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A Real Estate Day | In Small Markets The Tasks Are Many!

A Real Estate Day | In Small Markets The Tasks Are Many!

Maine real estate days when you are a small broker are always interesting.

The people we meet for buyers and sellers have various highly interesting backgrounds! I learn a lot from the listing and showing to sellers and buyers that our Northern Maine office have helped since 1976.
But take away the unique personalities of the clients and customers we deal with and all the bankers, appraisers, home inspectors, tradesmen for repairs, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, ex spouses, estate family members, renters, law enforcement, etc. houltonmaine1

And then the way the real estate day is spent starts early, goes late.

 With a variety of exercises that start at the time of listing a property and go all the way to the sit down closing.
And after the sale our agency is involved from friendly advice on who to turn to for goods or services or when a problem pops up. That requires the approach "let's mediate not litigate" when the water heater springs a leak or  the flashing around the chimney causes brown stains on the ceiling tiles.

So the real estate day of a small town broker in Maine, hitting the highlights is what this blog post plans to illustrate.

Like most jobs, carry over from the day before happens. New emergencies pop up that cause the well planned day to go astray. The best lesson ever learned in 38 years of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate bar none is don't make Monday morning appointments. Because they are already hectic enough from folks that show up on the agency doorstep to our brokerage office early Monday morning. Sellers too wonder, worry and are anxious to get moving on the whether they should list at this time or hold off quandry. And Monday morning is the time when everything comes to a head at the same time.

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Real Estate Closing Costs | What Buyers, Sellers Can Expect To Pay.

Real Estate Closing Costs | What Buyers, Sellers Can Expect To Pay.

Real estate closing costs, what are they, how much are they?

What are the buyer and seller expected to pay when a property listing gets sold? This real estate blog post covers what happens in my hometown in the state of Maine. It is not a broad brush absolute who pays what to cover the country regarding the topic of "closing costs".

Many areas across America have even more items under the heading of "closing costs" that add to the fees to buy, sell, trade.

Where I list Maine properties for sale, we don't have home owner's associations that require certain extra fees. There is one property tax a year, not several. And it includes the state, county, local portion in the one tax bill. I know, I know it is not that way in other lands where we don't peddle properties day in and out.

Sometimes a lake home or cottage has a road dues fee assessed annually but even that is usually a voluntary contribution. It is a lot simpler living in small town Northern Maine! Lower prices, less people, simpler living in Vacationland.lighthouse1

This blog post will look at real estate closing costs in a typical Maine home sale to hit the highlights.

To get you in and out quickly. We know you are pretty busy! You just want to know what should I expect to pay to along the way and to make sure you have enough budgeted for the closing cost expenses. So you can sleep nights and be assured you are getting a home bought or sold which is very exciting life news.

The score sheet to keep track of the two sides of the real estate sale transaction is the ever evolving HUD-1 settlement statement for buyer and seller costs. Closing costs for sellers land anywhere from six to ten percent of the home's sales price. It's not cash out of the pocket usually but instead expenses subtracted from the profit bottom line gross on the home sale. Unless the home seller is upside down, owes more than the property is worth and has to shell out the difference. Or moves on to a short sale situation which is another topic for another real estate blog post where the seller has no money to settle up the difference. No equity in the home means you better find a way to make up the shortage for the "clear to close memo" to circulate. For everyone to line up for the dot the "I"'s and crossing the "T"'s before sliding the house keys across the highly polished conference room table.

Real estate buyers worry they won't have enough to close the home sale. Because even though a bank or mortgage company lender of the loan has to by law provide a good faith estimate of what all this is going to cost to be in compliance with truth in lending regulations. The typical home buyer is still scared what if I don't have enough at the tail end real estate closing to cover expenses? They want the house, their family is counting on them to make it happen. They badly want to stop renting, start owning.

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Maine Homes For Sale | That Pink Bathroom Has To Go.

Maine Homes For Sale | That Pink Bathroom Has To Go.
 The out of state buyer from New Mexico made the blog post headline response in unison with her daughter. "That pink bathroom color has got to go!".
That daughter got the link to the property listing forwarded that we had shared with Mom. All agree in the family. The daughter is in New Zealand watches the home video. The mother focused on one particular listing is a Maine home buyer that like most realizes colors are up to the person who owns the house. Or that the last person's art work continues with whatever they picked and painted from the color wheel from down at the local hardware store. What needs to be done before a home is put on the market for sale?
They ask, worry about their job in this partnership to get the home sold. Sellers want to know what should we do before the marketing images and video. But the updates all take time. And a hot market cools up depending on lots of factors. Still whatever you do is what shows good or bad in the marketing media used to attract buyers. Not just the local ones either like this email today shows...
"Hi Andy,
"We love your enthusiasm! it's so very difficult to "look" at property from across the country and I see things hubby doesn't and vice versa. But we both are intelligent enough to see there is much 'bang for your buck' with this house after watching your neatly done real estate video! Twelve acres is more than enough for a couple horses that are more like lawn ornaments than actual workers! But we wanted enough for them to get off their lazy butts and move around and this provides that. And I like to grow as much of our food as possible and we'd also have plenty of room for that."
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Low Ball Offers | How To Handle Real Estate Negotiations.

