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Land In Maine For Sale, How To Manage Your Woodlot.

Being a good steward of your Maine land, the woodlot that is like tree farming.

Where you the owner want to maximize the return, the growth and to remove any restrictions that hurt the wood production. Of the stands that populate your Maine woodlot.horseteammainelandphoto

Treating the timber on the Maine land with respect and passing along the ownership to another family member is part of the good stewardship.

So is working hard to protect the Maine land from soil erosion.

Where soil is washed away and into precious natural resources that hurt fish, damage the quality of a water resource Maine is famous for and proud to protect. 

So your woodlot, when it is time to timber it, harvest the over story and to weed out the too congested or mature trees, careful and easy does it is the order of the day. The simple tractor you use around a Maine farmstead and it's assortment of chains can be a start.

So when twitching the downed tree and dragging it to the yard to process the limbs, ready it for loading on a truck or trailer, other smaller trees are not destroyed or damaged in the process of cutting the Maine woodlot. 

The private Maine land woodlot owner has the time and pride to take the steps to carefully remove the timber that a forestry report outlines as time to harvest. More on the Maine tree growth program.

The Maine woodlot is not just a place to visit in late summer to gather firewood from hardwoods ridges. To be a season ahead of the heating a Maine home. So seasoned wood from the Maine land is dried, cut to match the length of a woodstove in the kitchen, down in the cellar. 

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Gimme Shelter | Real Estate As A Tax Shelter

The Rolling Stones sang about needing shelter, about not getting any satisfaction and lots more emotional, passionate subjects.

But because we list, market, sell real estate listings in Maine, the topic of give me shelter needs plenty of attention. Lots of it under the hot center stage spotlight where we hang out on the Internet, the social media circles.

Because people want to hang on to what they work hard and save up. And part of doing that is knowing, taking all the IRS deductions that are provided for in the current tax codes.alex spud boy maine photo

A tax shelter that involves a real estate property listing.

For starters, we are not tax accountants, bean counters nor do we play one on TV or in real life. Have dealt with 1031 exchange or two though.

But there are lots of resources for using real estate as a nifty tax shelter vehicle to steer around paying too much. To save on what you fork over to the IRS around April 15th every year.

And just because we are not CPA's who we always advise you the faithful reader to consult with for the correct financial planning straight shooting advice.

Does not mean to be scared or skirt around the subject of how to save on your taxes using real estate as one prime way to accomplish that.

The roof over your head, those four walls that contain you is one of the best tax shelters to cut down on what you pay in for taxes.

Your home and it's standard mortgage deductions, your busiess properties with depreciation all chip in and work together to whittle away at your income tax exposure.To improve your bottom line.

Mortgage expenses, property taxes that can be deducted on your income final tally so you don't leave so many empty spaces and add to the forms and schedules attached to what you file with the IRS.

It all revolves around real estate and what is deductible for expenses and how you apply those deductions.

When the final number on what you still owe the feds and the state. Or may be lucky enough to trigger a return check in your name delivered to you for over payment and a refund of any size. Money back and not tapped on the shoulder to pay in is always a good feeling when you finalize your income taxes each early spring right?

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Mineral And Water Rights In Maine Real Estate Property Sales.

The calls and emails and letters from areas where they don't always convey in the real estate sale.

Minerals and water rights in a Maine real estate property sale, do they get transferred or retained? maine lake photo

In thirty six years and counting in real estate listing in Maine, I have only had two sales where a seller, grantor did not want to convey the mineral rights. And retained them. Because their grandfather or someone long since gone claimed there is hidden value in those hills.

Once the seller was declared imcompetent by his family and he was convinced there was gold and oil in the Maine land that the family wanted to sell. And that reservation killed the chances of a sale.

Because in Maine 99% of the time up to now, the mineral rights go with the real estate sale title. You get everything in those hills, down in the ground under the land acreage.

Bald Mountain and the thought that there was zinc and magnanese caused a stir, quite a buzz for a while back in the 1980's but the price to extract the ore was too high.

Market value killed the cashing in on the mineral deposits in that area of Northern Maine.

That is the one and only other time mineral right retention in a Maine real estate listing was a contingency of the sale.

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The Rent With Option To Buy Maine Home Buyer, What Can Go Wrong.

The calls, emails, texts come in and the question "got any rent to own, option to buy Maine homes available?"

The discussion moves on to a home for sale in Maine that we have listed and whether the property owner would consider a rent to own arrangement. kids parents boat harbor in maine photos

We have blogged posted about renting vs owning, rental homes in Maine before.

