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7 Poor Excuses For Really Bad Real Estate Videos

7 Poor Excuses For Really Bad Real Estate Videos

Videos for real estate listings are the easy way to make the connection with property buyers.

Using the eyes and the ears is just more memorable. But seven poor excuses for really bad real estate videos is what this blog post is all about. To make sure your real estate video channel is filled with only productions that work. Attract not repel the customers you need to engage.

To retain, to get a little action from enough of those viewers, listeners to make a comfortable living.  Have some fun and help a lot of people in the service we provide to buyers and sellers.

First, your attitude, the motivation for adding video to the real estate marketing.

Not a slide show with elevator music. Do you have fire in your belly? To produce lots of full motion video with natural sound captured from the local community?

From inside, up, down, around the property listings? Loops of video shot, edited, rendered, uploaded to use in your real estate marketing. If someone pushed you into it and you did not take the leap on your own, your video’s shine will be dull. Or missing glitter all together.

Second, the time you spend with real estate video.

If you resent it or try to skip steps in the production to just have it done and over with, strike two. Wrap your mind around this is a better use of your time because the buyer expects it. The property owner, listing deserve the video treatment.

Third, if you tell folks you do video and have only a handful in your channel, better hope Santa does not find out.

Tell the truth. You dabble. Set up the channel hoping for great things pretty much without much effort. Video for real estate is not like that. It wants, expects to be included along with the image arrays, information copy, helpful links, aerial maps. To be a full member of the real estate marketing team. Don’t leave it just sitting on the bench.

 Video can carry the entire team and have all those other components weaved into the production. So it is so easy. Tap tap and your buyer sits back. In an uncomfortable blue naugahyde airport row of chairs during long delays. On a smart phone, other portable device held in their hands. All they have, all they need. To watch, listen, learn from one after another video on your channel. And to make it a habit. Returning to continue what you add just for him, her.

The fourth, poor excuse that leads to bad real estate video is no investment in the hardware, software.

Thinking your cell phone is going to capture video more than a handful of people will endure. Come back for more. Forget the shooting iron you carry on one hip. For the property image socket filling. There is a reason the other side is houltonmainecourthouseempty in the marketing holster with the blue and gold “R” belt buckle.

Slide in a video camera designed for the thirty to fifty frames per second. That is weighted, balanced for slow pans, strapped to your hand that molds, fits.

Feels ike an extension. Not bulky, not whirring and purring a verbal distraction. Added to the audio channel. 

Pulsating, breathing, light pumping, compressing around intense, bright home room windows. When the after thought video mode rotated in to place.

The video wizardry awkwardly engaged. Dialed in on your single shot, point and shoot merry go round selection top wheel.

The fifth reason for really bad real estate with no excuse is the blinking red light is only capturing you.

The agent that wants to see themselves on camera more than thinking about what the audience wants, needs. Turn it around. You have real estate knowledge, experience. But more important than that is your time spent as tour guide for the local community. As the show and tell navigator, cub reporter for property listings. Put your back into that Jack and Jill.

You have sat through enough painful “hi folks, just a quick video on blah blah blah” shot from the hip blip. Forty seconds wasted with the talking head not saying much you could use, even remember later. Pushing the brand, not the area, the local property listings in it.

The sixth reason with no good excuse that ends up being a very bad video is trying to clod hop through a property in one take, no edits.

That is like sentences with no periods. No pause to stop, set up the next shot. And to use the story board in your head.  mcgills band houlton me photoMoving systematically from point to point. With an idea of a standard intro, a predictable, familiar extro for continuity.

A mini movie that gets better and better.

Not long and boring. Not herky jerky.

The buyer not needing to down a handful of Dramamine motion sickeness medicine to sit through. Not pretty, slick and Hollywood entertaining, wining an award with a sharp dressed crowd out front.

But helpful, simple, natural. You are there. That video gets rewound, rewatched and listened to round the clock by the buyer.

The seventh reason the video you produce to help your real estate marketing flops or succeeds.

You don’t take a knife to a gun fight. You don’t waste the ability to overcome the biggest obstacle of your real estate buyer. The time and distance to conquer the delay in getting your real estate buyer to your home town. To the videosmooersrealtyproperty listings in it. No matter what the weather. Time of day, night or season. Access over the holidays. Locked doors and owners, renters, agents away on vacations.No problem, access not denied.

Video dodges the bullet that delays serving more customers, with on demand, round the clock property showings. Causing the all important more sales. Which leads to more listings. Word getting around that who the heck is the little red hen cranking out all those videos? It’s you.

More on making real estate videos the easy way.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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