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Real Estate Terms, There Is Audience Confusion.

Real Estate Terms, There Is Audience Confusion.

Like any industry, when you peddle a product or provide a service, the terms and buzz words can be misunderstood.

The abbreviations, letter combinations used can cause uncertainty in a real estate sale. And when you factor in that  most buyers and sellers of real estate property listings don't do these big life transfers very often, fear can enter the process.white water rafting seasonal property photo

Being scared of selling a house in time before the three years of back taxes caused a forfeiture and total loss is real scary.

So is a family having their heart set on a new home cross town or the country and the sale of the old one is stalled. Threatening whether the real estate domino will fall in the right direction or at all is terrifying.

Where are we going to live when it is your small family member asking a parent the question makes the home buyer or seller second guess themselves. Are they getting the job done and what are all the real estate expressions, terms being tossed back and forth in conversations and emails?

Between the bank, lawyer, appraiser, and other professionals that can forget their are others in the real estate operation room.

Who wonder what strange, foreign language have you slipped into that has them worried. Baffled on what was just said that somehow if important but not sure why.

It starts at the listing level. If the information on the property listing is neat and complete and all the spaces are filled in, that means the buyer has less unknowns. Hoping, wishing and assuming anything in life or real estate can be disasterous.

Wrong information is bad but missing details the buyer needs to make informed decisions is worse.

Because human nature is left fills in the blanks and not always with the correct answers. It depends on is the person snarky and negative or upbeat and positive? Or are their expectations way to high or down low go with the flow?

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Buying The Waterfront Property In Maine Next To You, Oh Oh.

Buying The Waterfront Property In Maine Next To You, Oh Oh.

The chance to buy a neighboring waterfront property in Maine.

Something to add to whatever you already own located next to you comes up. And shoreland zoning considerations enter the room conversation.

Like a NASA countdown pre-flight systems check, what you are about buy and how needs to be addressed carefully. With eyes wide open and the best laid plan hammered out. To proceed slowly and put into play before the actual sit down and let's have a real estate closing.lake waterfront sunset photo

Because how you merge the properties legally will impact forever if you can ever convey part of it on to a loved one or sell it off at all down the line.

When the real estate for sale is lucky enough to fall into a shore land zoning region in Maine, a big overhead crane lowers a more protective set of regulations.

To guide what does or does not happen to the real estate next to the water.

It lays a big protective template over the region 250' back from the waterfront.

In this case where a lake ends and the land out front of the cottage and extra lot begins.

The purpose of the shore land zoning law was to help assure the water quality of the precious natural resource that Maine is so fiercely protective of and that needs extra scrutiny.

When development around the waterfront is entertained.

Or existing properties next to the water are modified and what you can and can not do is not left up to the the owner's imagination. Or the township or plantation or unorganized location in Maine's code enforcement officer has clear cut guidelines to go by.

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Financing To Buy A New Home, More Than A Pretty, High Credit Score.

The financing to buy a home, the one you really have your heart set on.

Want to own for your family. It's out there. And along with kicking tires curbside and spending more of your time checking out the what is new to the market, what's for sale for homes.mobile friendly realestate web site photo

You've been hit with all the ads, offers and pelted with rates, programs and chances to get a loan. Peddled and presented smoothly as being as easy as just sign here.

You can't see the rest of the bank lending fine print to snag that low low rate with asterisk beside it and then hang on, the drop to the bottom of the monitor screen.

Or actually hear all about it in the thirty second holler for a dollar. To keep up with the liquid tongue announcer who rattles off the legal disclaimers at the tail end with not enough time to humanly hear.

That all goes along with the catchy sound bite. That enticed you in to the marketing tent to begin answering questions, filling in the spaces on the four page form where the banking process all begins.

What was your social security number and middle initial again?

It is Jane and John Doe, do I have that right? How long have you lived in your present address. I see. Okay. Now place of employment, savings accounts, who do you owe money.... (audio drops, picture fades to blac, scene changes to the home picked to buy,) 

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How Many Houses To See, Show, Before Vertigo Sets In.

