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Garbage Removal From The Maine Apartment Rental? No No Kids Love The Rats.

Garbage Removal From The Maine Apartment Rental? No No Kids Love The Rats.

When a rental of a Maine home or apartment comes up for grabs, and the seller says help me fill it, I ask a few questions.

 Need to know a few things from the renter to be. The best question is tell me about your last landlord. If the answer is “the guy is a jerk”, I ask for more details. 

And if I get “he always wants his rent on time, is all over me, chasing me when I am just a couple weeks behind” I start to see some of the renter’s past payment habits history.

More when an attitude comes out about how sometimes going to the fair, getting a tattoo is where the rent money goes and that’s just the way it is. Not going to change.

I try to point out that the rent comes first, right up there with groceries for the kids. Because if the priorities are not met, the renter is going to be moving again.

Out on the streets. Looking for a place to stay rent free. Because it is not going to be this unit I am charged with renting out. Or the home for sale in Maine that needs a tenant to help subsidize the overhead, payments. While the owner is out of state and renting a place waiting for this one to sell.

When I ask for more past history sometimes the issue with garbage comes up for a topic.

About how the last three landlords were all over this tenant about garbage. But he figures the last place had a two car garage, he only used one bay. So the other was ripe for a spot for garbage. Piled up a bag at a time. Because he is not so Free Services, Like Water, Sewer, Power Can Get Taken Advantage Of...inclined, cranked to go to the transfer station. Or to spring for weekly pick up service if not provided by the landlord  as a perk, freebie. 

And besides the kids like playing with the rats when they show up because of the garbage the tenant points out. Oh oh, wrong answer. When renting a Maine home, apartment we have to be careful. No deposit, no month in advance and no rental, no keys happens. Mean? Not if it makes less problems later. And sorts out the poor financial risks going in.

If you don’t pay your bills, have poor credit or past track record, the landlord knows it is a long long expensive legal  process to evict. Then the fun of fixing the place back up. Again. So the injury is beyond not just paying rent, the tenant just does not live so neat and clean. And pest infestation fumigation has to be initiated.

And repainting, scouring has to happen. Along with trips to the transfer station with all their garbage they left behind. That is heating up, stinking to high heaven in the garage bay. Or in the unit itself, the cellar, common areas.

The best tenant has a job. Is off working it during the day or has a night shift. And only sleeps at the place being rented, leased out. Is out exploring, running the roads. If the place has the renter paying the utilities, all the better. Driving by and seeing the window wide open in the dead of a Maine winter when the landlord is heating the place causes smoke between the ears. That steams out as he gets beet red, hopping mad. 

Loss of income, damage and using the place like it is a YMCA for lots of other pie eyed folks happens. All kinds of people owedLots Of Good Renters, Tenants In This Crowd favors by the tenant. None of them work either. That all decide to come over to wash their car, use the laundry for their clothes on the landlord’s dime. He provides the water and sewer.

Dropping off their kids like it is a daycare center too.

Or to do quick drug deals. In and out by folks that only stay ten minutes or less. The dooryard like Wally World on a Friday night. But all the time.

Because the water and sewer bill included in the rent of the place their friend has secured. And may not be paying his rent on.

Knowing it can takes months for a legal eviction to be served. Then all the trips back to court. Up and down long steep steps for a judgement to finally move that sticks. The tenant has done this before. A lot. Does not have a job. The disability is just plain lazy. And works instead at ways to manipulate the system.

He has rights, privileges, whether he ever pays a monthly rent or not.

 And knows it. The rental needle pushing further in his direction. After earlier times when the landlord called the shots.The tenants often treated like farm animals with little or no rights. Evicted without notice. Sometimes without cause except another tenant the landlord wanted to slide into the unit for more money. 

Land lording for a Maine rental property can be a pleasant experience. But letting the first person who calls move right in is not so wise. Without a little interview, background check and references. Maine, common sense still works here. We ask questions, do our home work. And don’t like drama. Dislike lazy or stealing services even more. It is not how we roll.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  [email protected]   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730



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