The low ball offer on the real estate listing.
They happen. And letting the seller of a property know to expect them helps when they are received. Need to be relayed for a reaction. Often the buyer making it demands immediate possesssion, a list of extra things they expect the seller to do. They can overwhelm the property owner because of being so one sided and unreasonable in the seller's opinion. In a slow real estate market, there are not truck loads of buyers coming down the pike. So any and all offers are considered seriously. loadedtruck low ball offers photo
Reminding the seller of a listing by law we have to convey any and all offers we receive is necessary before and during the presentation of an offer on real estate.
Even if the property owner tells the agent or broker at the listing at the kitchen table don't call me with anything less than the price tag hanging off the property on the mls platform. Seller can hold the low ball offer against the agent or broker. That's why relaying them is not the most enjoyable part of our job.
First, why do low ball offers happen?
Sometimes it is all the buyer can afford for real estate. And they hope maybe you are in a charitable mood, that there could be a desperate situation that would cause the seller to take it. Often the offer of any size is just designed to learn today, would you take any less for the property than the listing price Mr and Mrs, Miss or MS Seller?
What is the bottom line, show me what is the best you can do today if you are serious about selling with this price, these conditions. This is classic real estate negotiationing to make it work for both sides of the real estate teeter totter. It may not be fair for all, but is it accepted? Can a low ball offer be negotiated into one that will fly and get everyone to a real estate closing?
Time will tell if communication happens in the negotiation. It will die if neglected and the discussion about the offer and what to do next are not occuring.
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Maine Town Spotlight | Oakfield ME | Aroostook County

Oakfield Maine, located in Aroostook County has Interstate 95 access. The foothills of Oakfield Maine caused someone to dub the town the "Switzerland of Maine".
Those same foothills have wind generators planted along the high terrain and local residents enjoy a stipend from the farm harnessing the breeze.Each full time resident pockets around $2100 a year in the fall. Just in time for real estate property tax bill settling up. And some tax payers receive higher check amounts due to sound or light flicker easements. The size depends on how close to a residence of the property owner the wind beater twirls. community center oakfield m
I know one local resident of a Maine log home we are selling that gets a check for $5100 for the next sixteen years if all goes as promised.
There are just shy of 50 wind turbine electric generators standing tall at an average height of 450'. Up in the air in Oakfield Maine. The wind generator farm spans roughly 150 acres, producing almost 150 megawatts of power.
Oakfield Maine, rich in Bangor and Aroostook Railroad history. The local railroad station in Oakfield Maine is on the historic register of important places. Take a ride on a passenger train in Oakfield Maine.
Like most towns in late to be developed Aroostook County, the shape of Oakfield Maine is pretty much six by six miles. More on the facts and figures of Oakfield Maine. Population around 726 in Oakfield Maine is what the search for souls shows. The median age of Oakfield residents is 48.7 years. This is the official website of Oakfield Maine.
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Building A Boat House On A Maine Lake, How's That Shoreland Zoning Work?

Building A Boat House On A Maine Lake, How's That Shoreland Zoning Work?

The property on the Maine lake and what can you do to it if you buy it?

Valuable information and involves a crash course on shoreland zoning in Maine lake properties. The 250 foot shoreland zoning strip around Maine's waterfront is a sacred designation. No one wants to knowingly hurt the waterfront habitat and should be sensitive to why the regulations are in place. Because no protection of the Maine lake natural resource and there won't be anything worthwhile to pass on to the next generation.

Being a good steward and respecting the lake water quality and development around the waterfront isn't something you just know as a young grasshopper. It is taught through example by whoever owns and protects the shoreland zone around a Maine lake. They teach who they pass the property to the respect for the natural habitat. To tread lightly.

So boat houses on a Maine lake, can you put up one to get the watercraft under cover? If there was no boathouse on the shoreland you are about to purchase, there is no grandfathered structure to preserve and improve. The boat house on the Maine lake was a structure in place before the shoreland zoning was set up and the rules and regulations were drafted into law. loons4

So what if there is a leaning, sorry looking boat house that someone put into play out front of the cottage or lake front camp or home?

