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Learn About More Than Maine Real Estate Property Listings. The Process Of Buying, Selling, Trading And What The Local Area Is Like. Get That Too And Much More! All Designed To Save Time, Money, To Avoid Hassle.

Maine, Full Of What You Love, Free Of What You Don't.

We list, market and sell all types, prices and locations for Maine real estate property listings.

But more important than that, we are pretty excited to do the show and tell about the local communities, small towns in Maine. Share what we love about living, working, raising a family and involved in local community events.

And to help you meat some of the neat people who live here in Maine. Oh sure you will love Mt Katahdin, quaint coastal towns, lighthouse and clean water, deep woods.

But bigger than that is Maine is free of what you don't want.

With the 4th lowest crime, without the gangs, living in fear or jammed in living with just no space. That is not Maine. It is left in your rearview mirror when you cross the big green bridge that connects New Hampshire with the southern most tip of Maine.

Here are one recent videos of a community event, small town home made fun no matter what the season. This one for locally sourced food at the County Co Op and Farm Store's "Taste Of Winter".

Watch others local community videos of Maine to one by one see lots of reasons beside just low priced real estate to attract your move, relocation to Maine.But the move, relocation to Maine, lots of details. And folks wonder about the order of which task to tackle first, next. farm snow view in maine photo

How long before this has to happen, what about this and that too.

Knowing about the state they come from but not so sure on how things roll in Maine.

Here are some helpful links for moving to Maine, your relocation plans.

To do the home work, save steps and side step lots of worry.

Where I live, locals are lucky to hop the border and enjoy another country for an international feel. Just got back from doing just that for a little distraction.To fill the lungs with fresh air on a sunshine day heading into late winter in Maine for some outdoor fun.

Today, went skiing  at Crabbe Mountain in Upper Haynesville Canada for the day. $35 dollar lift ticket reduced because the US dollar is stronger than the loonie. Means discounts when you open the wallet in Canada.

To buy anything from something to eat or that you might not be able to get on this side of the USA international border.

So before you even think about Maine real estate and what's on the market you might like, let's get you up to speed about the area questions you need to ask. Picking an area in Maine starts and ends with the FAQ.

Please don't swallow those concerns, questions about Maine that worry you.

Knowledge is power, information spelled out in blog posts like this one are only a request away. We will be glad to get you the answers you need to help in the big decision. Of moving, relocating to Maine and just where you should be in Vacationland!

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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