But this post delves into the beyond a month to month tenant at will that is free to come and go with usually a 30 day's notice. And the Maine home owner can give the same amount of notice to say see you later alligator.

Which works well when a listed home in Maine goes under contract to sell.

And the new buyer with his finger's crossed hoping for the key's please is planning on moving in the day of the bank closing.

We see lots of owner financing with Maine land purchases. Have set those seller carried installment sales up on property acreage in Maine for decades now.

With no pre-payment penalty and short term, five years or less generally and smaller purchase prices, not such a large nut to carry monthly mortgage payment.

But buying a home in Maine, and what happens when the purchaser can not get a mortgage loan. It means gotta wait, rent and save up or repair that damaged credit score, debt ratios and whatever is stuck to your financial report for burdocks.

That keep your buyer of a Maine home wannabe from pulling it off. Home sweet home happily ever after.

Or unless they can find a loved one related or not to put the property in their name because they have good enough credit to make the bank go thumbs up. Approved the loan and make everyone happen at a real estate closing.

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Off The Top Of Your Head, Just A Ball Park.

The real estate in Maine seller is asking for a ball park listing valuation over the phone.

Right now. Without the agent, broker, REALTOR seeing the property or what is happening aorund it that affects the listing value in today's market. The question comes up about just give me a ball park, won't hold you to it and right here and now, what's the sticks and bricks worth? Quick like a bunny like we tell the kid's when the Sand Man is waiting.MooersRealtySearch

Over the years the gut feeling and real estate instincts can kick in when pressed but seeing what we are selling, marketing means hold it.

Tour the property listing and look at what is happening across the street. Crank your head up and study those high tension power wires in the backyard. The car up on jacks. And consider the motivation, the time frame of the property owner's expectations. Lots goes into this real estate appraisal process warns Yoda.

When the other end of a real estate phone call or email starts to fill in the blanks, the hand goes up. Gonna take more than just a few responses to some rushed questions over the tin can and string. In the spur of the moment with a hurried email with just a line or two. Hitting send in a split second dash hurry hurry. And expecting ding ding ding, survey says (blank) to get the answer they want drive through quick.

Like people, every property is different due to the fix based location it is parked and the condition and supply and demand of how it plugs into the current real estate market.

Like a diamond, a precious gem stone what's it worth means gotta eye ball the place under the magnifying glass, like using the jeweler's loupe for a complete examination. Turn your head and cough.

Used to eyeball the up and down, sideways and the what's around the property listing story. Being toyed with listing a place means answers to hard questions. Lots of them. Taking very good notes during the asking questions.

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The Tone Of The Real Estate Blog Post, Conversation.

The tone of any conversation, whether a real estate blog post or a chit chat at a local diner.

Shooting the breeze about Maine weather. It can be free and easy, helpful. Even humorous but should be anything but tedious, tense.

Or to make the other end of the conversation receive bad vibes and to come away somehow feeling responsible. For being so dumb or thinking, saying something reacted to as so down right silly. small maine town photo

Real estate is the largest investment buyers and sellers make in their life time.

That is something everyone in the room would agree with right?

And buyers, sellers of real estate property listings don't find themselves in the transfer of a home, land, waterfront, farm or business offering all that often in life.

So there is a learning curve to real estate. And the professional guiding the buyer and seller is the one to set the pace. From what they have learned. Because they do this day in and out.

Spell out the expectations, address issues in the each unique real estate list and sell situation.

Without being snarky or with a layered, lathered on sharp edge tone of criticism or sarcasm. Or being so tight lipped or smug so it leaves everyone guessing, hanging, wondering.

Like the phrase you wait until your father comes home but this time you did not do anything wrong or deserve the man to man talk at the end of the day.

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Selling Real Estate, Handling Home Sellers With Our Bare Hands.

What goes into selling a home, how we handle and guide a real estate listing property owner in Maine?

Lots of behind the scenes counseling. Listening, explaining, navigating is a big component in the process of selling a home in Maine or any other type of property listing.sunset canoe in maine photo

The real estate seller is human, has a lot riding on this what it takes for a home sale.

How fast it happens, how well it goes and the results financially all combine for the next step in his or her life. The family is a big part of the process of buying or selling real estate in Maine. Making decisions that affect them is a huge responsibility.