The mandatory shoreland zoning act of Maine was put into play in 1971. And steadily the protection regulations for Maine waterfront properties have been beefed up, better defined by the state. With local municipalities adding their own added regulations  above and beyond the Maine shoreland zoning law.

I tell someone as a Maine real estate broker to not tear down or remove the existing boat house on the shoreline of a lake without getting the local town officials involved.

Document what you are going to do with date, times, paperwork copies of all correspondence. Talking to the code enforcement officer before you get out the hammer and nails is wise. Partner up with that individual who often in small Maine towns wears the same hat in many of the municipalities lucky enough to have lake, river, pond, ocean or any waterfront resources within the town or plantation limits.

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New Property Listings On Maine Real Estate For Sale.

New Property Listings On Maine Real Estate For Sale.

Fresh, current and something new to consider when searching for new property listings for sale.

The Maine real estate selection is like anything in life. The greater the selection, the better the matchmaking for the best possible property listing fit. The price is always an object unless someone hit the power ball jackpot. Or suddenly learned they inherited boat loads of money from a long lost or near and dear favorite relative. drews lake chickadee kitche

What's for sale needs to be added to, the inventory of market real estate listings has to change.

To meet the demands of the buying public who scours the Internet. Takes the long trips and  drives the streets, roadways to see if anything new is available in current real estate listings. Waterfront listings in Maine is never well stocked enough and always in short supply, holding its value.

But back to what's new for property listings on Maine real estate for sale. It is never once and done when listing anything that requires marketing. Because the property listed when white stuff is on the ground, that has the ho ho ho Christmas tree front and center in the living room needs a change up in the image rotation.

New photos to bring the property that liners on the market into the next season makes real estate listings look current.

Changing the order of the pictures used to showcase and create the eye candy helps make an older listing look young and fresh. No one wants mold to grow on the marketing and a return to the listing portals to beef up the information has to happen. Or if it does not, the new listing agent on the Maine real estate will get a turn at the marketing array of information.

When "NEXT" is hollered, the silent saleman out front the property for sale is yanked and replaced.

Photos, narrative details, property videos along with plat maps and floor plans help the guy or gal on the other end of the marketing signal make the connection quick, complete, easy. That is what is needed on everything for sale in the listing inventory. 

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The Hokey Pokey Of A Real Estate Listing Sale In Maine.

The Hokey Pokey Of A Real Estate Listing Sale In Maine.
In our real estate list and sell job in Maine, we provide a service to buyers and sellers.
When you deal with the public you continuously adjust to meet the need in the best way possible to get positive results for everyone. That's the goal every real estate sale.You put your whole self in and turn it all about. Hey. That's what it's all about right?
No one said it is always easy. And every seller, buyer in real estate wants to feel like their property listing or sale is the only one I am working on. But all people are like snowflakes and wired very differently. Emotions can run high when are approaching closing deadlines, develop a glitch in the family relocation move plans and financial strain is often involved. canoe race 4 photo
You find out a lot about yourself, others too when pressure increases and the heat of life gets turned up to test everyone involved in a real estate sale.
Especially ones that get to a critical stage and the property closing is threatened to ever happening.
Round the clock personal service like the waiter or waitress at the local eatery who just knows when to visit the table without being too attentive.
That's what is needed, attention to detail without being obnoxious. To keep paddling. So everyone stays in the boat on the floating journey to the real estate closing safe harbor. It is a joy to have the elderly widow who trusts you to handle the listing sale as if you were family close related.
And the young couple who needs guidance in their first home buying foray lean on their real estate professional pretty hard.They are giddy and scared at the same time because they want to stop renting but worry about financing big numbers, carry the mortgage for up to thirty years. And juggling the other payment demands in the monthly budget that is pretty lean and mean in the accumulation stage of their life on Earth. So there is lots of conversation to assure, to guide the way to the sit down real estate closing to make it as stress free smooth, as rock bottom inexpensive as I can.
But aside from the nuances of every particular real estate deal, there are basic emotions to recognize and understand. So the real estate sale stays on course to a successful closing.
The one where the buyer and seller exchange well wishes, get up, smile, shake hands and head out of the closing conference room to hit the parking lot. Slide behind the wheel and get on to the next stop in their life.
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Moving To Maine, Why People Relocate Here.

Moving to Maine, why do people relocate here to Vacationland?

