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The Penalty For Taking A Maine Woodlot Out Of Tree Growth Plan.

The Penalty For Taking A Maine Woodlot Out Of Tree Growth Plan.


The penalty for early removal of land in Maine from the tree growth property tax and management program?

What do you have for a property tax reduction by being in tree growth and what happens if the plug gets pulled before the ten year plan runs out? For starters, education on the tree growth program in Maine is needed. mt katahdin maine mountain photo

The tree growth program in Maine was created in 1972.

To protect a resource.

Yes individual land owners in Maine have property rights for their own use and enjoyment.

And the premise is not that you have to harvest woods in the ten years while the tree growth plan is underway. But just that eventually there is going to be a harvest of the Maine land.

Because of ice storms, spruce budworm, something affecting the unprotected Maine woodlot. Blow downs, dead and and dying trees with decay from insects or wildlife activity will peck away at the Maine woodlot that is neglected.

And suffering in health because no tree growth plan for growth and vitality is in place.

And for financial reasons to help pay the property taxes, other expenses too. To simply make a living in Maine and carve out an existence.

Tree growth plans.

To help guide the forested track acreage into a future harvest with thinning, pruning for recreational beauty too. Environmental protection safeguards put into place on paper first with a pledge, a realistic dream. Not just all ahout money jingling in the pocket from a harvest cutting operation on the Maine woodlot.

Sawlogs, pulpwood, chips, firewood are all wood products. The tree growth program assures the wooded land is protected, healthy stands maintained and thought is put into the care and direction the Maine woodlot is headed in the days, months, years ahead.

Over cutting, clear cuts and no rules before 1972 meant a Maine land owner was on his own with his Jonsered, Husqvarna chain saw and the skidder choker twitch cable heading to the wood yard clearing.

It was his land to do whatever he thought best. Unless polluting a nearby stream, river or Maine lake. Or if interferring with the enjoyment a neighboring land owner was able to have with their next door property.

The biggest penalty we see triggered in our job of listing and selling Maine woodlots, is land removed for a building spot. To put up a camp or cabin. One listing we are getting ready to sell that had more than one building spot designated on the paperwork. Shown on a map of the woodlot getting ready to be put on the market.

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Real EstateTerminology | We Speak The REALTOR Language.

Real estate terminology, what the words used in listing, selling, lending and legal circles and beyond really mean.

It's like heading to a foreign country. When terms that sound Latin, Greek, Klingon and so many are not words at all but a strange combination of letters.

Abbreviations of longer real estate words, term phrasiology to confuse.

Because it is not everyday that you and I personal buy or sell our own real estate. For approaching thirty six years, we have learned much in the real estate trenches. And like a library of real estate terms, the expressions need a glossary. That matches the local area where they apply. lake mist photo

Knowing that no two real estate markets operate the same, it is logical that the terms used in one don't apply in another.

Because real estate is a big arena.

Lots of bleacher sections. And areas within areas as you expand. From just the real estate terms that apply to listings, those to the sales process.

Even more describing the properties themselves. And then all the lingo when you enter a bank mortgage lender lobby. Or sit down around a conference room table at a real estate closing. Led by a person with esquire tacked on after their birth name.

So already you have been learning real estate.

Because we used the terms property, listing, closing and because we eat, breathe, operate in those real estate circles, it is hard to remember sometimes we are losing others in the discussion.

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Getting Divorced, Buying Or Selling Your Real Estate In Maine.

For better or worse, you find yourself in a divorce and need to buy or sell your real estate in Maine.

Maybe the divorce is a good thing in the long run but housing for the kids, yourself. So no one has to sleep in their car, couch surf. Or make too many transitions.

To maintain a sense of home if the one you are in is not the one you will be getting your mail from here on out. maine rafting photo

Divorce is crazy whether moving out of the family home happens or not.

But most of us are at some time in our life today the statistics show.

The fine line between love and hate and just overall feeling of despair.

Sadness, a sense of failure and where do we go now that life plans tilted sideways. It lingers in the air and we hear, see, sense it as we list to sell a property. And when put to work to find a new set of rooms, roof and floor, backyard for the new real estate in Maine property listing buyer. 

The stakes are high in divorce. Because kids are involved, the mixed loyalties back and forth. And sadly the kids, the extended family get brought into the fray in the not always so friendly cross fire. Working with your "co-parent".

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Does House Automation Affect Home Values In Every Real Estate Market?

Most folks have seen the cartoon The Jetson's.

Living comfortable with automation of all kinds. To streamline the day to day a thousand years in the future. In a town called Orbit City, an exclusive apartment complex named Skypad Apartments. High tech not yesteryear same old same old. Like Maine where things change slowly. And if it is not broke, don't need to fix it.

river race canoers waiting photo

Suspended in mid air, the effects of gravity mastered by the Jetson's so all the structures hover neatly.

Space lanes for orderly traffic patterns. Enjoying labor saving devices that do all the heavy lifting to reduce or eliminate the chore load altogether.

Yup, let's meet the Jetson's. (Cue the show music intro)

Father George Jetson working three hours a day, three days a week.

Transporting in a whirling sounding, space age plastic top aerocar. To drop daughter Judy off at Orbit High School, son Leroy at the Little Dipper School. Rosie, the robot helps Jane the stay at home mom with most of the automated household duties. Most done with a one push of a button or voice command.

And one underlying theme of the show is the breakdown of modern devices with funny situations they create to keep the cartoon series entertaining.

The cast struggles with the setback when machines and computer programs fail. So the audience can picture themselves in this futuristic era and get a feel for what it would be like living in a so called life of luxury and convenience. When things go wrong.

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Maine Town Spotlight | Dyer Brook ME | Aroostook County

Dyer Brook Maine, a small town located in Southern Aroostook County features incredible long views.

Of Mt Katahdin, the rolling farm fields and woodlots that create one huge sense of space. No heavy traffic, no living in fear of crime, gangs or violence. Just friendly down to Earth people, low cost property listings and four season recreation awaits you in the town of Dyer Brook, Maine. southern aroostook county photo

The last US Census head count in 2010 showed 213 folks inhabit Dyer Brook Maine.

The population increased slightly from the 199 learned in the 2000 census survey results. There Southern Aroostook Community School, part of the RSU 50 system is located in the township of Dyer Brook, Maine.

The RSU 50 was formed in July 2011 and includes the SAD 25 and CSD 9 school districts in Northern Penobscot, Southern Aroostook County.

The Southern Aroostook Community School serves the towns of Crystal, Smyrna, Merrill, Oakfield, Island Falls and Dyer Brook.

The school was built in 1976 at a cost of three million dollars. The K-12 facility overlooks the views Dyer Brook is noted for by all who travel up and down the hills along US Rt 2 that dissects the town. More about the Southern Aroostook Community School history.

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