So it all starts with a walk through with the Maine home seller and complete analysis of what is for sale. Study of the good, the bad, the ugly. Let's sit down at the kitchen table or talk on the open deck about what I think should be the approach to this particular Maine home sale.No two home sales tackled, wrestled with the same way.

All combined with a healthy two way conversation. Listening to the seller's situation, what the home owner is holding for cards to make the best use of in the real estate sale. What is their dream for the best case scenario to shoot for in the home sale should not be kept a secret.

If the Maine home is a little tired in some areas, what to do and to what degree comes into the property sale discussion.

What the seller thought would help sell the place could be far from the truth. Because other areas neglected come into the picture that are bigger issues. Can cause a delay or no home sale at all to happen. That is not the happy ending I want to see occur at "The End".

The specific custom made strategy for the home seller is hammered out, talked over and put into action. Unless the seller decides the price is too low and emotions rise with the comment "I am not going to give the place away".

Or "I don't have to sell". Over priced properties start with real estate agents or brokers taking them. Placing them out there on the market to bog it down. Like stalled vehicles to negotiate around on fast lanes of a super highway.

Giving the property owner the impression that the real estate listing has a snowball's chance of you know where of selling. 

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How House Sellers Hurt A Maine Home For Sale Process.

The decision to sell a Maine home, it has been made and now what?

Rely on the real estate professional to guide the process and spell out the procedure  steps one by one. What happens and why. What to expect and when. Otherwise trying to figure all that out on your own Mr Home seller is going to be a very costly in time and dollars mistake. ice fishing in maine photo

Often you know enough about something to be dangerous but because it is not your job day in and out.

Like most things in life, more complicated than it appears happens.

Or go unnoticed until you realize why they are so important in a Maine home sale.

So what a real estate Maine home seller thinks will help a sale can actually work to hurt it.

Because behind the scenes there is a procedure to follow and for good reason. Custom made for the particular Maine home sale where no two are quite exactly the same. There is a lot going on in any Maine home for sale list, market sale. And ever changing along the way from listing to closing.

Read more on things, what can go wrong in listing, selling a Maine home, real estate.

And more on what buyers of Maine real estate do that can trip up the journey to the property listing closing. Five mistakes Maine home buyers make that can be avoided with lots of disccusion, plenty of communication back and forth.

It helps to make believe the home in Maine for sale is your very own as the agent, broker, REALTOR..

Understanding the projects on your own place, the housing dreams you want to see completed are quite similiar to the ones the new Maine home seller does too.

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Ten Questions To Ask Your Property Buyer (And Ten More Buyers Need To Ask Their Real Estate Agent.)

Questions asked early provide answers, the valuable real estate information. To determine the right direction to head in the most expensive life time move most people ever make.

Communication back and forth, going both ways is a beautiful thing in a real estate property transaction. Upfront, during, leading into the closing on a listing for sale that is "the one".judges in maine photo

Every real estate agent, broker, REALTOR should ask buyers and sellers a list of critical questions.

Like a doctor or lawyer to diagnose the problem, recommend a solution and to set realistic expectations to follow. 

And if there is strong opposition, backing away. Because you can not help those that don't want to take the advice after weighing the pros and cons of each slightly different real estate situation.

The early little talk at the listing kitchen table after the walk through or in the real estate office or during a showing provides a glimpse at the likely outcome from everyone's efforts. 

To determine the actual odds good or bad from experience of the real estate professional checking their gut feeling, the heart and the head for the job at hand.

Sizing up a particular buyer or seller and study of  their role in the script. And likely outcome of ever getting close to a successful real estate transfer sit down around the long conference room table.

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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Maine Real Estate

Bad real estate buying, selling advice, where does it come from and would winging it work better than being steered down the wrong path?

When talking real estate, a property that is the biggest asset most folks ever wrestle with to buy or sell. Or just pay off because of the cost to pull off the purchase and juggle all the other monthly household bills. ice fishing in maine photo

The worst advice I have run into with real estate when we list a property that expired from another agent.

One home with a sizable chunk of land surrounding it was a pretty place.

Large square footage home and over sized garage.

The couple had no kids and poured the money that usually goes into rearing them into the sticks and bricks instead. No thought of resale but strictly home enjoyment ruled the day.

But the pair decided let's sell the home here in Maine and pick one up in sunny Florida. Change of plans, the shifting gears of life put into play. Thinking something this nice for a property listing for sale should not sit on the local Houlton Maine real estate market for long.


The real estate agent that took the property listing made the first cardinal mistake. Not telling them the real value based on a sneak peek at the comparable house sales like it. Over priced properties don't sell, ignore the current market value.