 The beauty of video is if something does not turn out to work for the buyer, back out, go to the next one of the show and tell, open houses on demand listings.

If your broker shoots, edits, renders and uploads real estate videos.

Without the quick and easy video way to bounce from property to property, the process can bog down. Because for occupied houses with renters or owners, prior notice needed to gain access.

And depending on how far apart the property listings are, travel time and logistics of scheduling have to weigh in. Considering this home is 22 miles north of this one and the next one on the list is 35 miles south makes for a short real estate day.mt kahdinmaine maine home photo

Videos for real estate property listings save time in the whittling, filtering and slice, dice, deciding which ones to look at and the ones to say pass on.

People are busy, overbooked and often the best time to see a home is 10:30 at night. When the kids are in bed, laundry done and lunches packed for the next day. And a rare 20 minutes of time to unwind before the Sandman comes is spent on a lap top.

Looking for new home listings or whatever type of property. And seeing if the price has changed on an old favorite that gets re-toured over and over. Video makes showings instantly happen without delay.

They also help differentiate the places and show the distinctions that just a few images, couple lines of copy do not.

Also where we list, work and play, live here showing properties means more time needed. Not just for traveling to the current listings and setting up the order of showings to fit the time frames of all the home owners or renters. maine mooersrealty map

But because a place with acreage, lots of out buildings, say a farm property or something with land takes longer. To hoof it around the property and not make the buyer feel hurried.

The seller who expected a visit does not want to see a buyer drive in and out and not darken the doorstep.

But as the agent or broker who gets the thumbs up or down when the Jeep turns in, it is sometimes please just take a peek inside and consider the whole place. Before the deep six.

But again, don't want to waste the buyer's precious time but understand the seller wants to see the tour happen. And some can not imagine why the place is not bought because it is one of a kind, not another one like it to them. Because it is home, they may have to sell quickly and just are emotionally caught up in the place.

So how many houses can a typical buyer handle at one session?

Depends on the buyer, their ability to wipe this one off the list and not confuse the properties. And the distance between the real estate listings.

The weather, the scheduling that gets folks in and out quickly or bogs down and delays happen in the real estate show and tell.

Some renters would just as soon you did not show the place. Because they have to move and kinda like the surroundings. That situation can work against the real estate agent or broker.

Help yourself to this website's property listings for sale and please study the real estate videos.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730

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Home Remodeling | Improving Small Bathroom Situations

When we have a property listing to market, a small bathroom is not a feature to headline.

To lure a buyer of a home for sale to make the purchase. Small bathrooms are not sought after by Maine home buyers. And why they happen? You would have to ask the home builder who may be six feet under or gone on to the great beyond.bath in maine photo

Like buyers for land in Maine who don't ever ask for "what do you have for a good swamp", small bathrooms are not attractive.

Especially if a handicap buyer needs room to maneuver and get into the bathroom quickly when nature calls with a sense of urgency.

So improving, fixing, curing small bathrooms when space is at a premium and the way the waterworks were placed was not the best it could be. There are lots of tricks to untangle the crowded-ness of a small bath. Here are a few of them that are obvious, some not areas you may have thought about before now.

Cures for small bathrooms in homes for better living or simple resale.

When the budget is small or major renovations are just not in the budget or you rent the place you want to expand without a wrecking ball involved. The list includes adding larger mirrors. Especially opposite a window to make the appearance of two windows, a more deeper sense of space. The mind can accept certain optical illusion tricks easily.

Also transitions of surfaces the eye, the less the better.

If you are adding tile rather than stop over a shower short of the ceiling, take it all the way to the top.

Consider painting the ceiling the same lighter shade of the walls. Or because ceilings can appear a little darker from shadows, make the same shade as the walls a few ticks to the light version of the color selection off the wheel.

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