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Maine Town Spotlight | Mt Chase Maine | Penobscot County

Mt Chase a small community, town near Patten Maine in Northern Penobscot County.

Not many people, more wildlife really. And plenty of wide open woods, crystal clean mt chase maine town sign waterfront recreational options.

Last organized census head count, hands went up from 201 residents in the town of Mt Chase Maine.

Four seasons vacations happen in Mt Chase Maine. Whether snow sledding, climbing the trails of nearby Baxter State Park, fishing Upper and Lower Shin Ponds.

The peace and quiet of Mt Chase offers unspoiled space. Privacy without isolation if off the beaten path is the desire of your heart. If you can stand the sound of quiet only found in rural Maine, not a city.

Wood harvest, lumbering related work, sporting camps for organized hunts of all kinds. That is what puts Mt Chase Maine on the map.

Groomed snow sled, twitched ATV trails to access the areas you can not get to by car or truck. Bring your camera, charcoal and paint easel to capture your experience in Mt Chase Maine in Penobscot County.

Served by Patten Maine, Island Falls Maine, Houlton Maine for items not available in Mt Chase, you could consider bringing your job with you. Telecommuting to work in a city but enjoying living in the country spaces of Northern Maine. mt chase shin pond photo

Not a bad dream to put into reality with advanced technology paving the way.

To live, work and play in Maine.

Mt Chase is ten miles from Patten, 15 miles from Mt Katahdin, Maine's tallest mountain known for it's many trails, camping locations.

You see float planes on Shin Pond, pick ups with kayak racks, pulling snowmobile trailers and campers. Large self contained RV's and land yachts. shin pond mt katahdin photo

Family vacationers passing through Mt Chase on the way to the northern entrance of Baxter.

Or heading further north to explore. Paddling, plying  the Allagash Wilderness Waterway of Aroostook County.

Unorganized townships with letters in a a grid formation.

Are all that happens west and north of Mt Chase Maine to the distant Canadian boundaries of the state.

A northern most remote outpost, for peace and tranqulity is what this Penobscot County town offers in never ending supply.

Camp out for starters, cook your food on a fire grill in the center of a rocked circle. Under the stars serenaded by crickets, bull frogs, lake loons. Make your living room have not walls, roof, floor to limit the experience of being free, with no boundaries.

Outdoors in Mt Chase Maine. mt chase shin pond fire department photo

If less people, more miles of nothing but deep forest, open farm land and drop dead gorgeous scenery is what you seek, Mt Chase Maine awaits.

You search has ended.

Explore Northern Maine and make Mt Chase Maine one of the important stops. In the Crown Of Maine, sampling the jewels, meeting the local people.

Mt Chase Maine has a town office, fire department, a convenience store, restaurant, local bar for adult freshment called  the Shin Pond Pub. Located on the corner of RT 159 and the Owlsboro Road in Mt Chase Maine.

Shin Pond Village, Mt Chase Lodge and many other local sporting camp outfitters are gracious hosts for your four seasons vacation plans.

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