With the gander at what is on the market competing for buyers for homes and land pretty similar to this one on the real estate chopping block. Added in with all the other motivating factors that lead up to the let's list our Houlton Maine home.houlton maine downtown photo

So over priced, giving the house and in Maine a listing price in the nose bleed section of the MLS property bleachers. (Loud buzzer)

Strike one.

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The Penalty For Taking A Maine Woodlot Out Of Tree Growth Plan.

The Penalty For Taking A Maine Woodlot Out Of Tree Growth Plan.


The penalty for early removal of land in Maine from the tree growth property tax and management program?

What do you have for a property tax reduction by being in tree growth and what happens if the plug gets pulled before the ten year plan runs out? For starters, education on the tree growth program in Maine is needed. mt katahdin maine mountain photo

The tree growth program in Maine was created in 1972.

To protect a resource.

Yes individual land owners in Maine have property rights for their own use and enjoyment.

And the premise is not that you have to harvest woods in the ten years while the tree growth plan is underway. But just that eventually there is going to be a harvest of the Maine land.

Because of ice storms, spruce budworm, something affecting the unprotected Maine woodlot. Blow downs, dead and and dying trees with decay from insects or wildlife activity will peck away at the Maine woodlot that is neglected.

And suffering in health because no tree growth plan for growth and vitality is in place.

And for financial reasons to help pay the property taxes, other expenses too. To simply make a living in Maine and carve out an existence.

Tree growth plans.

To help guide the forested track acreage into a future harvest with thinning, pruning for recreational beauty too. Environmental protection safeguards put into place on paper first with a pledge, a realistic dream. Not just all ahout money jingling in the pocket from a harvest cutting operation on the Maine woodlot.

Sawlogs, pulpwood, chips, firewood are all wood products. The tree growth program assures the wooded land is protected, healthy stands maintained and thought is put into the care and direction the Maine woodlot is headed in the days, months, years ahead.

Over cutting, clear cuts and no rules before 1972 meant a Maine land owner was on his own with his Jonsered, Husqvarna chain saw and the skidder choker twitch cable heading to the wood yard clearing.

It was his land to do whatever he thought best. Unless polluting a nearby stream, river or Maine lake. Or if interferring with the enjoyment a neighboring land owner was able to have with their next door property.

The biggest penalty we see triggered in our job of listing and selling Maine woodlots, is land removed for a building spot. To put up a camp or cabin. One listing we are getting ready to sell that had more than one building spot designated on the paperwork. Shown on a map of the woodlot getting ready to be put on the market.

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Real EstateTerminology | We Speak The REALTOR Language.

Real estate terminology, what the words used in listing, selling, lending and legal circles and beyond really mean.

It's like heading to a foreign country. When terms that sound Latin, Greek, Klingon and so many are not words at all but a strange combination of letters.

Abbreviations of longer real estate words, term phrasiology to confuse.

Because it is not everyday that you and I personal buy or sell our own real estate. For approaching thirty six years, we have learned much in the real estate trenches. And like a library of real estate terms, the expressions need a glossary. That matches the local area where they apply. lake mist photo

Knowing that no two real estate markets operate the same, it is logical that the terms used in one don't apply in another.

Because real estate is a big arena.

Lots of bleacher sections. And areas within areas as you expand. From just the real estate terms that apply to listings, those to the sales process.

Even more describing the properties themselves. And then all the lingo when you enter a bank mortgage lender lobby. Or sit down around a conference room table at a real estate closing. Led by a person with esquire tacked on after their birth name.

So already you have been learning real estate.

Because we used the terms property, listing, closing and because we eat, breathe, operate in those real estate circles, it is hard to remember sometimes we are losing others in the discussion.

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Getting Divorced, Buying Or Selling Your Real Estate In Maine.

For better or worse, you find yourself in a divorce and need to buy or sell your real estate in Maine.

Maybe the divorce is a good thing in the long run but housing for the kids, yourself. So no one has to sleep in their car, couch surf. Or make too many transitions.

To maintain a sense of home if the one you are in is not the one you will be getting your mail from here on out. maine rafting photo

Divorce is crazy whether moving out of the family home happens or not.

But most of us are at some time in our life today the statistics show.

The fine line between love and hate and just overall feeling of despair.

Sadness, a sense of failure and where do we go now that life plans tilted sideways. It lingers in the air and we hear, see, sense it as we list to sell a property. And when put to work to find a new set of rooms, roof and floor, backyard for the new real estate in Maine property listing buyer. 