Well, before looking at the positives when the move is north to Maine, you have to examine the motivation to move. What puts fire in the belly, kicks you and me in the pants to get going and make a move. slauenwhite maine land photo

The reasons people move centers first around renting and wanting to own the four walls, roof and floor that house them.

Wasting money renting is like treading water and not adding to your personal wealth and happiness.

From the lease shift to owning, the reasons for more moves in a lifetime are because of the desire for more space, for a better location.

And often because in small rural real estate markets like Maine, buying bigger and better, more up to date and renovated is cheaper than trying to make a tired, weary collection of sticks and bricks into something more substantial. It is the return on investment and the always low to the ground real estate pricing in an out of the way state like Maine.

More on the mistakes made trying to add on to a home, why additions are tricky business and need extra special attention.

Or to be avoided like in the case of a mobile home additions where they were never designed for one.

The moving to Maine is a pull on the heart strings that haunts out of state buyers until they do finally act on the desire. Less crime, no traffic, low cost properties, all the wildlife and fewer people to deal with all add to the magic of the moving to Maine. Sometimes in retirement, the relocation to Maine is for the Golden Years. Or a second home for vacation use until the big retirement party happens.

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Delays Selling A Home, The House Owner Holds Up The Show And Tell.

Delays Selling A Home, The House Owner Holds Up The Show And Tell.

Delays selling a home, what adds to the days on market that cause shelf life problems?

The seller has a role in what can stop the momentum to get to a quick, profitable real estate closing. The what wastes time in a real estate home sale topic has been given lots of press. But the house owner themselves have a major role in what delays the sale. Or worse yet keeps the listing from even hopping on the new inventory of what's for sale for homes in the MLS local area. moose maine lake land for s

Most of us, me included would not have our homes up to snuff to just wander out front and step on a silent salesmen to start the process of announcing this place is for sale.

I know my home is not ready for the show and tell, come on in. That first impression is everything right? I would want to tackle the garage first because it is far from tip top tidy.

I would want to paint this ceiling in the cellar rec room that got a leak stain from the dishwasher problem last winter and to swamp out all the stuff the four kids left behind when they left the nest. Every room needs attention to tight it up. Make it ship shape. Garages especially are way way out of control after a Maine winter and neglect too. And no one wants an avalanche when closets are opened up and here comes lots of spilling cargo for all to see.

But beyond that personal list of what to do before put the place online and up for sale. In my travels of over 37 years of property listing, marketing and selling Maine real estate, I see the pattern. Of the Maine home seller who wants to not just detail the place and get it ready Freddy in A+ shape for property tours. They have projects that have been carried around in the gray matter for years that never got off the drawing board. But now that a house sale is contemplated, suddenly delays in getting the home on the real estate market are because of they renovations. That I try to explain are not all needed since a house sale is the plan Stan. But because the home owner has always wanted to do these improvements, they won't let go of them. 

In our small rural housing market in Northern Maine, if the kitchen gets a new floor in the latest color trend is not the end of the World.

Because when you have a home in Maine selling for $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000 it is not that all important to be within on the color wheel that the public tends to be picking from today. Value is a good roof, a heating system that is not from the last century and space inside and outside is on the gotta have list of the pretty frugal house buyers in Maine.

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The Little Things In Real Estate Listing, Twisting, Selling.

The Little Things In Real Estate Listing, Twisting, Selling.

Like most things in life, it is the snow ball of all the little details that help or hurt a real estate listing sale.

As a new property hops up on the whirling listing conveyor belt for the razzle dazzle, pick me pick me would you please. The current real estate market conditions impact the speed and chances of ever having a successful real estate closing. The property pricing is the biggest factor that influences a sale on any type of real estate listing. realestatesalephoto3

The value of your property is the tallest hurdle to clear or you can forget all the loose ends that follow behind that figure filled into the price space on the MLS listing software form.

But when the price on the property gets adjusted up and down and is like a ping pong, the buyers watching the real estate radar get the wrong impression. It disappears when pushed up to a higher price bracket so the buyer thinks it is sold. Then reappears when the sales price is lowered and drops back into a low bracket.

The property buyer thinks something must be wrong with the property, it is back on the market and failed to sell. Shelf life, the increasing days on the market (DOM) don't help the sale chances either just as the longer a person is on the operating table, the greater chances of problems developing that threaten coming out of the pair of doors alive and kicking.

Forget the large amounts of wiggle room weighing down a real estate sale listing price. And instead of expecting one brave soul to have the nerve to make an offer, let everyone know you mean to sell. By pricing the property realistically right off the bat. Then monitoring, adjusting that sticker price all the way up to going under contract. To reflect the market all the listings swim in and react to as more real estate comes on and off the current inventory competition.

