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Getting A Maine House Loan, What A Home Buyer Needs.

Getting A Maine House Loan, What A Home Buyer Needs.

What a Maine home buyer needs to get a home loan?

Well for starters money. And if not enough funds squirreled away to pay for the Maine home outright, than owner financing from the seller or a bank loan is needed.

Maine land owner financing happens a lot.

 On Maine homes for loans not so much. The payments drag out too long for the property owner. It’s why they made banks.

What does the Maine bank need for a home loan? What do you have to bring to begin the process of Maine home loan pre-approval party show and tell?

To get your ducks in order, in a row.

The Maine banker, mortgage broker, financial credit union lender requires verification.

Bring two pay stubbs from your current employer where you work. You do have a job right? The ability to repay the loan on the Maine home is critical. So bring the most current IRS paperwork too. The copies of the ones you filed before the April 15th deadline the last couple years. Any information on car, medical bills, college student loan Getting A Maine Home Loan, Don't Be White Tail Deer Nervous, Timid.documentation required too.

Whatever you have to show for income, for debt is needed for a complete Maine home loan application.

Getting Maine home bank approved up front, before your chisel out a Maine home purchase and sale agreement on a property just makes senses.

Your seller, the owner of a Maine home is also more impressed, at ease when the paperwork to buy, the offer is from a pre approved Maine home buyer too.

You get picked over the guy or gal that has never set foot in the lobby of a bank, credit union, mortgage lender.

On the way to where the Maine bank loan officer hangs his or her coat. With a visit to the office where the loan lending approval process must begin.

VA and Maine State Housing Home Loans are common programs rural property buyers end up hooking up with for a house mortgage.

Figuring out your debt ratios to make sure you have enough of the pie left over each month to allocate to a Maine home loan has to be established too.

Verfied by a look see, sneaking a peak at the Maine home buying debt ratios.

Welcome To Maine!Lifting up the hood of your wallet or purse, monthly household income and spending to see that all is well. Monthly debt installments for more than the next ten months, for long term, including your estimated new mortgage Maine house payments, should be less than 36 percent of your gross income for a 30 day period.

Don’t be scared away by all the home buying requirements. The Maine real estate professional, the banker will team up to help get you over the financial hurdles. In and out, through the maze that ends up at the real estate closing on your new home.

If the ratios are too high, your house boat is going to sink.

You pay you stay, you don’t you won’t. The old Maine home buying adage applies. Right up there with the quick and easy one week’s pay check is what you can handle a month for a house payment. Or some warn, the Maine home price should not be more than two and a half times what you make annually. The Maine bank does not want your sticks and bricks back regardless. So further investigation happens on the quality of the way you pay your bills. Or don’t with regularity. Before you get a Maine home loan bank approval mortgage okay. Fine and dandy sticker.

The credit score you carry is studied when you want to buy a Maine home.

You Need Some Luck, A Job To Get A Maine Home Loan.You can get a free credit report from the three bureaus each twelve months. Do it, get preapproved for a Maine home loan knowing what your report says.

Because if something funky is on there, yours or a mistaken person with the same three names, then it needs to be polished up.

The burdocks, lint needs removal BEFORE the Maine home buying games can begin.To avoid black clouds, get a rainbow for clear sailing through the Maine bank loan process.

Most Maine bank home loan mortgage lenders want to see a credit score at, or higher than 620.

If you have been very good and tidy with your spending all on time, with nothing reckless in your recent past, credit scores of 720 or higher will get you the gold star.

And the lowest available interest rates available in the market for a Maine home loan.

Down payments, there are direct loan Rural Development USDA home loans like the old days of FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) that have no down payment options.

But the days of saying you saved the money in your mattress, a shoe box without verification or “age” on the funds are over. Where was the money for the last two months, was any of it a gift from a family member? Or did the seller agree to contribute closing cost funds if everyone gets to one. To end up shaking hands at the end, after handing over the Maine home house keys.

The bank in Maine, mortgage broker, credit union does not want you to be borrowing down payments at high break your leg loan rates from shark shady side lenders.

You can not handle the strain of two payments and the home loan will history has shown, go belly up more often Relax, You Will Get Your Maine Home Loan Approval.than not. Making an unhappy ending for the short term movie call “Home Sweet Home”.

Home loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) require down payments of 3.5%.

While most local lenders require that Maine home loan borrower slap at least 5 percent down on the long conference room real estate closing table.

But if by some good fortune, you have saved or end up with a windfall timed so right of 20 percent or more down, you can avoid the private mortgage insurance premium of (PMI).

A good Maine real estate broker, banker will be on the look out for the best financing program fit available. That the Maine home loan buyer qualifies for after everything is considered. The borrower, the property, the circumstances and twists, turns that every individual home buying transaction possesses.

Staying on the same job for two years, in the same line of work or in the field that you have a higher education degree in all help the Maine bank home loan pre-approval scrutiny go smoothly.

Getting escrows set up for property taxes, maybe flood insurance too if water is too handy to the Maine home. Along with regular Maine house property insurance premium monthly escrows. After any repairs noted by the appraiser that scopes the Maine home out. And that up front, you give the Maine bank an application fee to cover his appraisal cost, a credit check charge.

During the Maine home buying, keep your nose clean as to any new above and beyond spending. Keep your hands in your pockets. Resist plastic card swipes with the magnetic strips. Only buy essential, the day to day items and resist big ticket items that will wreck your debt ratios. And have your pre-approved Maine home loan status stripped, removed. So you lose ground and go back to the rent rut instead of getting a set of keys to your new Maine home.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730



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