The stakes are high in divorce. Because kids are involved, the mixed loyalties back and forth. And sadly the kids, the extended family get brought into the fray in the not always so friendly cross fire. Working with your "co-parent".

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Does House Automation Affect Home Values In Every Real Estate Market?

Most folks have seen the cartoon The Jetson's.

Living comfortable with automation of all kinds. To streamline the day to day a thousand years in the future. In a town called Orbit City, an exclusive apartment complex named Skypad Apartments. High tech not yesteryear same old same old. Like Maine where things change slowly. And if it is not broke, don't need to fix it.

river race canoers waiting photo

Suspended in mid air, the effects of gravity mastered by the Jetson's so all the structures hover neatly.

Space lanes for orderly traffic patterns. Enjoying labor saving devices that do all the heavy lifting to reduce or eliminate the chore load altogether.

Yup, let's meet the Jetson's. (Cue the show music intro)

Father George Jetson working three hours a day, three days a week.

Transporting in a whirling sounding, space age plastic top aerocar. To drop daughter Judy off at Orbit High School, son Leroy at the Little Dipper School. Rosie, the robot helps Jane the stay at home mom with most of the automated household duties. Most done with a one push of a button or voice command.

And one underlying theme of the show is the breakdown of modern devices with funny situations they create to keep the cartoon series entertaining.

The cast struggles with the setback when machines and computer programs fail. So the audience can picture themselves in this futuristic era and get a feel for what it would be like living in a so called life of luxury and convenience. When things go wrong.

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Maine Town Spotlight | Dyer Brook ME | Aroostook County

Dyer Brook Maine, a small town located in Southern Aroostook County features incredible long views.

Of Mt Katahdin, the rolling farm fields and woodlots that create one huge sense of space. No heavy traffic, no living in fear of crime, gangs or violence. Just friendly down to Earth people, low cost property listings and four season recreation awaits you in the town of Dyer Brook, Maine. southern aroostook county photo

The last US Census head count in 2010 showed 213 folks inhabit Dyer Brook Maine.

The population increased slightly from the 199 learned in the 2000 census survey results. There Southern Aroostook Community School, part of the RSU 50 system is located in the township of Dyer Brook, Maine.

The RSU 50 was formed in July 2011 and includes the SAD 25 and CSD 9 school districts in Northern Penobscot, Southern Aroostook County.

The Southern Aroostook Community School serves the towns of Crystal, Smyrna, Merrill, Oakfield, Island Falls and Dyer Brook.

The school was built in 1976 at a cost of three million dollars. The K-12 facility overlooks the views Dyer Brook is noted for by all who travel up and down the hills along US Rt 2 that dissects the town. More about the Southern Aroostook Community School history.

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Agents, Real Estate Brokers In Maine

Are you searching for an agent, real estate broker in Maine to buy or sell a property?

MOOERS REALTY has served Maine real estate buyers for forty years. Andrew Mooers, designated broker for MOOERS REALTY has listed, marketed, sold Maine real estate for almost 36 years. logo small real estate

How we market property listings at MOOERS REALTY has changed big time over the years.

Just like the markets we have survived, prospered in. Real estate is a sport, a game of knowing when to buy, sell and what to do to enhance the process. What to avoid that will set you back and lose the game.

Technology is the biggest game changer element in the reach and scope of our real estate marketing.

Gone are the days of mostly local buyers, of using black and white Polaroid peel back smelly pictures. Of no Internet, fax machines and walking purchase and sale agreements into the law office handling the real estate closing.

People, we still deal with people that are involved in the largest investment they will ever buy or sell. The high emotions when a sale is taking too long for the personal time table. The plan to move in on a certain date, to close by this circle on the calendar number causes problems when the timetable goes sideways. 4th parade houlton maine

As a real estate professional, a Maine REALTOR we set expectations.

We look at the ups and downs that could happen on the road from property listing to real estate closing.

And to do the worrying, the scheduling, the suggestions on the right course to plot to navigate to the sit down real estate transfer setting.

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FAA Registering Real Estate Drones, Aerial Photography.

The real estate drones used to get a bird's eye perspective in stills and video needs to be registered with the FAA. Back in the end of July 2015 the National Association of REALTORS had an opinion on aerial real estate drone use.

Quote "Given the current FAA prohibition, the National Association of REALTORS® recommends that its members not use this technology for any purpose related to selling property."video camera photo

We have had a drone for real estate photography, videos since early in 2014.