The list of little things in a real estate sale that impact the chances of a closing include how clean or cluttered the property is. And if the smell of the property odors follow the broker and the buyers home. How quick a possession can be arranged will make or break a sale. Nothing beats an empty home for the hurry up to slide in and start playing house for the new buyer.

Which bank is picked for the mortgage lending can be good, bad or plain ugly.

Local lenders give the best turn around to keep the financial lending wheels spinning best for ground covering action. Far from your state bank loan processing centers can cause sales to die on the real estate vine in the wait for the appraiser, the paperwork shuffle. From all the layers of players in the underwriting dog and pony to get a clear to close for a successful sit down paper shuffle transfer of the real estate title.Too long means too bad when the seller, buyer or both pull the plug on the bank lender.

Marketing, the reach and frequency of the real estate listing exposures determines the size of the buyer pool.

If only local folks, your neighbor knows about the place being for sale, good luck selling fast and for the highest price possible. MOOERS REALTY finds that buyers and seller are very busy and delivery of the information better be cutting edge available and quick, easy to slice and dice. Missing information, a delay in getting current, fresh details about the property for sale, the local community is critical.

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How Much Home Can I Afford To Buy?

How Much Home Can I Afford To Buy?

How much home can I afford to buy?

What mortgage payment would fit into my monthly budget that has other financial obligations to meet? There are some that just don't know for sure what a bank mortgage home loan underwriter would say is the magic number when buying a home. Others who know they don't care how high the "loan arranger" says they can afford but tie it to what they are already paying for rent. buying a home photo

A lot of renters are paying way way beyond the monthly lease installment they technically can afford.

Fixing this, mowing the lawn, paying for utilities that should be on the house meter but that are not. The worry for a home buyer about property taxes, property insurance and upkeep can make the house payment be a small part of the obligation. Many renters are just over spending, paying more than they can afford for their rental units which makes the cushion of extra cash missing in their wallet or purse. And that's why so short on closing costs or getting behind on other payments when something unexpected comes up needing immediate attention. It used to be one flavor or local home loans too, that involved a hefty twenty five percent down payment or forget even trying to get a house mortgage.

So back to the headline of the blog, the question about how much home can I afford? The two rules of thumb batted around if everything is equal is one week's paycheck allocated to housing. Or the other real estate axiom is two and a half times your yearly salary. I prefer to gravitate to the one quarter of your monthly income. So money is left over for other essentials like groceries, house repairs, kid's braces, family entertainment, credit cards, car paymentets etc. Here is one debt to income calculator to fill in the numbers and run some financial scenarios.

The debt to income ratio is just as important as a good credit score and paying your bills on time month after month.

The debt to income ratio is the percentage of your gross income required to cover your housing and debt payments. The lower your debt-to-income ratio the easier to carry your debt load will be. A low debt-to-income ratio increases the odds that you will be able to meet your monthly obligations and not miss any of the payments. This debt to income ratio and your credit score are the two most important factors used by creditors when extending home loans and offering additional credit in lending exercises.To much debt and the odds proven by the numbers if the debt ratio gets too high means everyone loses. 

Calculators for buying a home in Maine.

You need to know more than just what is my monthly house payment going to be if the loan is this long a term for the mortgage at this particular interest rate. Debt ratios on how much you make, how much you spend now and what this new home payment is going to weigh in at is part of the mortgage home loan underwriting. 

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Buyers, Sellers Of Real Estate Homes In Maine Need Help.

Buyers, Sellers Of Real Estate Homes In Maine Need Help.

Buying a home in Maine is serious stuff.

Lots to look out for today in the real estate list, twist, sell. Nothing to be left to chance and a real estate professional makes it look easy. But it is not child's play to buy a home. And for the lucky home buyer, staying in the property and making payments, repairs, carrying the financial burden of the sticks and bricks. Pretty important stuff with a lot to consider. monumentborder maine photo

But the two sides of the real estate equation need to be talked about so the buyer and seller understand the ground rules.

To know what is expected of each side of the partnership. As a seller, what has to happen to make sure lots of buyers are in the swarm considering your place?

Tips for sellers of a home.

The attraction to come in from the curb means spruce up the exterior of the property listing. Mow grass, trim those cedar shrubs and hedges. Cut back the long limbs hanging down and crowding the buildings or making the back yard look smaller and over grown. Make sure the front door yard does not look like a police in pound area for seized cars. Park them somewhere else or clean out that garage so the primary vehicles can slide inside!

