price it right, marketing it full throttle.

A Houlton Maine home seller does not notice overgrown shrubs, other deficiencies because they happen gradually over time.

Sneaks up on them when the house owner is not thinking a property sale sure would be nice. Keep the place exciting, fun, fresh and don’t put your real estate buyer to sleep with same old same old from lack of effort or desire to sell. People talk and lack of effort to make the place zing, sing will circulate around the grapevine. Folks with purple ears don’t keep secrets. Repeating what they see, what they hear, what they accept as Gospel because Pete told me down at the barbershop this is what is going on. Right. But dead wrong.

Replace any missing light bulbs in the Maine home, the house for sale listing. 

Let there be light. Especially in the garage, basement, attic, dark places. Real estate is emotional. Everyone is afraid of the dark. All the real estate unknowns each home for sale presents. The home buyers are trying on houses. Trying to see themselves buying, living in this one, that one for a very long time. In the back of their mind the thought of a long 

Buyers purchase based on how the house, the yard, the location makes them feel. Like dating, good vibrations mean the place flirts with them. The buyer can see themselves hooking up, being married to the mortgage on the Houlton Maine house. Or not. They think they love the place but are they in love with the sticks, bricks, location, price? Feedback from buyers on what they don’t like about the place is very helpful. There is your answer on why the sale is delayed. Everything on hold. And what needs to be addressed, adjusted during the real estate marketing show and tell. 

So price the Houlton Maine home, house listing correctly, in line with the market value now.

Not the one rewound six years ago, Houlton Maine Real Estate Broker Andrew Mooersnot fast forwarded a decade out. Today. Now. Clean it up and remove clutter, make it high school skinny. To sparkle, be memorable. Create attractive, beef up the curb appeal again if neglected. Ideally have the property price on the high end of a lower bracket.

For searchers who filter, dial in and drill down through the house in Houlton price range they can afford. Get financing for ideally. And your listing price a tad high, a whisker over the limbo pole they set means missing on radar homes that are barely into the next bracket. For the all important online Houlton Maine home, house search. Delay with a sale on an empty home being heated and on going house insurance, property tax drain. That strain can quickly eat up the couple thousand dollars extra wiggle room the price tag contains. 

I’ve marketed Houlton Maine homes, other types of real estate in the Southern Aroostook area for over forty years.

It would be an honor, privilege to help you price, market, sell your Houlton Maine, or area home, house. Reach out, together we can get the job done professionally. Whether buying or selling real estate in Houlton Maine, see me, call, text, email our office. Come visit soon. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730  |  [email protected] 


Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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