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Black Friday Real Estate Listings | Use Promo Code MAINE.

Black Friday Real Estate Listings | Use Promo Code MAINE.

Black Friday, the time of the year shoppers worry about missing a deal, not saving a bundle.

And to feel hunky dory, setting alarm clocks to rise and shine in the wee hours.

As the ho ho holiday season approaches and we all want to help out the portly guy in red velvet with fur trim. With the addiction to egg nog and a friend to elves everywhere.

But real estate, what happens to the list, twist and selling of property listings during Black Friday air raid sirens sounding?

When everywhere you look, there is a flyer, a news bulletin, a shopping alert on all the media streams about don’t let it get away.

Too low to pass up. The bargain, with wicked good pricing but only two in the entire big box store to wrestle away from other black belt shoppers. Black Friday.

Like blood thirsty wildebeests eyeing a piece of hanging beef swinging overhead. And becoming snarky, territorial with the rest of the pack where trust and a spirt of goodwill to all of mankind exits the building like Elvis.

No thank you very much. Not going to get all shook up Mama.

Don’t care how low priced those blue suede shoes are advertised as too good a deal to pass up on Black Friday. And already have a few pairs that serve me just fine. Ever notice you shop and collect more of the same that already hides in your closet?

But Christmas is a time to make sure to buy yourself a little something to make sure you got what you wanted right? Just look at all these Black Friday loss leader teasers to get you to push and shove to get close to the sliding glass double doors when the starting gun is fired.

Easy people, no shoving or stampede and be sensitive to those in wheelchairs and navigating strollers.

Real estate listings gets a lot of attention over the holidays. Despite Black Friday acrobats to leap over to aisle five’s end cap with the blue light lit up and revolving like a disco ball.

 It is a myth real estate does not sell in winter in Maine. Because life does not stop around the tinsel , turkey and mistletoe ribboned in green and red.

Folks are movin’ and groovin’. On the tear. Out on the open highways on the hunt for something other than the latest and greatest on everyone’s wish list this holiday season. gas station in maine photo

Job promotions and gotta move quick memos circulate.

They happen  whether there is snow on the ground or ice firming up on lakes and ponds.

Families gather around the holidays too.

And talk about their dream someday, somehow of moving to Maine. The way life should be.

Or at least buying a piece of it for those long weekends, the yearly vacations whenever they can sneak away to less populated, always pure and natural Maine.

Where people are friendly, say hello, have jumper cables of red and black ready to serve if they see anyone in distress or with a car engine hood up and waving a white flag.

Estate vacant houses costing families money to heat, plow out and maintain in the winter months.

The heavy load of carrying them financially and need for closure to begin the process of healing from the loss of a loved one makes the price chopper work over time.

Slash those prices. No reasonable offer refused on the Maine homes for sale, the estate sale situations. Where the owner died and the family is waiting for a sold sign on the silent salesman out front speared in the frozen lawn. 

Hopefully placed far enough back to avoid being crushed by an angled Fisher christmas in houlton maine photosnow plow that visits the property every snow fall in the weather forecast.

Around the dinner table with family and friends over the holidays people have time to think about life and making changes that are in their New Year’s resolutions list.

Life is simpler in Maine, real estate property listings are way way cheaper too.

Buying something together for a family compound on a lake or a woods camp on a lot of land in Maine is a popular real estate request.

Especially if it has owner financing where you deal direct with the owner and not the high cost of dealing with a bank and all those hurdles dictated by the secondary mortgage market.

So Black Friday real estate listing, selling and is the office like a tomb while folks scurry with shopping carts in crazy circles like parking lot sharks?

No, no it is not. The phone rings, the email server glows red and folks off for the holidays travel north to Houlton Maine. Have showings set up and schedules being hammered out with out of town buyers, local property listing sellers.

This just in. (Teletype sound in news room background buzz and hum.) Some people want to give real estate deeds for Christmas. mooersrealtyrealtorandymooers photo

They wrap the paragraphs about grantor and grantees, right of ways and legalese descriptions in blue wrappers. Fold them up and slide them into envelopes to park in on the Christmas tree limbs.

And this year due to the Presidential election where it was a pretty close race, split down the middle with half the country on one side, the other half on the other side of the gym.

I predict brisk traffic in the contacts for real estate off the beaten path that a rural underpopulated state like Maine offers oh so so well. 2017’s real estate year will be a hot one for fairly priced property listings on lakes, with acreage of wooded tracts and especially if owner financing is an option.

Rates are low for buying real estate using banks too so steady stream ahead for the Maine brokers, agents for 2017. Not a here today, gone tomorrow situation like Black Friday’s hoopla.

Land in Maine as an escape option when following the blue evacuation dots out of a city is not just something preppers lay awake nights tossing and turning, thinking about either. Farms to grow food that goes from field to table and where you know what you are eating.Heating with wood that makes you a son of a birch. With renewal resources warming your hearth and heart.

The theme about I don’t feel safe in the city is a common one in our conversations with real estate buyers. I don’t want to raise my family in the concrete urban jungle. farm horse team in maine photo

Moving to Maine.

With high speed internet, telecommuting is a serious option. To bring the online job to Maine where you won’t need a mortgage and break free of the chains of debt.

And put far less miles on the old mini van that is cheaper to insure because stolen cars in Maine is not happening.

No gangs, no drive by shootings, no joy rides, no chop shops for the old Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

And exotic European cars bought to impress? Nope, go fish. Not going to find a lot of those bumper to bumper on a remote country road in the interior, Northern or Western sections of Maine. 

Free and clear, look Mom no mortgage happens in your best all around bargain for property listings shoppers. As as always, thank you for shopping, we appreciate your business at MOOERS REALTY. Open night and day, holidays. Our store staff may doze but we never close.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | [email protected]

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730



Andrew Mooers

Welcome to our Maine real estate website. I am the father of four grown children, have listed, marketed, sold properties for over forty years. Lots of changes in the real estate industry over that many decades and daily we re-invent our job. I grew up on a Maine farm that I bought from by three older brothers. My youngest son continues in the tradition on that same Maine farm. Here to help with property searches for homes, farms, land, waterfront, multi housing rentals, small mom and pop business listings.

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