Paint the home, building exteriors and match that color so it is more scrape and touch up instead of painting the place an entirely new color a few shades brighter or lighter than the original saves time and money. Straighten or replace those cracked or hanging, missing window shutters too helps the appearance. Clean those windows to make them sparkle!

Heading inside the house, the leaking faucets, the missing light bulbs and clutter, dirt need to be addressed.

Before the property showings and for the video walk through open house on demand loops. The inside images should be ready for show time and not showing loose ends that are addressed but after the photo shoot.

Make the inside navigation of the property free of obstacles. Hitting your hip on the table corner does not help the focus of your buyer as he or she wander through and hopefully ooh and aah from joy, not pain. The kitchen and bathroom need to be ship shape and not look like a bomb hit. Teenagers, pick up your mess please! Or someone tidy up the premises like the hotel maid. Nothing on the surfaces for piled high stuff leaning and sliding to the floor.

Do the laundry or hide it away. But not to cause an avalanche when the buyer checks out the closets. Send the barking dogs to your mother in laws. Vacuum, pick up the toys, open up the shades, make sure there is no odor.

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Maine Real Estate Market Reports

Maine Real Estate Market Reports

Maine real estate market reports can be as dry as a kid's popcorn balls found tucked away from Halloween trick or treating a few years back.

But that's if the market reports are rows of numbers and missing pie or bar graphs that tell you quickly what is going on in the many sections of a local real estate market. The ones you would find most interesting in feeling the pulse and reading the collected vital signs.real estate market report

Market reports for real estate that deal with the specific areas of Maine a buyer or selling is thinking about are the most important to them.

Because decisions made affect their pocket books, families and careers. When to move, when to stay put and hold 'em like a real life Poker game. The stakes are high when your family is involved in the move.

And if the reader of a blog post or listening to the media real estate market report is just not interested at this time in buying or selling, the current property listing stats get skipped over completely. Or forgotten beyond the catchy media headline or sound bite. Because at this moment in time they are not a seller or buyer with a listing or sale in the wind and are busy concerned about other pressing matters in life.

But real estate market reports for Maine that do examine the current conditions are a highly valuable economic tool to a seller on the fence and thinking about the best time to slide off and list their property.

Or for a property buyer that kicks it into high gear to purchase now because some factor like rising interest rates or a shrinking supply of the real estate listings he can afford is influx. Waiting could mean less value for the buck in the real estate exchange.

Like travel when the weather can be fickle, there is a best time to hop in or out of the real estate market. Or stay parked and continue to study the current real estate market like a doctor and nurse do the vitals on the patient in the bed hooked up to all the glowing numbers, beeping monitors.

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The Questions Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents And Brokers.

The Questions Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents And Brokers.

Questions on the property listing, what can you tell me about the home for sale makes for a long list to answer.

What would interest one person might not another but condition, the shape of the home for sale is important. To please a bank financing the loan on it. And for the buyer who thinks of the size of the job jar, how many of them are filled to the brim and that he is agreeing on tackling if this is the home he buys.(Gulp).flickrtemplate-maine-photos

How real estate property listings improve a home buyer's life depends on a number of factors too.

Everyone of us has hot spots of what he wants, does not seek in homes, partners, any provision of goods, services, life experiences.

What enthuses one in life bores the heck out of someone else. Variety is the spice of life, and real estate property searches too reflect this versatility in listing needs. As they gather round the real estate agent or broker and start firing the questions. The question list is longer if the presentation is skimpy and lacks information, much in the way of imagery, plat maps, floor plans or video to feed them the property details at their preferred pace, on their time frame that is usually after hours. 

Real estate buying is emotional, there is lots of dreaming attached to the property search. For just the right piece of real estate to reach out, pull off the current MLS carousel going round and round the buyer on the hunt for something to purchase.

To fit a need, to improve a nesting size and location problem. Too big, too small or just right is a moving target with real estate buyers who have life changes. Caused by health, disease, divorce, or affluence and the ability to buy more, get more from their housing dollar.

So the real estate lifestyle search filtering routine is part of how the wheels turn in the head of the listing buyer grind. The home buyer that is ready, willing and able or plans to be to make the purchase if they like from what they find online or in person during the one by one property tours.

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Registry of Deeds In Maine, Sixteen Counties To Land Title Search.

Registry of Deeds In Maine, Sixteen Counties To Land Title Search.

Registry of deeds in Maine, Vacationland is a big state that has sixteen counties for land title searching and recording.

Of all the legal instruments involved when a property is conveyed to another real estate owner. To keep track of who owns what in the chain of title so a real estate abstractor or you and I can know who is the record owner today. Or twenty, forty years ago, whenever time in history is picked for revealing the true, absolute owner in the search of land titles to the real estate under the microscope. houltonmaine registry of deeds photo

Maine is a race notice state which means if you get a property title deed to the real estate, you have one important life and death serious matter to address.