The quad copter drone uses, carries a Go Pro camera not the big model we have in the video arsenal.

Which would be too heavy to lift tree top high.

Like anything, a good thing can be used for harmful purposes.Drones are no different in the wrong hands.

And accidents happen when a drone goes astray or is too close to an airport.

The take off, landing of real airplanes, helicopters needs policing. Rules to regulate drone aerial photography were pretty wild in the beginning. Needing a pilot's license batted around. 

A the FAA, the public, the media thought about what was needed. To sky marshal herd and police the swarm of drones. As lawmakers came to the party way way late. After the drones were already out of the barn.. I mean DJI box.

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The Simpler The Better In Maine Home Sales.

The seller of a Maine home wants to see the place sold.

Pretty cut and dry. Quickly, with the shortest, least hassle possible. No drama please. But saving a real estate commission is always in the back of his mind. Wouldn't it be nice to just snap your fingers.

Get full price and everything to just fall into place. Like in the movies with happy endings. Or those so so Hollywood real estate reality shows. (Gag) Excuse me.

Without the aid of a real estate professional and the commission check at the property closing. Cut with his name on it.

Often sellers who don't put their home for sale on the market more than once or twice in a life time forget. What is involved in the setting the price. The marketing the real estate. groomer sledders houlton maine photo

For guidance, the Q and A understood fully to get to a real estate closing as efficiently as possible.

Keeping the pathway from listing to conference room closing groomed smooth and easy. Avoiding the bumps, twists, turns.

Complicated negoiations, demanding people, the layer of players involved in sales of real estate property listings add stress. They all need someone to set expectations. Explain the process. To help guide the step by step. Keep everyone on board. On what do we do, where do we go and when, how, why.

Timing is everything in real estate sales and to blow a chance to sell can mean a long delay lining up another buyer for the Maine home listing.

What does not help is when the property owner has a couple people who have expressed interest in the past. So could we please exclude them from the listing? They won't be buying most likely but what if. Let's exclude them from the real estate contract. Oh oh.

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What We Never Hear Maine Home Buyers Say.

There are some absolutes in life that all can agree on and Maine home buyers have them too.

So do sellers of houses in Maine. For example, you never hear a Maine home buyer ask for something jammed in. A house too small and owning a very cut up, confusing floor plan. Where you bump into people and walls, doors.The room flow is not good.

But none object to too many closets. Or nifty built ins to stash stuff.maine home closets photo

Maine home buyers don't want a place that is lacking any lot, ground  around the house either.

Give me Maine land.

Load it up.

Because Maine is wide open everywhere you look.

Other urban areas may serve up zero lot lines and wall to wall homes like meat and potato routine.Where it is why bother having side windows because all you see is the siding, into the home next door if the curtains are drawn.

Why does it happen/?  Because space is at a premium in the city. In Maine, nothing could be more from the truth. So when no space inside or out, buyers say pass. And time to bring in the chainsaw to lower the property listing price.

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Ho Ho Buying A Home Means Easy Does It With Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales.

The tug on wallet or purse to open wide and say Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale savings.

Means insert the pair of ear plugs. Reach behind your head to tie tight the darkness of a blindfold. You do not want to flash back to the time of The Sirens. black hawks hockey photo

Where to avoid crashing into the rocks.

To miss the drop anchor, gang plank dropping with a splashing thud too.

For the going ashore, the sailors having  to be lashed to the sail boat masts.

Until the coast was clear and they were out of the tractor beam, harms way to tempt them to hit the beach sand.

For a little courting and sparking. Like the ladies in the Brother Where Art Thou movie to steer clear of too.

So buying a Maine home.

Easy does it racking up debt. Keep your head clear. For the red rover, red rover come on over. Keep your stick on the ice. Helmet latched on.

Stay out of the penalty box for the charge of over spending. Slashing, roughing up your credit.

If you are thinking of buying a home, getting a mortgage, hold your horses on the extra spending to get a house loan.

Because debt ratios raise their ugly head. You were approved for a Maine home loan before the Turkey day after, or the following Monday but the temptation of rock bottom pricing on holiday gifts took over. Game over for buying a home and the slide the keys please.

Besides the being vigilant to avoid buying anything extra when buying a home in Maine. To look squeaky clean during the hold your hat in your hands. Steady the course to the real estate property closing.

There are some other important items on the list to never forget.To the now you are approved for a Maine home loan. But oh no, wait a minute. Guess you not longer are qualified after all.

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