You better find your way to the local registry of deeds.

Don't tuck it away in a top drawer or slide it into a book high up in a little used cabinet and forget to get it recorded.

The deed could burn in a fire, get lost and misplaced in the shuffle when you take your last breath. The lungs stop and your estate is broken up in the dispersement of your real and personal property.

Get that deed to the real estate registry for copying, for the micro filming to store elsewhere. For the all important putting the new title in your name on record at the local registry of deeds pronto. Because if it is not on record, showing up in a forty year title search or longer for the World to know that you are rightful property owner, it's a big sigh and "rut rho Mister Man" sputtered.

Without a recorded, witnessed and notarized legal deed of conveyance placed on record, well now Chummy, nothing keeps the seller from finding another real estate buyer.

Taking his money and granting the same deed description, location and acreage you thought you had purchased. Selling it again to another eager real estate buyer who simply trots up the registry of deed's steep granite court house steps. With the second duplicate deed in hand to pay the fee for so much a first page, second or how many trees killed to make the paper to hammer out the documentation. To show the local property tax people who get a copy who to send notices to each year. The seller, the buyer, the legal description to the real estate along with the transfer tax formsthat accompanies it to record the real estate title to the land in Maine. This is serious stuff when talking the biggest value asset most of us ever possess.

First come, first serve is how the scales of blind folded lady justice law courts view who is really the true owner of the property in Maine now. And if a property is divided up without a legal survey that was done all day long before the slower, expensive splitting up land subdivision process became law in the early 1970's, what if too much pie was sliced and diced?

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Maine Town Spotlight | Hodgdon ME - Aroostook County

Maine Town Spotlight | Hodgdon ME - Aroostook County

Hodgdon Maine is located in the collection of towns in Aroostook County.

Parked on the Canadian border and covering one six by six mile square township south of Houlton Maine. Bordered on the south by Cary Plantation, the west by Linneus Maine. Like other towns in the Southern Aroostook area, farming, logging timber helped put the school land grant on the map. Those two disciplines were what initially spurred settlers to load up the wagon and take the trip north into what was still part of Massachusetts until 1820.cowflies maine farm photo

Hodgdon Maine had 515 households the last US Census survey says. 1309 folks live in this bedroom community to Houlton Maine.

Hodgdon Maine  like Houlton and other towns in what was part of Washington County at the time had a fuzzy border line with our Canadian family and friends.

Loyalists to the King jumped back and forth of what they argued over, the real location of where the International border boundary line was or should look like, where it should be. It took many years for a concensus of opinions on the boundary line and so the railroad could set up shop in this region of the Northern Maine wilderness of woods, patches of fertile cleared fields and pasture land.

My mother was a Benn from a section of Hodgdon Maine called Benn Hill where a lot of Christmas trees come from thanks to local surveyor Fred Rooney who planted them as a side enterprise.

Major views generate from this elevation of Hodgdon but the real top shelf vista happens when you climb Westford Hill. Lots of picnics, a few outdoor music concerts with several local bands on flat bed truck trailers have created music on Westford Hill on the Cone Farm property. Probably a little grape juice, barley pop, fire water were mixed in with the live music strummed, sang by local musicians. Westford Hill, where the amps could be turned up nice and loud, because no one around to bother. 

Views from Westford Hill include Mars Hill to the north, to the west you see Mt Katahdin. And the view extends into Canada on the east. Much of the scenery to the south and west is in to unorganized sections of Maine that are still under populated. These vast woods are loaded with more wildlife than people.

Hodgdon Maine was formed in 1832, began keeping vital records in 1837.

There is rich history found in the cemetary on the Walker Road where my grandparents, lots of other relatives are buried. The plots lined along the hilly terrain grid work of driveways overlook the recreation fields where little league, horse shows and other Hodgdon Maine community events happen.

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Second Homes In Maine For Sale.

Second Homes In Maine For Sale.

Second homes in Maine for sale. Looking for a vacation property or retirement real estate?

Maine is a pretty state with plenty of open space, less people. And the word is out about how neat it would be to own a low cost second home in Maine.

Sometimes the second home in Maine is on the water front. deer  in maine photo

Other times in town, out in the country. Many have plenty of land acres surrounding them for a lifestyle that includes having lots of property. A feature missing where eight out of ten people live in a city, urban setting. Horses, planting something, raising something on the farm land in Maine that is part of the second homedream.

Empty grocery store shelves, losing power for days and other fear survival guides exploit make the purchase of low cost real estate in Maine seem a logical choice. Safety is not so common a feeling when you live where lots of people are clumped together. And not so many wildlife examples.

When more than one buyer is after a second home, the price goes up with the demand.

In small rural Maine with more wildlife and acreages of vast woods and not so many inhabitants create the prices that are affordable. Attractive to Maine second home buyers that are making the decision to spend more time in Vacationland than just a long weekend, a seven day time away from work chance to relax. Two buyers is good, three is better to create an auction setting feeling for the owner of what becomes someone's second home.

Besides the space, the ability to hear yourself think, Maine is sought after for a second home investment for other reasons. The no cost woods trails to explore, the lower expense to insure a place in the 4th lowest crime state. In part of the country where the cost of living is lower. The pride of workmanship is high in rural Maine. Getting away from high tension traffic, all those dead bolts and sliding chairs, security cameras and blinding external lighting.

In Maine you willl see stars you did not know existed over head in a sky of diamond sparkle on a black velvet back drop.

Light pollution, other kinds too is just not a concern when again there is less people per square inch. Northern Maine where I live has 11 people per square mile. Southern Maine is loaded with elbow room too but clocks in with 44 people for the same mile by mile square.

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Like A Traveler Needing Directions, Information, Real Estate Websites.

Like A Traveler Needing Directions, Information, Real Estate Websites.

When you are lost, trying to save time getting to your destination, real estate websites can add or take away from the same kind of experience.

Nothing beats helpful, easy, and not leaving the online real estate search session hungry. Or worse, frustrated because there is a delay getting what you were after. We get it.

And here's the other big surprise, everyone likes to absorb the property listings, the local community way things roll and ABC simple guidance differently. All buyers of real estate have time constraints these days. And even if they had all the time in the World, teasing them with all the properties sounding alike in the skimpy write up of the copy and pasted does not satisfy the hunger for information.derby2011 houlton maine tech day photo

Some real estate buyers like to read.

Others study the pictures. More and more gravitate to video or do all the above  in different degrees.

Being ready, stocking all the shelves of the real estate vending machines and serving up home cooked, individual attention getting presentations.

Media savvy. Kind of like a cub reporter, news broadcaster, handy with the camera stills and real estate video loops. To make marketing deadlines. As the conveyor belt from our real estate workshop spins viciously.

That's what today's real estate professional wearing the white lab coat does day and night. Or better be or the buyer for real estate, sellers too will find another portal that does provide the whole nine yards. And easily presentated so the back button is not used in frustration on real estate websites.

The website design for real estate websites can focus on the color, font, how simple or complicated the approach is. But what's inside, something good has to be put in those online component spaces to help the hit and run real estate buyer. The navigation is important to be predictable and natural.

But the size of the display, not wasting words in long rambling disconnected paragraphs has to be considered. All for the bottom line desire to not waste a second of the property listing buyer's precious time. You want the buyer to come back. A relationship is forming that hopefully goes beyond just the one site visit. That leads to being the buyer, seller of real estate becoming the broker or agent for life in the partnership. Not leaving the website like a dragon fly hit and run.

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Talk To Me Like A Local, What All Maine Real Estate Buyers Want.

Talk To Me Like A Local, What All Maine Real Estate Buyers Want.

The buyer for Maine real estate is not always local.

The Internet has opened up the waters considerable beyond the days of just running a few national magazine and big city newspaper ads to attract out of town property listing buyers. And because those new to these parts have often not much local information, in small rural Maine towns, the real estate broker becomes the cub reporter. Treating people however we meet them online or in person like travellers not tourists. maine mooersrealty photo

Tell us what it is like living in your small Maine town.

Well for starters, I would say many things make a small Maine town great.

What is it like living in a small Maine town.

So the local information, it is key to the never been to your area or only vacationed a few times real estate buyer.

And blog, shoot videos about small Maine town living, what do you do for fun in your area. Those media creations, reports never go on deaf ears or closed eye peepers in the case of simple community videos. Say a 4th of July video.

So the low cost property listings are important components on the moving, relocation to Maine.

They tug on the wallet, while the lack of traffic, no crime, fresh air and space, clean water ways pull hard on the heart strings. Of the Maine real estate buyer looking for an area that improves their life. With recreational and hobby options that come with the real estate listing they pick out and settle on. As the one for them to buy and relocate to small, rural Maine way of living.

So back to talking to you the reader like a local, an insider, as someone that loves living in Maine, you want to know more about the people, the vibe, the traditional way of how things rock and roll.

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